QuickBit Online Casinos – Integrated Payment & P2P crypto exchange

QuickBit Online Casinos - Integrated Payment & P2P crypto exchange 3

Finally a payment method that is easily accepted at online casinos for cryptocurrencies

QuickBit is the newest cryptocurrency payment method for online casinos

There is an ever evolving change in technology, particularly in the innovation of payment methods. There has been a recent surge in the development of payment methods, as would be expected due to the invention of block chain technology and the explosion in cryptocurrencies. No doubt, the popularity of cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream by the day, and this has become a driving force to improve usability and adaptability for everyday commercial transactions.

Inevitably, you have heard of Bitcoin Ethereum and Dogecoin, most likely via social media, emails and in the news. At last count, there are over tens of thousands of crptocurrencies available to the public. Some are gaining traction and are growing in value, while others remain languishing behind with only a few speculators.

As a market, crptocurrencies now have a combined value in the low trillions. Though this may seem significant, it still lags behind the total market value of gold which is valued at more than 20 times of crypto. Hence, many crypto-anaylsts predict the value of bitcoin and altcoins will continue to rise, as they deem cryptocurrencies have features that are more useful than gold.

However, thought there is a large number of cryptocurrencies created and launched almost daily, there has yet to be a payment solution that has enabled cryptocurrencies to be used seamlessly for merchants and the common people.

Commercial payment options for Bitcoins and Altcoins is very limited. As an example, you will not find a restaurant that can easily accept bitcoin. Yes, we have heard famously, Elon Musk touting Telsa will take Bitcoin for the sale of its electric cars, but the vast majority of businesses (large or small) have yet to accept cryptocurrency transactions.

The difficultly lies with the large number of cryptocurrencies that can be stored with different types of e wallets (hot or cold), the lack of portability, and the conversion via peer to peer exchange platforms and cryptocurrency traders. These reasons simply make cryptocurrencies difficult to be accepted in mainstream commercial transactions. Even digital commercial transactions have yet to overcome these obstacles.

Currently,there is a solution that is developed and is in beta phase of launch.

This new solution is called QuickBit

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Why Choose QuickBit for Online Casinos

We know that there is a strong need for a payment method that can store various cryptocurrencies in one facilitiy, plus act as a true convenient, simple and efficient payment solution. Well, the QuickBit solution has shown that it can meet all these needs and much more.

It is fantastic for making deposits and withdrawals, particularly for online casinos. The features that allows QuickBit to achieve this are several.

Partnership with VISA

QuickBit Online Casinos - Integrated Payment & P2P crypto exchange 4

This has been a huge game changer for QuickBit. By partnering VISA, the largest creditcard provider in the world, QuickBit has been able to get out to the world the convenience of using cryptocurrencies with the use of a plastic card. Unfortunately, in this day and age, consumers still like to carry plastic cards in their purses and wallets, and by extending cryptocurrencies in the form of plastic cards, this has been a boom for its reach to the masses.

Near Instantaneous Processing

Merchants, businesses and players love the need for speed (and accuracy of course!). QuickBit is appropriately named, because it is very Quick. In a mere seconds, your deposit or withdrawal can be processed. There is no need to wait several days unlike creditcard merchants which can take up to 10 business days, only to find that the payment has been rejected or declined for unknown reasons.

Transactions fees are inexpensive

Trading volumes for cryptocurrencies are beginning to soar, so a cheap yet safe and secure payment method is a must. QuickBit fulfills this with zero crypto to crypto transfers currently being free. That’s right, zero cost. Some fees may apply for crypto conversions, however, all fees are completely transparent and are explicitly outlined in their Terms and Agreement of Use.

Widely Accessible

One of the reasons of poor uptake of cryptocurrencies in commercial transactions is its accessibility. QuickBit has overcome this by offering a richly features downloadable App to any device, internet access from any web browser, and as previously mentioned, the ability to use it in the form of a plastic card.

It cannot be any easy to tap into QuickBit to make a quick bet.

Holistic Integrated Peer2Peer to Payment Platform

QuickBit combines an exchange platform with a payment platform. In doing so, QuickBit is one of the first fintech companies in the world to create a holistic end to end cryptocurrency life cycle. It cannot be underestimated, how convenient and useful this is for crypto users, especially for those who would like to play at online casinos.

What is QuickBit

QuickBit is the ultimate e-wallet for cryptocurrencies that allows for transactions to inter-exchange and even cross to fiat currencies such as the Euro. It is a pioneer crypto payment method, breaking through into creating an efficient, e-wallet that is accessible via an app or internet site. The inter-exchange of crypto is facilitated through the QuickBit Peer to Peer exchange, thus providing a seamless transition from conversion to payment and receipt.

