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Did you know that over four million Brits are playing online bingo each day?

The popularity of bingo in the UK has soared in recent years due to the pandemic, innovation and just general good simple entertainment and fun. In addition, there has been an increase in safety and security, enhanced by the licensing and regulatory requirements of the UK Gambling Commission.

At Gambledex, we’ve compiled an “all on one page” UK online bingo guide. Enjoy our library of bingo sites that exclusively accept UK Players. Whether you are an expert, newbie, or just excited to get in on the real money bingo action, you can find it all here.

But you won’t find any typical bingo action here but a wide range that is up to speed with new age tech! These sites aren’t the old dusty clunky design, but rather the transformed, rich featured interactive gaming. Equipped with social interactivity, compatible on any device and the ability to process secure payment methods, online bingo provides for convenience, comfort and ease of play.

From the simplest of designs that facilitate ease of use, to the funky, fast paced high featured bingo balls, you can make new friends, play with your own friends or even just play on your own.

Each step of the process, from signing, playing to cashing in winnings, is audited to ensure that gaming is honest and fair play to players.

Joining up is fast and easy. Deposits and Withdrawals are processed quickly and honoured. Selecting a bingo room with real players is flexible and is at your own leisure. Choose from a wide range of bingo cards and take advantage of card packages, or you can try a few single games with free bingo. The choice is yours.

Interaction is seamless, fun and rewarding with an bingo administrator in each room to help you steer through any questions or issues, and of course, to conduct the game. Find and make new friends with messaging functions that are available online. If you’re not into that, you can play independently and play solo.

No matter how you want to play, everything bingo can be found right here.

These bingo sites are top of the range, and include the new and best designed enhanced with rich features. Enjoy UK Bingo Online and choose any of our recommended providers to get the party started!

Top UK Online Bingo Sites

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What is UK Bingo Online?

The traditional UK Bingo game has been around for decades, but has only recently become popular online with the advent of the internet, improved mobile devices and social connectivity.

Bingo is one of the easiest games to play in the world. There are many wonderful prizes and perks to be enjoyed, plus it maintains a social aura about it that no other real money gaming can offer. Often, bingo is confused with keno or lotto, whereby you select the numbers that will be drawn. Yes, it’s similar but at the same time the differences are significant. Personally, we find bingo much more enjoyable than boring keno/lotto.

Now, you may be thinking “Oh, this is simply the reverse of playing Keno!” Well no. Keno is super fast when compared to Bingo. In Keno, YOU select the numbers, you only wait a few seconds for ALL the numbers to be drawn, and within a minute or two, the Keno game is finished. There is no need to talk to others in context of the game.

Another key difference is that in bingo you are given a “bingo card” with your numbers. You don’t select these numbers yourself. The card has random numbers on it that is assigned to you. These numbers on the bingo card are what you are hoping to have selected and drawn out randomly from a pool of numbered bingo balls. As the numbers are drawn from the pool of bingo balls, you need to mark them off your bingo card. The act of marking them off is called “daub”. This activity of marking off bingo numbers is what makes bingo so exciting, soothing and rewarding!

Small differences exist between UK and US Bingo, specifically with 75 and 90 balls used respectively. Though these differences were noticeable in physical bingo halls, when playing online any variation of balls can now be easily offered.

To play bingo, you use bingo cards which show a grid of columns and rows. The more rows and columns, the larger the pool of balls. Technology can easily issue online different bingo cards to cater for 40, 50, 75, 80 or 90 ball games. There are now even special bingo games which have all sorts of bespoke ball counts and patterns.

Bingo can therefore take up to 10 minutes per game (depending on the ball count). You need to listen to the numbers being drawn one by one, then mark off (daub) the bingo card if you see the number there. When playing online, you have the option of selecting an automated dauber function or leave it manual.

While playing, you get to “cheer” and “chat” with other online players. A new bingo lingo culture has been created which has evolved overtime. But feel that not knowing the lingo will be a draw back. Far from it, it’s fun and fascinating at the same time. For support, you can also chat with the bingo moderator who controls the game.

Back in the day, the bingo halls in the UK operated in exactly the same way as online. The significant difference is that by playing online, you can play anywhere and anytime at your convenience.

