WeChat Pay Online Casinos – Fast Processing and Zero Fees

WeChat Pay Online Casinos – Fast Processing and Zero Fees 3

Searching for the best online casinos that accept deposits with WeChat Pay?

We list the best WeChat Pay Online Casinos to play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots and many more.

There are only a few online casinos that accept WeChat Pay deposits, and those that do may not be safe and secure. So why spend hours and hours filtering through online casinos looking for WeChat Pay accepted payment methods and guessing if they are honest, when you can choose from the GambleDex list.

GambleDex is the leading gambling site for players who want to play safely and securely. When play at an online casino that accepts WeChat Pay (or any payment method for that matter), be assured that when you select a recommended casino from GambleDex, there is an assurance of safety and security, honesty, quality with a balance of welcome bonuses and promotions.

Top WeChat Pay Casinos

Our curated list of WeChat Pay Online Casinos have each been vetted for their safety and security, bonuses and gaming quality. We understand that it is difficult to find honest WeChat Pay accepted casino, and have therefore reviewed each casino thoroughly.

300% up to $3,000
1st Deposit Bonus
400% up to $500
1st Deposit Bonus
400% up to $10,000
Welcome Bonus
250% up to $1,500
1st Deposit Bonus
300% up to $3,000
1st Deposit Bonus

In selecting an online casino, our preference is to consider several factors together, not just the strength of the casino bonus. Holistically, the safety and security, quality of gaming and bonus is the best way to choose an online casino. Therefore, we strongly recommend choosing a casino from our list.

How to selection WeChat Pay Online Casinos

WeChat Pay casinos aren’t many, but they are growing in popularity fast. In general there are only a handful of big name online casino providers that use the WeChat Payment method. Most online casinos that have a long standing history are generally trustworthy. They will process your deposit, efficiently and conveniently without providing poor excuses of delays or lost monies on transit.

But of course, you just can’t pick any casino that accept WeChat Pay if they don’t offer a wide range of games, that are glitch free, rich in features and exciting to play.

Lastly, consideration must be given to the online casino’s customer support. There will be times when you will need to speak to customer service for general game questions or for specific payment method procedures.

WeChat Pay also known as WeiXin

Everybody knows Facebook in Western countries that predominantly are English based (yes, there are some that are non-English such as Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Bahasa Malay and several others), but did you know that one of the largest social media apps in the world is infact WeChat?

WeChat (also known as WeiXin) is the number one app in China. Unlike Facebook, it has an integrated payment system among the ecosystem of WeChat named WeChat Pay.

The superb integration of WeChat Pay within WeChat, allows peer to peer transfer of monies, where it be personal to personal, business to business or even consumer to business. Transfers can consist of Hong Bao (Red Packets), payment for e-commerce goods and even just paying for lunch as a restaurant. Of course, WeChat Pay can also be used to make a deposit at Online Casinos.

Though WeChat has its origins from China, many users around the world are also using WeChat. It is fast, safe and secure. It is integrated, convenient and hassle free. And that is why, online casinos are now beginning to expand their deposit and withdrawal methods to accept WeChat Pay.

WeChat Pay Casino Considerations

There are a number of aspects that should be taken into consideration when selecting an online casino.

We list them as follows:

Casino Bonuses and Promotions – This is the draw card that makes or breaks playing at an online casino (usually). The larger the bonus, the more promotions to loyal players, the higher the preference of playing at the online casino. Take note! Bonuses and Promotions is NOT the be all and end all of choosing an online casino. You must consider whether the casino can be trusted, is honest and fair, otherwise what is the point of playing? You might as well be throwing your money away.

Trust, Honesty, Safety and Security – This is critical in selection an online casino. Trust, Honesty, Fairness – these qualities are extremely hard to assess, and it can change from player to player depending on their situation. Unfortunately, just like any other business, some players will encounter issues, but the best business will do their best to rectify the issue in good faith to the consumer. Hence, there must be importance placed on Trust, Honesty and Safety and Security for players.

Game Variety and Quality – What’s the point of choosing an online casino if they only had one game, and it’s not a game you want to play? Consideration should be given to whether the games meet your needs, and whether the games are of quality. Always look at who the online casino partners for their games. Big name software gaming providers include RealTime Gaming, Scientific Games and Epic Games.

Customer Service – There will be times when you will need to seek Customer Service support. The best online casinos will provide easy access to support whether it be via email, phone or live chat. At GambleDex, we are indifferent as to which avenue is offered for customer support, as long as the responses are prompt, accurate and professional. Often, online casinos will say that they are 24/7 which simply means you can ask a question any time. So what, big deal. What is more important is how fast they can respond to your question, and how quickly they can resolve your issue.

