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RealTime Gaming (RTG) is a leading casino game provider, that is searched for by many Players and partnered by online casinos. Players have come to know and trust RTG, the pioneers of casino online gaming.

Established in 1998 by an Atlanta based American company, it was soon bought by Hastings International and relocated to Costa Rica as it’s principal place of business.

Realtime gaming casinos

RealTime Gaming offers an amazing array of gaming products and services that Players and casino operators love. Their gaming experience is unparalleled.

Their repertoire of games includes favorites such as slots, casino table games, card games and niche games like bingo and keno. In addition they also provide special features and have software that caters for tournament play.

Lastly, for the casino operators, they also offer an expansive and holistic back office package of solutions, that saves time and money, allowing online casinos to focus on providing their Players the best customer service possible.

RealTime Gaming Casinos are the benchmark for honesty, quality and reliability. All RTG powered casinos come with the guarantee that their casino games have been audited by an independent third party – named Technical Systems Testing – a division of the well respected Gaming Labs International.

Accordingly, RTG is one of the most trusted casino game provider in the market today.

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RealTime Casinos

As you can imagine, there are thousands of casino operators that choose to partner with RTG to offer their Players the best gaming experience possible. What sets RTG apart from other software developers can be attributed to many factors. Rather that going in-depth with all differentiating qualities, we draw your attention to Honest and Trustworthiness, Game Selection, Game Play and Device Compatibility.

Honest and Trustworthy

You may be familiar with the way we (GambleDex) rank our online casinos – it is with the core principles of Honesty/Trustworthiness. Without this core principle, Players are simply giving their money away. In any service or product sold through the internet, the honesty and integrity of the seller is paramount.

RTG has built a reputation of being the most honest, reliable and trustworthy games developer on the market. You will be hard pressed to find another developer with the same integrity and values as RealTime Gaming.

Ironically, in 2004, RTG was discredited by two casinos that accused the gaming company of fraudulently providing jackpot winnings to a Player.

The situation was as follows. $1000 was deposited by a Player at the Hampton Casino in a slot machine configured by RTG. And he subsequently won $1.3 million! It proves that there is the ability to win big money by Players. Naturally the casino wasn’t pleased and was suspicious that the game was scammed.

In the following few weeks, the Player went to another casino – the Delano Casino – played at yet another RTG powered slot machines and won $96,000! This demonstrates that Players can win at casinos with lots of luck.

Game Selection

As you would expect, being a pioneer in the industry, and one that is loved by many players and casino operators, they have a huge and diverse game selection. Their games include the classics, the contemporary and the niche. In addition they have an incredible library of content that they can draw upon.

Expanding beyond game selection, is also a back office suite of software solutions for operators. Admittedly this does not directly impact a Player in any way, but it does provide support and efficiency of operators to spend more time meeting its Players queries.

Game Play

This now leads us to the quality of their games. The attention to detail for game design, which includes graphics, audio and glitch free play is second to none. Players truly enjoy their superb game play, especially slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and various other casino table games.

In their new releases, you will find that they have placed great thought in being creative with their superb graphics, audio and interface. Intuitive comes to mind instantly when playing their games.

Device Compatibility

You name the device and RTG can deliver it to you. All their games are available with or without download, and are available on Desktop, laptop, mobile tablet or mobile phone. Their features are designed to be completely compatible on any operating system, Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry.

Their ability to drive device compatibility provides a great level of convenience for both Players and online casino operators.

RealTime Gaming Games

RealTime Gaming has a massive suite of games. Spanning from slots, casino table games, poker, specialty games of keno and bingo, and other niche. They have over 300 games alone, with a release of at least one new game per month. Their commitment to new games ensure Players find refreshing new content.


Without doubt, the most popular of all RTG games are their slots. An excellent blend of story lines with graphics and audio for the new younger players, whilst keeping the classic reels and progressive jackpots for the seasoned veteran players. RTG caters for all demographics and for all online casinos regardless of their audience.

Casino Table Games

Some players are unaware that there are many versions of table games. Take for example Blackjack with variants such as Classic Blackjack, Spanish 21, Pontoon, European Blackjack – the list goes on and on. RTG has built an impressive range of table games. Though not as popular as slots, it still garners a large following.

Live Dealers

As an extension to the casino table games, RTG has created one of the most sophisticated and advanced Live Dealer products available. Seamless streaming embedded with rich features makes playing Live Dealer table games even more enjoyable that being at a physical venue.

Niche Games

Completing the suite of products are RTG’s niche games. Surprisingly bingo is making a sterling comeback in popularity, perhaps due to the advancement in social media features, and is one of the fastest growing segments for RTG.

About RealTime Gaming

RealTime Gaming is the leading casino gaming software in the world. Comprised of a team of gaming specialists, they excel in all forms of casino gaming. Software design, coding and developing is one of their many fortes. Employing the best of the best, they understand that nothing beats quality gaming. Gaming products are not the only casino stream that they partake in.

Their business have evolved to also incorporate back end support services, to enable online casino operators to focus more on their customers i.e. players. RTG removes the headaches and pain of resolving back end issues, effectively driving towards a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

In addition, RTG has now expanded into event management with their Tournament applications.

Providing a one stop shop solution for players and casino operators, RTG is truly a leader in the online gambling arena.


Are RealTime Gaming Casinos trustworthy?

You cannot find a more honest and trustworthy gaming experience with a RealTime Gaming Casino. Their gaming has been audited by an independent third party expert – Technical Systems Testing, which is a division of the well respected Gaming Labs International.

Are RealTime Gaming Slots popular?

RTG online slots games are the most popular among Players and casino operators. With over hundreds of themes, variations, excellent graphics and audio, there is not many other gaming providers and can provide the same level of gaming experience as RTG.

Why should I play RealTime Games?

RealTime Games are the leading software developers for online casinos. Their games are deemed to be the most reliable, trustworthy and enjoyable. Their games are audited by an independent third party to ensure quality and honesty is delivered to their players. - Copyright 2018-2023