Another difference, when playing online is that the prizes are real cash prizes. Prizes at physical bingo halls used to be hampers, gifts and other donations by local businesses. These prizes were a fantastic way to drum up community spirit and to get people together.

In the same way, bingo online does exactly the same thing at tradional but at a bigger scale! You aren’t hindered by distance anymore.

In summary, you can play bingo online in the UK, anytime and anywhere. The games are frequently, regular and easily accessible on any device with a browser. There are great perks that include prizes, promotions and cash backs.

Bingo is for young and old

Long gone are the days of bingo being the favourite game the elderly only. It’s now popular among the young and old. Fast or slow, you can play at your pace either with others or by yourself. This is the beauty of playing online bingo, in that it is a game for everyone.

So whether you are young and have never played bingo before, or you are “old” and haven’t quite come to terms with social media apps – don’t worry! We can assure you bingo is super fun and easy to learn to play online.

Perks, Prizes and Rewards

Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of bingo, so why not play online? Playing online has all the rich benefits of being safe and in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere for that matter. The convenience is undeniably gratifying, plus you get all the prizes that you would at any bingo room, except even better. Your prizes are real money, real cash benefits credited to your bingo balance that you can play with or withdraw. On top of that, there are new player bonuses, Welcome Bonus packages, Free Bingo Cards, promotional offers and much more.

Prepare to be astounded by the large number of perks offered by online bingos in the UK. Be rewarded with cash backs denominated in the Pound (or in EURO or even crypto if you wish). Get real money prizes and win free games, or even receive them just because you are a regular VIP member! Everyone is a VIP member.

The concept of bingo balls stems from the traditional bingo halls whereby drawing numbers randomly used real balls in a rotating cage. The bingo moderator would pull out of the cage a ball which would then reveal the next ball.

Bingo balls are pooled together then drawn out of a pool that you know and love, but the social media interactivity, all the excitement, and action as you would find in a physical bingo room. The game is frequently amazing but varies in feel, and prizes and perks. Sprinkled in with extremely great prizes, and perks.

Bingo is friendly in nature, supremely playable, fun and well designed. Unlock VIP, loyalty rewards.

So much to discover with online bingo, which is a huge leap forward from the archaic days of bingo halls and bingo rooms. It’s fun and the excitement of various bingo cards, you can unlock as you open up each exciting and rewarding perks and for each bingo round.

Downloadable Bingo Apps

You can play bingo on downloadable apps to any playing device. Bingo apps are efficient, effective and above all provide bingo interactivity like a social network – like Facebook, Instagram or even WhatsApp. Bingo apps can also interconnect to other apps, to allow you to post your bingo winnings, badges and other fun details via social media. With each game you play, you can go up a tier unlocking extra exciting features in the app.

Free Bingo Games

There are a plethora of bingo games that are for free. That’s right, won’t cost you a single penny to get you started and playing. Though they are free, don’t believe for one moment that these free bingo games are cheaper, low quality versions of the real deal. You will get the same amount of fun and action, as you would with a full deposit welcome bonus online bingo.

You will still be able to enjoy hours of entertainment but it will come with the extra side advertising and paid ads that you will need to view. This is the offset for playing free bingo. Of course, this can become annoying to some players who just want to play freely, smoothly and without hindrance, but alas that is a small non monetary price to pay for freemium bingo games.

Chances of Winning Bingo

The chances of winning a bingo game will vary according to bingo card selection and patterns chosen. Undoubtedly the larger the ball game selection, the lower the odds of winning, but the bigger the prize pool. But, in tandem, if there are more pattern opportunities to win, these will increase the odds. Prizes can also be awarded for other combinations of balls and some games will even have wild cards thrown into the mix. It’s fair to say, the odds of winning are by far better than slots, keno and lotto.

Customer Support

In need of help? Reach out to the online chat, FAQ section or chat forums if you get lost. Each bingo site, has excellent customer service at call 24/7. Most will have dedicated support, and a client support manager that is professional, courteous and friendly.

Bingo Special Events

Get event specials throughout the year for Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day and Spooky Halloween Treats. Sign up to fun tournaments and move up the leader boards. There are daily and monthly prizes, coupled with VIP membership, cashback boosters and special event prizes.

How do I play UK bingo?

