Having a bet while drinking a beer goes hand in hand, literally. Being a sports fan, I love to bet on the big game events such as the NBA finals and Superbowl, especially when I also have the opportunity to watch it live. Having a bet on the game makes it so much more exciting. Coupled with a few beers in hand, there’s not much more than I would want in this world. So what makes a good beer to drink when placing a bet? Naturally it’s all subjective, each bettor and drinker have their own style and taste. Whether I’m unique or not, I tend to prefer different beers when watching different games when placing a bet. Maybe it’s because I like to try different beers and maybe it’s just an excuse to drink more beer. But hey, that’s OK right 🙂

So without further ado, below is my short list of the best beers to drink while sports betting in the US!


Betting on the NBA highest game scorer. Highlight reels are all about scoring and it can be in any form – in your face dunks, three pointers from mid court, buzzer beaters, floaters. Scoring is the most exciting aspect of basketball, so my best bet is betting on the highest scorer in a game. These bets are usually quite safe, particularly if the two teams competing have stand out key scorers that they rely on. When your heart gets pumping because of furious pace, it’s always great to drink a Budweiser. Crisp and easy to drink. Quite a refreshing taste and doesn’t hit the head fast, so you can still be sober enough to follow the game.


First team to hit a home run – Baseball the field of dreams, and the drink of dreams which is Corona and a nub of lemon or lime. I love sitting back with the slower pace of the MLB, and draining a few Corona’s. The fact that baseball is a slower pace than other major sport games means that you can take a bit of time to slice the lime, walk around and chat with other buddies. Coronas have that right bottle shape as well, I don’t know how to explain it, but Coronas fit well with sports betting.

Stella Artois

Touch down! Be the QB with Stella. Not so harsh and bitter, Stella’s are great to slam down. I don’t recommend getting carried away and throwing it to your buddies though. I find Stella has that solid, strong taste, more towards the dry side. But not so dry that it hurts. Stellas like Coronas come in a distinct style of bottle but probably is more notable for its labels. The drink won’t hit you fast so you can stay with the game.

CASS Light

Korean BBQs are delicious, the meat, aroma, the bbqing and a CASS beer to drink with it. They go so well together. CASS feels and tastes so crisp. If they told me they used the purest of water to create their beer, I would believe them. CASS would also go well with betting on any sport and watching live. When watching live, I like to have a very light and easy beverage and CASS does the trick.


I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t ever drink Guinness with a bet. I don’t mind have a Guinness after work and socializing, but when placing a few bets Guinness just doesn’t tickle my fancy. Guinness is a slow drink and a bitter end. You will be under the table before you know it if your team loses.

Online betting and beer

Not all US states offer online sports betting and if they do, the options are usually limited. But if you have the chance, online sports betting is the best. It is super convenient, quick and easy, and payments are fast and efficient. You will find that whether you are out with your mates or at home, placing that bet when you have a winner in mind and a beer in hand is that much more fun and exciting. Beers to drink when betting online? I like to keep it to the light beers. I prefer not to stray too heavy and enjoy the moment.