QuickBit Card

In addition, the payment method of QuickBit is enhanced via a QuickBit Card. The QuickBit Card is formulation of a plastic card through the partnership with VISA. By partnering VISA, QuickBit can leverage off the existing VISA infrastructure. This means vendors don’t need to change a thing to their VISA processes, yet seamless accept transactions from QuickBit. This means, where ever VISA is accepted, QuickBit is accepted. The use of the plastic creditcard with VISA, makes using QuickBit so easy.

QuickBit allows for instantaneous, efficient and fast transaction – faster than has ever been before. It can achieve this through its holistic approach in combing a peer to peer exchange with payment methods. Transactions are instant due to the features of cryptocurrencies and digital interoperability of various platforms.

QuickBit is extremely cheap and affordable. There are no hidden fees that will catch you out, with all fees transparently disclosed in its Terms and Conditions on the QuickBit website and in various promotional material. Users are fully aware of what fees will be incurred. Facilitating the trading of cryptocurrencies, from one to the other, can be high volume for many users. Thus with transactions free of charge, this is a fantastic bonus for QuickBit users.

QuickBit extends beyond cryptocurrencies but also the Euro and soon to other fiat currencies. The ability to use the peer to peer exchange (which in essence is like a forex exchange platform) will continue to grow and expand.

QuickBit App

The QuickBit App is a groundbreaker, in that it combines access to the peer to peer platform exchange with a payment facility. At the time of writing, this app is in its beta phase, which means it is open to the public to use with the requirement of providing feedback. It is free to use and is mostly bug free, however, the QuickBit team are determined in delivering a high quality, user friendly app on hard launch.

How to Register for QuickBit

In order to get started, you should remember, that the QuickBit App is currently in beta version. Do not be concerned, because it does not mean it is riddled with bugs and glitches and not safe and secure to use, far from it. The beta version is already quite reliable and continues to improve with the installation of hot patches based on feedback from existing users.

To sign up for QuickBit, proceed to their website and register for “Early access”. In doing so, you will be asked to provide feedback about the QuickBit App. The feedback is neither intrusive nor burdensome, and is in fact quite satisfying in helping the QuickBit team improve on an already impressive product.

Once you have registered and verified by the QuickBit team, you will be given a link to downloading the QuickBit App.

QuickBit Account Funding

Once you sign up, your details confirmed and permission granted, you will be able to down the QuickBit app to any device you wish. Funding you QuickBit account is very simple. You can either transfer existing cryptocurrencies to the account or deposit Euro.

The balances for each cryptocurrency and Euro is clearly shown with a transaction trail that is simple to view.

How to make a QuickBit Online Casino Deposit

  1. Once you have funds on your QuickBit account, you can now proceed with making a deposit at an online casino.
  2. Choose an online casino that accepts QuickBit as a payment method. You can review our recommended list of online casinos to do this.
  3. After selecting your online casino, create an account with them. You will be required to enter basic player details such as name, email, date of birth to name a few.
  4. Once your online casino account has been created, log in with your details and you will land at the lobby page.
  5. The lobby page will have a section named “Cashier”. The Cashier page is where you can select payment options for making a deposit.
  6. At the Cashier page, click on the QuickBit logo.
  7. Then enter your QuickBit reference, and proceed to enter your deposit amount.
  8. Check and confirm the details.
  9. Your funds will be credited to your online casino account almost immediately.

About QuickBit

QuickBit is a relatively new payment method that has come into the world in 2020. The company was established in 2016 as a Swedish fintech company, but it’s only recently that their innovations has started to take off.

It is fair to say, that the invention of Bitcoin and its rise in popularity has taken many financial institutions by surprise. This has created an opportunity for fintechs to fill the void left by slow banks to cater for cryptocurrencies. QuickBit has therefore been a pioneer in exploring and developing the best practices for cryptocurrencies.

QuickBit’s mission and vision is to become the experts in cryptocurrency integration, application, and plugins. They are at the fore of many industries including online gambling.

Currently, QuickBit employs over 50 staff located at 3 locations in Europe and 1 in South East Asia.


What is QuickBit?

QuickBit is a cryptocurrency e-wallet linked to a peer to peer exchange that can be facilitated via an App, Card or internet portal. The holistic platform that combines and exchange with payment method that is partnered with VISA, allows for ease of use in mainstream.

Can I use QuickBit to make an online casino deposit?

Yes you can. There are several online casinos that accept QuickBit as a method of deposit or withdrawal of winnings. QuickBit is becoming extremely popular among the community, and therefore more and more online casinos are accepting QuickBit.

Is QuickBit safe and secure?

QuickBit is an authorised and regulated company that is listed on the Swedish stock exchange and is publicly traded. As a requirement of listing on the stock exchange, QuickBit is required to be externally audited, have a board of directors, and fulfill corporate governance requirements of the regulator.

QuickBit as a service, is therefore required to meet safety and security protocols that protect consumers and businesses.

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