Roulette for Real Money

Nothing comes close to the excitement of waiting for the ball to settle in the winning pocket. This coupled with the risk element makes the game a popular past time. That notwithstanding, the players have the flexibility to place as many bets as they wish on every spin. The potential of walking away with a huge win on any given spin has for centuries tantalized ardent gamblers for centuries. I mean, wouldn’t it be exciting to hear your winning number being called by the croupier.

If you’re looking to experience all the opportunities that online roulette offers, you have come to the right place.

American and European Roulette

The American Roulette origin traces back to the late 18th century. The French immigrants who were fleeing the French Revolution destruction brought along the game to the US and settled in Louisiana which was then, at that time, the gambling capital. Initially, the game received a hostile reception as it was considered by casino operators to offer a low house edge. To elevate the house edge, they decided to add a double zero on the wheel whilst the European wheel remained unchanged with a single zero.

The earlier versions of American roulette featured an American Eagle symbol, a single zero, and double zeros with the numbers ranging from 1 – 28. If the ball settled on the on the Eagle symbol, single zero, or double zero, the casino won all the bets except those on the symbols. As a result, casinos had an approximate 7.98% house edge which heavily favored them. This then changed to the current model which features 38 numbers ranging from 0, 00 to 36 which also saw the casino profits greatly enhanced. European roulette, on the other hand, has 37 pockets and has good payouts to players. This is because the house edge stands at a mere 2.63%.

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Play Roulette for Real Money

If you are a player in the US looking to play the American wheel, it is mostly found in the northern part of the US, so look north. The European wheel on the otherhand is found and played in almost every part of the world. This is better than finding the American version as it presents the players with an added advantage of a reduced house edge which is reduced even further by the special rules.

For instance, in the European wheel, the “la partage” rule dictates that if the ball settles on zero, the players who had placed their bets “outside” are refunded half of the amount they wagered. As a result, the house edge is brought down to 1.35%.

The “En prison” rule offers the players a similar house advantage since the lost bet is temporarily “imprisoned” (pending) until the next wheel spin. If the next spin happens and the ball hits the player’s bet, their bet is refunded without any winnings. If it misses the number, they lose the bet.

In states like Connecticut, Colorado, Idaho, Georgia, and Illinois you will find casinos offering both the European and American roulette. However, in places like Georgia, it’s hard to find them at brick-and-mortar casinos but rather at cruises. This is because the state laws don’t allow them to be called roulette games.

Playing Online Roulette for Real Money

So, you have been dying to play online roulette real money for an extra income at home. You have signed up for an account and even downloaded the software. But where do you even start?

On most online casinos, you will find the standard American Roulette and European Roulette with their respective stakes.

For the American roulette version, you will see 38 numbered slots as earlier explained. The European version has a single zero slot. The odds for individual numbers are paid at a ratio of 35:1, but they may vary depending on the casino.

Place Your Bets

Betting is a pretty straightforward process. Simply choose your betting limit and place the chips.
Once the virtual dealer calls ‘No More Bets’, the wheel will start to spin. As it comes to a halt, the ball will rest on a particular slot, and the winning bets are announced and funds dispersed almost immediately to your bank roll.

Wait a minute, where are the areas that these bets are placed? Well, the roulette table has plenty of designated areas to place your chips.

A standard European or American online roulette game allows the player to bets on whether the ball settles in odd or even spaces, red or black, and sections of numbers. The payout for the columns bet is double the amount, whereas the red or black, even or odd bets pay an even money. Unlike the brick-and-mortar casino, the player doesn’t necessarily have to play against a dealer, so there are fewer expenses.

Roulette Wagers – Inside Bets

In some casinos, inside bets are restricted to gamblers who purchase colored chips of their preference. However, irrespective of whether you are the playing the American variety or the European version, they all feature a large enough spinning wheel to accommodate a larger bet layout, plus the dealer handling the action. On top of that, the dealer tracks the series of colored chips which cannot be used on a single game sitting on that specific roulette table – most often eight similar colors.