WeChat Pay Online Casinos

WeChat and China go hand in hand. You can’t get around in China without a WeChat account. Due to its prevalence, the expansion of WeChat with online casinos is a no brainer.

There is an enormous number of players from China who are wanting to play at online casinos and want to use the convenience of WeChat Pay. However, as mentioned previously, it’s not only Chinese players, but many players globally who also use WeChat Pay.

The WeChat ecosystem is efficiently integrated with many social media plugins and API’s, enabling users to be connected to each other. Gaming is one of the primary uses of WeChat, hence many are seeking online games that are rewarding to play at. Players want to fund their online casino accounts easily, quickly with the currency of their choice (most often the RMB / Yuan), and just want to play, hasslefree.

Why Use WeChat Pay?

WeChat Pay is a technological wonder that is extremely complicated technically, but as a user it is super simple.

WeChat is the social media app, and linked to this is WeChat Pay. As a user, it is infact seamless to transfer funds between your connections (friends) and to go shopping! Funding the account is a breeze, because there are an endless number of banks and credit card institutions that connect to WeChat, plus the direct transfers from other connections now does not need any connection to banks.

To use WeChat Pay to make a deposit at an online casino is easy and simple. All you need to do is go to your WeChat account, pick the online casino of your choice, go to the cashier section and pick WeChat Pay. Then Enter your amount of Deposit. You will then have credit applied to your online casino account.

We list the benefits of making a deposit with WeChat Pay:

Integrated and Convenient – If you already have a WeChat account, then using WeChat Pay is convenient. It is the MOST convenient method to use, since you are probably already well connected with the WeChat ecosystem. This means, the integration of WeChat Pay cannot be beaten for convenience.

Ease of Use – WeChat and all its features are easy to use. There is a reason why WeChat is the number one app in China and soon to be around the world, and that is because it is intuitive and simple. Perhaps using the same principles of Apple, the GUI is so simple that anyone can use it (Chinese or Non Chinese).

Popular – If many people are using it, then it becomes practical. Bank accounts are no longer necessary due to direct transfers between users. The balances are held within WeChat and therefore centralized with everything. We cannot stress how integrated and popular WeChat is embedded within the Chinese society, that enables WeChat to be number one.

Zero Transaction Cost – the beauty of using WeChat Pay is that there are zero transactions costs incurred by the player. If there are any costs, it is the online casino that will incur them.

Real Money Gambling with WeChat Pay

Gambling with WeChat Pay is really simple

The network of WeChat is integrated with so many different plugins and APIs, such that once you create an account, the number of things that you can do is enormous. Shopping online becomes a breeze, giving friends gifts is simple and convenient, buying and selling at a marketplace is convenient.

So, the basic first step in getting started is to open a WeChat account. Opening a WeChat is very simple. However, PLEASE NOTE, the version of WeChat downloaded and used in Mainland China is different to those downloaded outside of China. The version, in China is rich in features and connects seamlessly to WeChat Pay – this is the version you need to fund your WeChat Pay account and to enable and connection to fund your account. Without this version you will not be able to use WeChat Pay.

Once you have a WeChat account and your WeChat Pay has been funded, you can go crazy with surfing the net for friends, shops, restaurants, entertainment, you name it, you can have fun with it!

Of course, this includes playing at online casinos.

Step by Step: How to Use WeChat at Online Casinos

WeChat Pay Online Casinos – Fast Processing and Zero Fees 4

Use the QR Code Method

Some online casinos have on their site a QR code that can be scanned by the user. This is really simple to use to make a deposit. If available scan the QR code and this will lead you through to the WeChat Pay processing steps. Follow the steps to make a deposit.

About WeChat Pay

WeChat is one of the most popular social media apps in the world, along side Facebook. It is owned and created by Tencent, a tech company that also has expanded its range of products to include other payment services, online games and fun and entertaining apps.

Tencent is floated on the stock exchange and is one of the top 100 Chinese companies, and is valued as much as Facebook (if not more).

WeChat is the most used app in China. Coupled with WeChat Pay, users have an integrated platform that connects online shopping, service providers, friends and families and cultural events (red packets).


Are there any WeChat Online Casinos?

There are a few online casinos that accept WeChat Pay as a payment method. Though not many, this list is currently growing. In choosing a WeChat online casino, consider the bonuses and promotions, safety and security, games and customer service.

Is it legal to use WeChat Pay at online casinos?

The legality of playing at online casinos depends on the residency of the player. If an online casino offers WeChat as a payment method, the legality is irrelevant to whether is permitted to play or not. Legality of playing at an online casino is therefore not dictated on the payment method, on the abode of the player.

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