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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

Please note that some of the links on our website may be affiliate links. This means that we may earn a commission if you click on links and make a deposit at a casino. However, this comes at no additional cost to you, and it helps support our efforts to provide accurate and valuable content. Rest assured, we only promote products or services that we genuinely believe in and that align with our editorial standards. Thank you for your support!

Why trust us?

Why trust us?

GambleDex was created in 2018 with one simple goal in mind. Provide accurate, transparent and truthful information. We do our best to not only review and check casino bonuses from all over the web, but to also take feedback from visitors of our site to provide the information required to gamble safely online.

A key element of a top online casino is an ability for Players to withdraw their winnings with the payment method of their choice.

The most sought after method by Canadians is none other than Interac, the most used payment method across the country.

We list the best online casinos that offer withdrawing of winnings using Interac:

Top Online Casinos for Interac Withdrawals

Creating a list that ranks the top online casinos takes time and effort. Fortunately, with the help of our player feedback, we have been able to compile an assessment of many Canadian online casinos and rank them.

Similar to buying a house, there can be many criteria to assess against. Not only should a top casino offer Interac as a withdrawal method but it should also meet many other aspects that Players are looking for.

Security and Safety – At Gambledex, we value honesty which encompasses a broad range of attributes. Included in this range is a casino that does pay out legitimate winnings and doesn’t delay in honoring your winnings. There are some casinos who will try anything to avoid paying out winnings, and of course, it is these that should be avoided at all costs.

In addition, honesty is about processing monies that you have deposited promptly so that can you play without the hassles of waiting and following up the casino. A great casino also has player protection for their personal and sensitive information. The top online casinos use the most advanced SSL encryption technology which prevents the connection between a Players browser and the server form being intercepted from unwanted criminals.

Bonuses – crucial in discerning a good casino from a great casino are the bonuses on offer. The great casinos offer a competitive welcome bonus, have awesome promotions and VIP loyalty credits that allow show their appreciation for their players. The great casinos don’t always necessarily have the highest bonus on offer, but they generally rank quite high and balance it out with their security and safety and game play and variety.

Games – Naturally without great games, both in design and in variety, then gaming can become a little dull. Top online casinos offer quality games, that are glitch free, seamless interface and smooth game play, state of the art graphics and ample variety to keep players enjoying the excitement for hours on end.

Benefits of using Interac to Withdraw

Interac is well known for its great payment features in Canada. It is the most widely used electronic digital payment method with millions of transactions processed per month. Its wide use therefore makes using Interac super convenient. There are many banks and merchants that facilitate using Interac, hence withdrawing your winnings with Interac is a no brainer.

Not only is it convenient, but it is one of the safest methods to use. The origins of Interac date back to several Canadian organisations joining together to devise a payment method that is based on the Canadian banking infrastructure. With that in mind, Interac is tailored for Canadian banking and leverages off existing processing security. There are many Canadians that use Interac, so you can rest assured that withdrawing your winnings with Interac is fast, efficient and secure.

Interac’s popularity can also largely be attributed to its intuitive ease of use. It really is very simple to use, even for new users who aren’t accustomed to online payment methods. There is no need to move funds to an interim “eWallet” because Interac can link directly to your bank account. The direct link avoids the need for another account with another password.

About Interac

Interac is Canada’s leading digital payment provider. It currently offers several products which integrates seamlessly with the existing Canadian banking infrastructure and meets the needs of many merchants.

Interac Association was founded in 1984 with a view of developing a digital payment platform. They saw an opportunity create an efficient and effective payment methods and to this day offer Interac Cash, Interac Debit and Interac Flash.

In 1996, through a joint venture of several Canadian organisations, Acxsys Corporation was created as a spin off from Interac Association. Their flagship products include Interac Online and Interac E Transfer. In more recent years, as smart phones began to become more advanced and prevalent, a mobile phone payment application also became available.

In 2018 the two companies merged to form Interac Corp. The combination of the two companies is expected to produce synergies and allow for new innovated products to be created.