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What we like

  • IconExceptional live dealer games with professional dealers and high-quality video streaming
  • IconDiverse game selection for immersive gameplay
  • IconConvenient and quick cashout process
  • IconImmediate cashouts and straightforward verification process
  • IconOffers various promotions and bonuses

What we dislike

  • IconMixed feedback on game play and win frequency
  • IconInconsistent customer support experiences
  • IconLimited withdrawal options, lacking Bitcoin withdrawals
  • IconSome players have encountered delays in the verification process
  • IconBonus terms and combined deposit structure may be less favorable compared to other casinos
Entertainment Software Group N.V.
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    Monthly: $16,000, Weekly: $4,000

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In our review of CasinoMax, we assess player feedback found on various internet gambling forums to compile an analysis of positive, negative, and mixed reviews.

CasinoMax is an online casino that offers a diverse range of games, including live dealer games, with high-quality video streaming and professional dealers. While some players have liked the immersive atmosphere and game selection, others have raised concerns about their experiences.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at CasinoMax, considering both positive and negative feedback from players.

Key Information

Assessing CasinoMax Player Reviews

When it comes to choosing an online casino there are many factors to consider. Most casino reviews outline the key components of an online casino from the perspective of one player (usually a gambling editor). However one player’s experience may be considerably different to others.

Hence at GambleDex, we focus on player feedback as the pillar of helping gamblers make informed decisions. By considering the experiences and opinions of other players, we can draw assumptions regarding the reputation and performance of a casino.

Through careful analysis of player comments, we provide a comprehensive assessment of CasinoMax’s reputation, offering a balanced perspective by highlighting both positive and negative aspects. Our evaluation focuses on key factors such as exceptional live dealer games, game play and wins, customer support and verification process, promotions and bonuses, withdrawal options, payouts, game selection, poor site design, poor slot payout RTP, delayed withdrawal process, and limited no deposit offers.

By reviewing and analyzing player feedback, we strive to give you valuable insights to help you make an informed opinion about CasinoMax. It’s important to note that player feedback is subjective and represents individual experiences. Therefore, while it serves as a valuable resource, it is essential to consider it in conjunction with other factors when evaluating CasinoMax.

Positive Player Reviews

Exceptional Live Dealer Games

One aspect that stands out for many players is CasinoMax’s live dealer games. These games offer an exceptional experience, with professional dealers and high-quality video streaming. Players have reported enjoying the immersive atmosphere and the diverse selection of live games available. Whether it’s roulette, blackjack, or baccarat, CasinoMax provides a top-notch live gaming experience that is sure to please fans of interactive gameplay.

Hence, consider CasinoMax if you are looking for Live Dealer games.

Game Selection

The variety of games and immersive atmosphere make the gaming experience enjoyable. Several players have commented that they are happy with the wide range of games offered by CasinoMax. The casino has earned a good reputation for providing a diverse selection of slots, table games, and other casino offerings. The immersive atmosphere created by the graphics and sound effects enhances the gameplay experience, keeps many players entertained and engaged.


Players highly recommend CasinoMax and its sister sites due to their exceptional support and seamless payout experiences. They have had a good experience with the overall quality of CasinoMax and its affiliated casinos, highlighting the efficient and helpful customer support as well as their reliable payout processes.

The smooth and hassle free withdrawal experiences mentioned by players further strengthen their positive perception of these casinos. The positive recommendations from these players clearly demonstrate the high level of trust and satisfaction they have with CasinoMax and its sister sites.

Mixed Player Reviews

Game Play and Wins

While some players have thoroughly enjoyed their time at CasinoMax, others are disappointed with game play quality and wins. Some players have found the slot games to be lacking in substantial wins for the amount of money deposited (It is hard to judge whether these comments are simply players being “sore losers”, or have genuinely been cheated with false RNG odds). Despite the attractive bonuses and free spins, these players believe that if the games fail to generate wins, the overall experience is not worth their time and money. However, it is important to note that individual experiences may vary, and some players may have had positive outcomes.

Customer Support and Verification Process

Feedback on customer support has been mixed.

While some players have had positive interactions with the customer representatives, others have found them to be rude and unhelpful. The availability and responsiveness of the support team have been a concern for some players, as they have faced difficulties getting their questions answered or receiving assistance promptly.

Additionally, the verification process has been a point of contention for some players. Delays in the verification process can result in longer withdrawal times, frustrating those looking to access their winnings promptly.

However, CasinoMax claims to have a straightforward KYC process and assures players that withdrawals are typically processed within 2 to 5 days, provided all necessary documents are in order.

Negative Player Reviews

Promotions and Bonuses

CasinoMax offers various promotions and bonuses, including cashback offers. However, some players have compared the bonus terms, finding them less favorable compared to other online casinos.

In addition, many players have complained about the combined deposit and bonus structure, which forces players to meet higher wagering requirements before being eligible to withdraw their funds.

Lastly, limitations on bet sizes have led to some players having their withdrawal requests denied due to unintentional breaches of the rules.

Whilst it’s hard to compare the wagering requirements against other casinos due to CasinoMax having a slightly different structure, it’s understandable that players will be upset if they have unintentionly breached any terms and conditions such as bet sizes that has caused them to lose their winnings.

Limited Withdrawal Options

Withdrawal options have also been a topic of discussion among players. While CasinoMax provides some withdrawal methods, such as wire transfers and courier checks, players have expressed a desire for more diverse options, including Bitcoin withdrawals, which are known for their speed and convenience.

Poor Site Design

Some players have criticized the recent new look of the casino, finding it unappealing. These players mention that the updated design of CasinoMax is not visually appealing or user friendly. The negative reviews about the new look suggest that the casino’s recent design changes has not been well received.

Poor Slot Payout RTP

The tightness of the slots is mentioned as a drawback by some players. These players feel that the slot machines at CasinoMax have lower payout rates or are more difficult to win on compared to other casinos. The perception of tight slots can impact the overall enjoyment of the gaming experience and may deter players from playing at the casino regularly.

Delayed Withdrawal Process

A warning is given regarding delayed withdrawals when playing at multiple sister sites, as the casino may prioritize and delay certain withdrawals. Players share their negative experiences of having withdrawals pending at multiple sister sites and experiencing delays in receiving their winnings. This feedback suggests that the casino may have policies or practices in place that prioritize certain withdrawals over others, potentially causing frustration and dissatisfaction among players.

Limited No Deposit Offers

Limited no deposit bonuses are offered, mainly targeting new customers or special occasions. Some players express a desire for more no deposit bonuses, as they feel that the casino primarily focuses on offering bonuses to new players or during specific events. Players who are looking for ongoing rewards without having to make a deposit may feel disappointed by the limited availability of no deposit bonuses.


There are mixed reviews provided by players who have signed and claimed the bonuses at CasinoMax. Many have commented that they are pleased with the diverse selection of games, particularly notable for its exceptional live dealer experience.

Other players have enjoyed their time at the casino and praised its smooth running website, bonuses, and immediate cashouts.

On the negative side, some players are upset with the game play, win frequency, customer support, and withdrawal processes.

In assessing CasinoMax, it appears that there is a 50/50 chance of either having a very good experience or a bad one. We hope this helps you make an informed decision regarding CasinoMax.

Disclaimer: It is essential for prospective players to consider both positive and negative feedback when making an informed decision about their online casino choices. Player feedback found on internet forums can also be exaggerated, embellished or fake.