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Other Players are using these deposit methods, are you too?

Best online gambling deposit methods to keep you safe and secure

Online gambling is becoming ever more popular around the world, not just in the US, but in Canada, South America, Asia and Europe. As a result, fantastic new innovative methods of making deposits to online casinos are becoming far more easier, reliable, safe and secure.

Previously, making deposits were confined to credit cards and direct transfers. This often, incurred high processing fees, required formal identification and disclosure of personal details, and often required days, if not weeks, to process.

This has now all changed, and we are spoilt with plenty of options to process a deposit to online casinos. There are various methods, each with their own pros and cons. Depending on your preference, there is often no right or wrong method, simply what are you most comfortable with. If you are more protective of your personal details being disclosed then there are payment methods such as Neosurf that will meet your needs. If you are looking for deposit methods that are simple, without the need for excessive paper work, then Pay N Play is a great option. If you are looking for a deposit method with the best safety and security, then Interac e Transfer would be the best option if you are Canadian.

You would think that the majority of Players would know all about the various payment methods available today. But it’s astounding to discover that many Players are not aware of the new innovative methods out there.

If you are looking for the best deposit methods for online casinos then please read on.

Best Online Deposit Methods

Bitcoin Deposits

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In 2008 the world became introduced to its first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Created by the mysterious (and yet to be identified) Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin pioneered the double ledger chain tracking mechanism in order to ensure authenticity and assurance of the Bitcoins that were in circulation. In other words, the risk of fake Bitcoins being exploited by scammers was eliminated.

Since Bitcoin was launched, a plethora of cyrptocurrencies have also been created and circulated with various degrees of success. However, Bitcoin remains the most well known, popular and most used, and this remains true for online casino deposits.

The biggest advantage of using Bitcoin is by far the ability for a Player to remain anonymous. Before the advent of Bitcoin, Players had no choice but to complete a lengthy registration process that required revealing personal details such as date of birth, address and other information. If an online casino were to have this information stolen, or even on sold, Players would be exposed to potential identity fraud and stolen funds. Thus using Bitcoin has allowed for anonymity, a faster registration process and privacy.

Bitcoin continues to grow in leaps and bounds in popularity. It’s unlikely that any other cryptocurrency will become more popular than Bitcoin, and it’s important to know this, because the more liquid the virtual currency the easy it is for you to exchange back to fiat currency.

Use Bitcoin if you want privacy and aren’t afraid of potential fluctuations in its value.

INPAY Deposits

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Inpay was developed in 2007 in Denmark and has exploded into the online casino deposit scene with a big bang. It has opened up its accounts in over 45 countries allowing for international deposits and payments to be made securely and safely. The process is not as simple as other payment methods, but this is what makes it so secure. Using firewalls, automated monitoring systems, and alerts, Inpay’s highly advanced technology protects its users.

Alongside being a payment method, Inpay also offers the services of currency exchange which fits strategically with its offering in over 45 countries. Processing time required for a transaction is approximately 24 hours, which is exceptionally quick.

There are two deposit methods that Players may use, which is dictated by the method chosen by the online casino.

The online casino may choose to participate with the “Express” option. With this method, the Inpay transaction is treated as a local bank transfer, which means the Player pushes the funds from their bank towards the online casino.

If the online casino chooses the “White label” option the Player is permitting the online casino to pull the funds from the Players bank account.

Inpay is a fantastic payment method that is widely used in Europe and is looking to expand to other continents.

Interac e Transfer & Gigadat Deposits

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If you are Canadian, then you should be very proud and fortunate to know that you have Interac e transfer at your finger tips. Interac e transfer is by far the most popular, safest and secure deposit method available to Canadians.

Created by Canadians for the Canadian banking system, it has become easily the most seamless and supported payment service by the financial services sector in Canada. And thus, their banking solution has become the preferred deposit solution for online casinos. The registration process is very simple and connects directly to bank accounts within the Canadian banking system. The transfer of funds protects the personal details of the user from being transferred to the recipient and therefore doesn’t expose the Player to scammers and identity fraud.

Interac e transfer is a trusted, secure and reliable deposit method. There isn’t anything better than Interac e transfer for Canadians.

MuchBetter Deposits

Best Online Casino Deposit Methods 14

A new deposit method for online Players is MuchBetter. Created by MIR Limited which is registered in the UK and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it was specifically created for the online gambling sector. You may therefore commonly see MuchBetter named as MuchBetterCasino as well.

Growing in popularity, casinos and players alike are starting to become drawn to this payment method. The advantage that MuchBetter has over other payment methods is its unique importance of service for the Player.