The European wheel offers a house edge of about 2.70% and the player can use the casino-provided scorecards to record previous spins. Some casinos will offer the players a reader board listing the previous 20 spins.

The American wheel wager has a house edge of approximately 5.26%, although there is an additional wager for the 0 and 00.

It’s also important to note that some casinos discourage small buy-in’s and encourage the larger ones. The standard buy-in for 100 colored chips is $100. However, this number may be limited in case the player has all their chips in one color.

Roulette Wagers – Outside Bets

Outside bets refer to all the bets placed outside the main field numbers on the wheel. The odds of winning this particular formation are difficult, although they have the highest payouts.
The Player can “split” their bet in the middle of two adjacent numbers.
A “street” bet refers to a bet placed between three consecutive numbers whereas a “double street” involves placing the bet between a set of three parallel numbers.
A “corner” bet is placed where four numbers intersect.
A “trio” bet is three-numbered but incorporates at least one zero.
A “basket” bet requires the player to bet on 0-1-2-3.
Finally, the “top line” bet requires the player to place their bet on 0-00-1-2-3.

Outside betting is an excellent way which a player can leverage their wagers to maintain and conserve their bankroll, allowing them longer sessions of playing the game.

Playing Online Roulette for Real Money

Nothing comes close to the thrill of playing online roulette. It gives a player the flexibility to earn real cash as long as they have an internet connection. Lying on your bed, at the office, library, or even at a friend’s wedding. No one will judge you.

If you are tired of waiting for countless spins just to win a single bet, I would recommend you try the outside wagers. However, if you are longing for big payouts, always settle for the inside wagers.
Before you try to explore uncharted waters, always keep in mind that the shorter the spins the more likelihood of winning. Quite a good number or roulette systems tend to fluctuate on a regular basis between the small wins and the big ones. There are those that result in a win after a few spins while others need a little bit of patience before the player sees a profit margin.

Roulette Basic Strategy

As a player, you ought to know that because a casino is selling books on how to play the games at their gift shop, it doesn’t mean that they are the magic bullet. There are multiple books trying to convince players that the previous spin is inversely related to the next one. Some even go ahead to advise players to identify the wheel patterns. This is absolutely incorrect as the wheel has zero memory and the spin is absolutely random and cannot be predicted.

What these books don’t disclose to you is that the average school of thought is a mathematical concept pegged on an infinite amount of spins. Unless you have the financial muscle to play till the end of time, don’t believe in this concept as there will always be a cumulative wheel spin effect. Instead, you should always look to familiarize yourself with the rules and odds of the game. This can be done through the free spins and bonuses that casinos reward new entrants with.

Secondly, when playing online roulette, always remember that money management is equally as paramount as learning the game. Carelessly managing your funds could see you running empty before you even start enjoying the game and possibly win.

Another strategy a player should keep in mind is to try and get creative in their bets. There is a common misconception that it’s safe to strictly stick to specific bets. Although playing cautiously is good, a player should also seek to diversify their portfolios by trying out new bets. For example, they can try to bet on all the three sets of 12 numbers.
As a new player, it’s important that I remind you that fortune favors the brave one. By limiting your game within your comfort zone, you are not avoiding losing, you are actually guaranteeing it in the long run.

How to Play Roulette

Although there are is no distinct difference between the American version or the European version, the former has an additional double zero which can significantly affect the odds.
Now, roulette goes down on an elongated table with the wheel on one end and the bets on the other. The player is supposed to anticipate the type of pocket or the pocket number on which the ball lands. In order to do this, they have to place their bets in the available range of pockets by making “Inside” bets, “Outside bets” or other specific numbers that maximize their returns.

Some bet options include:
Straight up: This involves placing a bet on any one number. It has a payout ratio of 35:1.
Split betting: Betting on any two numbers. Has a payout ratio of 17:1
Street betting: Playing on any three numbers. The payout ratio is 11:1. A player can use a single chip to place this bet.
Corner betting: Involves playing on four numbers. The payout ratio is 8:1.
Six line betting: Placing a bet on 6 numbers. This type of bet has a payout ratio of 5:1.

