Squid Game Tokens California

Squid Game Tokens California 1

Want to play “Squid Game” in California?

The unofficial online game based on the popular Netflix Korean TV show.

Learn how to buy Squid Game Coins to join in.

How to Join Squid Games

To join in, players must pay a fee to participate in each round.

The fee is denominated with the in-game cryptocurrency called Squid Game Tokens or SQUID.

Squid Game Tokens can only be purchased from Pancake Swap with Binance Smartchain tokens.

How can I buy SQUID Game Tokens in California?

SQUID only launched in Oct 20, 2021 and is a very new cryptocurrency.

Therefore the only exchange that offers SQUID is on PancakeSwap.

7 easy steps to buy SQUID:

  1. Go to Binance.US
  2. buy the BNB SmartChain Token.
  3. Connect your wallet to BNB
  4. Move the BNB to your wallet
  5. Go to PancakeSwap
  6. Connect your wallet PancakeWap
  7. Exchange BNB for SQUID Tokens.

About Squid Game the Online Game

This online game is based on the Netflix hit named Squid Game – a popular Korean drama that has taken the world by storm. It is the most watched Netflix show of all time, initiating a variety of spin off fan based clothes, food and of course, this game.

In this games, players need to survive each round. To participate in a round, players must pay Squid Game Tokens. If the player survives, he is awarded with Squid Game Tokens. If a player loses, they don’t actually die like the Netflix show, but instead they cannot participate in the next round, without paying more Squid Game Tokens.

Players love this game, because they can win A LOT of coins, whilst re-enacting their favorite Netflix show.


Is the online Squid Game illegal to play at?

No, it is not illegal, as you are not playing with real money.

Is the online Squid Game gambling?

No it is not. You are not gambling when you are playing the online Squid Game, because you are not using real money.

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