MuchBetter is an e Wallet service just like Neteller and Skrill. The Player pushes their funds to the e Wallet which then stores the monies, and from there can be used at casinos that have partnered with MuchBetter. MuchBetter has partnered with many of the big online brands such as 888 casino. With their specific tailoring of the e wallet for the gambling industry and partnerships that it has built, it is therefore able to offer great user rewards. These rewards include lower transaction costs and user loyalty points. In addition, because it is a payment method that the casino industry has signed up to, the processing time is far more reliable, quicker and trusted by the stakeholders in the industry, which includes both Players and Online Casino operators.

MuchBetter is growing in popularity, mostly as it is an industry specific and supported payment method. Currently, is often used in the UK than anywhere else, it still has plenty of room to grow and expand.

Neosurf Deposits

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Neosurf is the most simplest deposit method for online casinos, and for any online transaction for that matter, that is available for Players. The concept is very similar to prepaying for coins at a video arcade or vouchers at a food court, whereby these vouchers are then used to purchase an item. In this case Neosurf vouchers are being purchased, with a 10 digit PIN, which can then be subsequently used at an online casino. Once the 10 digit PIN has been entered on the online casino acceptance portal, the funds are then released from the Neosurf voucher.

The advantages of Neosurf is that it is quick and simple to purchase the vouchers, as there is no registration process required. You can pay for the vouchers with cash, credit card and / or direct debit and the vouchers (with the PIN) will then be given to you. There is also a Neosurf online voucher method, however, this method will require you to create an account.

One draw back of Neosurf is that it is helpful if there is a nearby outlet/retailer that is selling Neosurf vouchers. If the outer is far away or not available then you are limited to the Neosurf online method which will require you to disclose your details. This may or may not be an issue for you, it depends on your circumstances.

Neosurf has exploded in popularity in Australia, Canada, Africa and Europe. Less well known in the US and South America.

Pay N Play Deposits

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Pay N Play by Trustly is truly one of its kind for online casino deposits. At the moment, there is no other payment method that is even close to providing the same service as Pay N Play. What makes Pay N Play so unique is its ability to use the existing registration process of the banking system and absorb the registration details provided to be on forwarded the online casino once consent is given by the Player. This removes the unnecessary step of the Player repopulating their details for the creation of an online casino Player’s account.

Now you may be thinking, why do some online casino need these details? Often the safest and the most secure casinos to play at are the most highly regulated and therefore they need your details. These details fulfill the requirement of Know Your Customer (KYC) which is required by world wide reporting standards to prevent money laundering and potential use of funds that have been acquired illegally. Anti Money Laundering (AML) is a common policy in many developed countries, and it requires any institution that may be exposed to Players laundering money to adhere to AML policy.

The advantages of Pay n Play is that the Player doesn’t need to complete a complex registration process, the online casino reduces the work load to abide by AML, and as a result the processing of transaction can be much faster i.e. there isn’t a need for lengthy verification and checking or correcting of manual errors.

If you want to play at a safe online casino, that abides by AML regulations, then use Pay N Play.

PayNearMe Deposits

Best Online Casino Deposit Methods 17

PayNearMe is a great deposit method for Amercians who want to use the convenience of cash through their local convenience stores and retailers. Online Casinos that accept US Players have now included PayNearMe as one of their payment methods, and with a resounding tick of approval it has become one of the most popular for US Players.

Transferring money to the online casino involves attending any 7 Eleven or Family Dollar store, passing the cash that you would like to be deposited to the online casino at the register, and entering or scanning a bar code via online or a mobile app. The deposit is almost instantaneous because of the use of cash. Naturally, by using cash, you remain anonymous and the processing fees remain low.

The advantage of using PayNearMe is that it is accessible for US Players and is extremely convenient due to its partnership with 7 Eleven and Family Dollar.

Revolut Deposits

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In a short number of years Revolut has grown from an extremely small start up to now one that is floating on the stock exchange with a valuation in the billions! If this isn’t a success story that I don’t know what is.

Revolut was started by Nikolay Storonsky with a vision on creating the best online payment methods. He was obsessed with online transactions and still is! Revolut draws its name from being revolutionary and it clearly is.

How does Revolut work? It has partnered with payment providers such as VISA to issue credit and debit cards to Players. Through these partnerships, Revolut employs the use of the existing banking system to provide the backing behind the transaction. The strategy that has made Revolut so popular is that it has expanded its product range very quickly beyond simply online payment methods. Its app, includes budgeting, expense tracking, currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange, and a whole suite of other financial products that integrate together.

The advantages of using Revolut is that all their products are integrated, their strength in partnerships support a reliable and trusted infrastructure, and contactless tap use of the credit card and debit cards.


The number of payment options in today’s world has grown tremendously in the past several years. The industry is becoming extremely competitive, with numerous new entrants joining the market and offering new and exciting products and services. There are certainly strengths and weaknesses in each of the products on the market, hence, Players should research which product would suit them best.

Good luck and happy playing!