In the case of American roulette, there is an extra bet that covers five numerals “0,00,1,2,3”. It has a payout ratio of 6:1. A bet on covering 0 and 00 is also available and pays 17:1.

Rules of Roulette

As you may already know, roulette operates on a very simple basis. Once the dealer spins the ball, its expected to settle in a specific slot. To win, the player has to guess the exact spot where the ivory ball will settle.

Before the spin, players place a single bet or any other variations as set by the rules. In the case of a live casino, the player is required to exchange their casino chips or cash for the roulette chips. It’s also important to note that each player is handed distinguished colored chips to make it easy to determine who placed the bet. Of course, this isn’t the case with online casinos. Players can continue placing their bets before the ball is cast into the roulette wheel although it’s also allowed to place bets even when the ball is rolling until the dealer calls off additional bets. The dealer will usually signal the call off with the wave of his hands and make the statement, “No more bets”. Once the ball settles into a pocket, the dealer calls out the winning numbers specifying the pocket color. Consequently, the losing bets are cleared off the table and the process continues as long as there is a player willing to play.

This article is littered with a very big caveat urging players to pay attention to the rules and the odds. When real cash is on the line, you ought not to dive into a black hole without knowing what you are in for. For this reason, I always recommend starting off slowly and catching the momentum once you get the hang of roulette. The house edge emanates from the 0 and 00 slots as they aren’t red, black, odd, even, or even a part of any betting sequence.

Outside Bets in Roulette

Red or Black: In this type of bet, the player has to guess whether or not the ivory ball will land on either black or red number. The bet payout is equaled to the bet.
Odd or Even: Predicting whether the ball will land on either an odd or even number. The bet payout is even.
1 – 18 or 19 – 36: Involves predicting whether the play will stop on the first 18 numerals 0or the last set of 18. It’s also an even bet.
Dozen Bets: This involves betting on either the first, second, and third set of 12 numbers.
Column Bets: This typically involves placing bets on either of the three columns on the grid.

Inside Bets in Roulette
Single Number Bets: Betting on which specific number the ball will land on.
Split: Placing a bet on two numbers.
Street: Betting on any three numbers.
Corner: Betting on any four numbers.
Five-number Bets: Placing a bet on five numbers. Its famed for being one of the ruthless bets in roulette.
Double Street: Betting on any 6 numbers.

Play Live Roulette Online

Let’s be real for once, dealing with animated and computerized roulette wheel can quickly spawn dull moments. Live roulette online gives players the opportunity to play their favorite game without having to physically visit the casino. Although still considered online betting, you will quickly forget you are using your computer thanks to the live streaming feed.

Why Play Live Roulette?

To an ardent gambler, this may seem like a no-brainer question (which is perfectly okay). But, what of those who are looking to climb up the gambling ladder? Oh! How can I forget those old timers who still want to enjoy their game but lacks the muscle to visit an actual casino?

Live roulette is a true revolution in the gambling world. Usually, when a player plays at an online casino, they are playing by themselves. However, the live casino instantly connects them with fellow players and dealers. For many people, such an experience is unmatched and hoists the one-man gaming experience into an interactive one. Interestingly enough, what you see on your screen is real-time – be it bet placements, spinning the roulette wheel, calling out of the winning numbers, and even wager payments.

How Live Dealer Roulette Works

Playing a live dealer is similar to playing online roulette. This time, however, the player can see every minute details of what the dealer does. After placing the bets, instead of the player hitting the “Spin” button, it’s the live dealer who does that. The winnings are the announced and paid out as usual.

The Live Dealers

Live dealers are not different from the usual dealers you find in normal brick and mortar casino. All of them are experienced so you should not fear any discrepancies. After all, it would be easier to sort out an aggrieved party in a physical casino as opposed to having a disagreement with a player miles away behind a computer.

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