One of the aspects that makes bingo such a popular game throughout the world, and in all sorts of age groups, is that the bingo rules and instructions are incredibly easy to learn. In a nutshell, all you have to do is listen to the person calling the numbers out and scratch or mark them off your card if you hear yours. Easy, right? That’s the quick version of how to play bingo anyway. But there are a number of different types of bingo that can affect some of the factors. So it’s always a good idea to get a deeper look into bingo rules and how to play the different variations of the game.

Once a number is selected, the bingo caller “calls” the number, often using a range of traditional bingo calls or modern and funny bingo calls, which regular players get familiar with over time.

Should the player see that number on their card, they “daub” the ticket – or mark off the number – using a bingo “dauber”. A bingo dauber is a large felt tip pen with a circular head. Some bingo halls have now computerised this process. If you’re playing online bingo, there will be an automatic bingo-daubing process.

As soon as you have marked enough numbers to win a prize – rules may vary by hall or game – you shout “Bingo” as loudly as you can, to get the bingo caller’s attention. You must shout bingo before the next number is called or you miss out on your chance to win.

Online bingo is easier than real life bingo in many ways and is a great alternative if you’re unable to get to the bingo halls. Playing online bingo is simple. Just find a bingo or slot game you like the look of and choose the number of tickets you’d like to buy. A lot of games cost as little as 1p a ticket so a newbie like yourself might like to give them a go first. The bingo numbers are called out, and your ticket will be automatically daubed by your computer, so you never need to worry about missing a number!

Bingo has easy rules to follow. In general, pay attention to the numbers being drawn and mark them off your bingo card. The aim of the game is to mark off all (or in some games as many) numbers as you can. The UK version of bingo sticks to this general concept, however, you will find that some bingo sites offer hybrid bingo games which may change the number of balls that are to be drawn or various patterns that can win.

Like all interactive games, it requires a bit of luck to win. The chances of winning bingo depends on the variation of chosen. UK bingo is traditionally the 90 ball game. In a 90 ball game you receive a set of randomly selected 15 numbers between 1 to 90. Other players also receive a random set of 15 numbers between 1 to 90. Your set of 15 numbers (and other players as well) are arranged in numerical order on a grid. This grid is often referred to as a card or a ticket.

The fun now begins with a bingo caller, “calling” out numbers between 1 and 90. Your job is to mark off on your card any of your 15 numbers that match the numbers called out. As the game proceeds, eventually a player will have all their 15 numbers called out. When this occurs, the player screams out “BINGO”, and is the winner of the round.

When playing online, you can have the numbers that are called out automatically. In addition, you don’t have to yell “BINGO”! The software intuitively knows who the winner is and assigns them the jackpot.

What are the features of Online Bingo?

When playing online, there are a few features that will be available that isn’t an option for physical bingo.

We list them and explain.

Auto-Daubing / Auto-Marking

Bingo software comes with the default option of auto-daubing. This means, when a number is called, the system will automatically mark off your number, and therefore you don’t need to manually search for it. Most of the time, online bingo websites include a system that automatically marks the numbers when they are called off. Thus, this means you don’t have to search for it.

Multi Bingo Card Play

Because you can opt for auto-daubing you can play many cards at once! Physically impossible to do at any bingo hall, but online anything scale is possible. You could play as many bingo cards as you want at any time. To keep track of which bingo card is most likely to win, the system will show the best bingo card at the top as the game progresses.

Bingo Rooms

Check out the schedule and jump in and out of bingo rooms that you fancy. Unlike physical bingo rooms, these are more like chat forums that each has a moderator.

Safe and Secure Online Bingo Games

Choose a UK Bingo site that is trusted, honest and committed to Responsible Gaming. But above all, UK Bingo sites must be licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

These are undoubtedly, the safest and secure for players to choose. The benefits of choosing a UK licensed and regulated bingo site are many. They include being: audited for fairness to players, ensures quality of bingo gaming, an avenue for support, a safe and secure method of depositing and withdrawal.

Lastly, you can be assured that there are true winnings that can be awarded to players.

Payment methods are safe and secure. With trusted and common payment methods, you can be assured of efficient processing for Deposits and Withdrawals. Top up funds quickly and without hassle, obtain credit bonuses as you top up.

Vast array of convenient payment methods at your hands. Getting started could not be any easier.

