UPI Casinos – Easy Sign Up, Convenient, IDR Bonuses

UPI Casinos - Easy Sign Up, Convenient, IDR Bonuses 1

Indian players are turning to UPI online casinos to enjoy the benefits of digital real money gambling.

There are thousands of casinos to choose from that accept UPI. It can be hard to sort the good from the bad, so we have assessed and ranked them for you.

Choose from our vetted list of UPI Online Casinos for the best playing experience.

Top UPI Online Casinos

300% up to $3,000
1st Deposit Bonus
400% up to $500
1st Deposit Bonus
400% up to $10,000
Welcome Bonus
250% up to $1,500
1st Deposit Bonus
300% up to $3,000
1st Deposit Bonus

The best UPI online casinos all offer excellent Welcome Bonuses. These rewards are instrumental in extending player bank rolls, providing a better chance of winning. Take note, that some online casinos have terms and conditions that restrict where a casino bonus can be applied.

Game play is important in determining a good casino to sign up to. Live casino gaming is very popular at the moment, hence, if that is what you are looking for, make sure you select a casino that has partnered a quality live dealer provider.

Lastly, online casinos that accept UPI remove all the fuss and hassles of deposit and withdrawal processing complexity. In addition, with near real time funds in the casino account, players can get started with playing straight away.

UPI Benefits

UPI has the ability to remove the need of users to remember bank account details, card numbers and other forms of account referencing. It does this by referencing users to email addresses and/or mobile numbers.

Ease of Use – UPI is simple and easy to use. Users need only remember their email address from which many forms of wealth storage can be connected to. Not only does this include bank accounts, e-wallets and credit cards, but it can also be connected to investment funds.

Accessibility – Anytime, anywhere, as long as you have the internet and a web browser or smartphone you have 24/7 service.

Affordable – UPI is the most affordable digital cash online platform in India. This removes the barrier of entry for many people.

How to play with Real Cash

Getting started is simple and fast.

Follow our steps to begin playing.

About UPI

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is an online payments platform system that was launched in India in 2016. From small beginnings it had a vision of providing accessible micro financing for those who were less fortunate – the poorer socio-demographics that were striving to start and make ends meet.

The founders of UPI, understood that traditional banking unfairly favours the large established multi national corporations. These corporations have the resources to overcome red tape, complex governance and legal issues. As a result, often big business will not only survive through difficult times, but even thrive!

Sadly, the global pandemic has shown that traditional banking and business rules are skewed towards those with the “haves” whilst the “have nots” struggle. Thus UPI is striving to make a difference by giving small businesses the accessibility to finance without the barriers to entry of traditional banking.

UPI’s Online Platform

UPI is an online platform that allows for interoperability across various banking systems and digital cash methods. The ability to connect storage of wealth vehicles (SWV) such as bank accounts, e-wallets, cryptocurrency and fiat currency and facilitate transactions is what makes UPI powerful. A product alone does not translate to success. Partnerships must be formed, merchants onboarded and of course small businesses must find it useful. In addition, it must be affordable to the people.


Indian Banks – The UPI online platform is open to all Indian banks, irrespective of size and location. In doing so, small banks which service small communities can have access to the same funding opportunities as large banks. As at July 2020 164 banks were part of the UPI platform.

Third-party apps – UPI connects to payment processing apps to enable them to do what they do best. That is to store and process transactions safely and securely. This allows UPI network to focus on transaction flow and not be burdened with also catering for verification. Third-party apps that have signed up to UPI include Google Pay, PhonePe and Amazon Pay.

Gamble Responsibly

Many online casinos accept UPI as a payment method. At GambleDex we recognize that this is in contrast to the UPI vision and purpose. We therefore advocate players to gamble responsibly, and to seek support if needed.

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