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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

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Paddy Power horse refund: money back (as a free bet) on losing bets if a selected horse wins.

Paddy Power money back specials are popular with matched bettors. .

In 2013, Paddy offered money back if Sprinter Sacre won the Arkle up to £100.

Nowadays, the refund if ‘horse X’ wins promotion is usually available both online and in Paddy Power shops. Expect a maximum of £20 refund.

Check Paddy Power “Promotions” page for the latest details. Or, see Paddy Power Onside about in-shop bets. This offer is usually on high-profile festival races or big Saturday ITV racing.

Important terms

Here are key terms to be aware of:


There are two main strategies as follows.

Method #1 – Back a horse and hope

  • Bet up to £10 on a horse other than the specified horse.
  • Place a matching lay bet at the exchange.

This back and lay technique relies on the refund trigger to happen. You are not attempting to lock in profit with method #1.

If the specified horse does not win, then you will not gain a free bet refund. Your qualifying bet might give a small qualifying loss.

Method # 2 – Lock in

  • Choose any horse other than the specified horse. Then calculate your ideal lay stake.
  • Place £10 back bet on your horse at Paddy Power.
  • Place a matching lay bet on your horse at the betting exchange. This will give a small qualifying loss.
  • Lay the amount of your qualifying loss on the Paddy Power trigger horse.

Possible outcomes

There are 2 possible outcomes:

It’s easy to ensure a risk free matched bet. But advanced matched bettors may choose to advantage play this offer (i.e. not place a matching lay bet).

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