Finally the date is set for the legal operations of Pennsylvania online casinos. Unlike the staggered launch of online sports books, any licensed operator that is ready can go “live” on July 15 with an online casino.

This is an exciting outcome, as it gives a firm date for launch for all holders of interactive gaming licenses. In my opinion, this is a preferable approach when compared to how the PA Gaming Control Board (PGCB) has managed the release of the online sports book and apps.

With an “all in” allowed approach for PA online casinos, this will enable a more level playing field, greater choice of games as competition for first to market takes places and better drive for operators to produce quality.

Sport books on the other hand, has had a staggered approach. The land based operated venues were first required to be established before an online presence could be launched. Furthermore, the PGCB, rightly or wrongly are more cautious with sports books operating and required two days of soft launch to the public.

Only after establishing a retail presence, can the launch of fully operational online sports book with apps take place.

In PA, there are 10 operators that have purchased interactive gaming licenses for online casinos. Each operator will be feverishly preparing for launch knowing that there are only three months to go. Marketing on launch day will be a boon for players and I can foresee that there will be awesome online casino bonuses to choose from.