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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

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In this Smarkets review, we examine one of the biggest betting exchanges in the world.

Jason Trost founded Smarkets in 2008. Aiming to replicate financial trading principles in a betting exchange format. Smarkets have grown fast in recent years to challenge Betfair.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Smarkets offer a range of sports, current affairs, and political betting markets.

Menu at Smarkets betting exchange

All betting markets are found via the left-hand menu. Smarkets desktop site has a clear, user-friendly interface. There is an impressive range of current and future betting markets.

User experience

The overall feel is slick and professional. Betting odds show in clear colours. The green box is for back bets, whilst the blue box shows lay bets.

Liverpool vs Salzburg Smarkets - dark theme

The above screenshot shows the Match Odds market for Liverpool versus Salzburg. There are thousands of pounds worth of bets in the market.

In previous years, Smarkets had a reputation for poor liquidity in their markets. But, you’ll now find plenty of money available to match your bets.

Choose either a dark or light coloured theme on the desktop or mobile site. It’s nice to have a choice.

Liverpool vs Salzburg Football odds Smarkets - light theme

Smarkets website is slick and easy to navigate. The search function is useful to find obscure markets.

The site is a joy to use at home on your computer or on a smartphone, particularly for matched betting in shops.

Now let’s discuss Smarkets key features in more detail.

Smarkets Instant Match

The Smarkets Instant Match feature will enhance your in-play matched betting.

There is no immediate in-play betting delay. In-play bets get placed pending an 8 to 12 second confirmation period. If a significant incident happens that will affect the odds, then your bet is not matched.

This feature helps when betting on fast moving markets.

Extra features

Keep Bets In-play

The Keep Bets In-Play feature allows you to keep unmatched bets for when a market goes live.

In-play matched bettors and traders will enjoy this feature.

Trade Out

The Trade Out feature allows you to cash out exchange bets. Very useful for 2up matched betting offers.

Users can trade out pre-match and in-play. You’ll see a “Trade Out” button next to your selection in the betting market. Click the “Trade Out” option and then confirm to place a successful trade out.

Mobile app

Smarkets mobile app is available for Apple devices on the Apple App Store. Android users can search for the app on the Google Play Store.

Smarkets App - Google Play store

You’ll find the same functionality as the desktop and mobile sites. Backing and laying, in-play betting, and real-time odds updates.

Customer support

Help is available at Smarkets 24/7 from their live chat service. The operators can answer any questions about your Smarkets account.

Extra support options include telephone (weekday dayitme), email, or Twitter.


Smarkets are a popular betting exchange. They have progressed in recent years, with a fast and intuitive exchange platform.

Each of the betting exchanges has its merits. Yet, I’ve used Smarkets as my main exchange for the last few years.

It’ll be interesting to see how Smarkets evolves. Betdaq, Betfair, and Matchbook offer an alternative.

Any questions about this Smarkets review? Connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.