Online Bingo is Social

But wait, I hear you questioning the lack of social interaction? Far from it! With modern day social interaction through the internet, today’s bingo sites offer the same fun with friends as you would in a physical bingo room. We all crave for that fun factor of chatting with fellow bingo players, and we can do it with ease via online bingo/chat rooms, in your pajamas, in the bathroom, anywhere without the embarrassment of not looking your best.

Transformation from Traditional to Online Bingo

Traditionally, the players were required to visit a hall to learn the basics of the games and win some money. Back in the day, bingo was played at bingo halls. Those days are long gone, with the game transition to online. You can still play at a physical bingo hall, however over ninety percents of players now choose to play online.

If you are a beginner and want to play online, there are some rules you should know. Besides jackpots, promotional offers, themes, music might be a little intimidating. Read our guide and get ready to win big at bingo if you are new to the game.

Online bingo and traditional bingo are played when numbers are crossed, whenever they are called out. If you wish to win the game, cross off five numbers before anyone else. The game type decides how many numbers are included in the ticket.

Are online bingo balls real balls?

Ok, yes, there aren’t really any “balls” being drawn out of a cage. Rather online bingo uses Random Number Generators to choose the numbers. Hence, when you hear ’90 ball’ or ’75 ball’ it’s just referring to the variation of bingo that can be played.

Some bingo games get creative and attach pictures, themes and rhymes to each ball. It’s extra fun to get the creative juices flowing.

Online Bingo Card Prices

When getting started you will need to buy a pack of bingo cards. Online bingo cards can vary from Free to the big winning games. This means, if you want to play small go with the 1p, if you want to just see what it’s like, start with the free bingo, or if you want the tournaments and VIP games go for the bigger prize pool.

UK Bingo History

You are for sure wrong if you think bingo is a modern game. The game has been around since the 1500s originating from the US. Bingo was first known as ‘beano’ because bags full of beans were thrown to select the random numbers. Over time, the bean bags, were replaced with balls being drawn out of a bag, then a hat, then from a rotating cage.

As the game evolved, playing the game took part in ‘bingo’ halls. These normally were community halls whereby mostly elderly women would gather and play. As these were community events, sponsors were typically local businesses who would donate food and services.

Gradually, bingo grew to its peak just after World War II but then began to decline. Associated with elderly players only, physical bingo halls weren’t the place to be see by younger generations.

But then came the internet, and this has spawned a new era of bingo. The internet has revitalised bingo, with the younger generation seeing it safe and enjoyable to play. Over the past twenty years, online bingo has developed new features to keep the game exciting and easy to play.

Sign up to Bingo Games

To play free bingo games, you will still be required to sign up and enter your details. It’s fast and simple with most free bingo sites, only requiring your name and email address. Should you convert to pay to play and win, because careful to enter your correct details, otherwise your winnings may not be awarded to you.

In the UK, the application of UK Gambling laws still persist, however these are not as restrictive as real money online bingo.

Choose Your Bingo Game

You can choose bingo games that vary with the number of balls. The less balls the higher the chance of winning. In addition the game is a lot faster, because there are less balls to choose from. The downside is that the winnings are not as big as higher number ball games.

The flipside, is that higher number ball games take a bit more time to complete, and the chances of winning are lower. That said the winnings are a lot bigger.

As you can see, bingo can accomodate for many different types of players. It can be fast paced or slow, with difference winning sizes to be won.

Variations of Bingo Wins

There are many ways to win in bingo, which normally is dictated on the type of bingo that you choose to play. The core rules are often the same, although there may be slight variations. These variations can exist in both online bingo and free online bingo. Choosing a bingo card can either be pre-determined with your selection and the bingo numbers can be narrow or large. Winning patterns can also vary with flat line, diagonal, or patterned lines to obtain to land the winning combination. Some online bingo games will have house numbers blanked providing more winning combinations and randomness.

UK Responsible Gambling Support Line

At GambleDex we advocate responsible gambling whether it be high stakes or casual gaming. The core principles of gambling is to play within your limits, and for enjoyment. It is never to play for financial support or security, because the odds are never in your favour. But yes, we acknowledge that iGaming, including online bingo is a game of luck. And therefore that is always an opportunity to win.

We are committed to ensuring players gamble responsibly, and therefore encourage you to consider seeking help if gambling becomes a problem.

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