What is the difference between Live Casinos and Online Casinos? 1

Both offer casino table games, however traditionally Online Casinos used RNG (Random Number Generators) while Live Casinos used real dealers and were land based but streamed online. In essence, the driver of the outcome of the games is computer coded vs random selection.

But with advancement of gaming technology, the lines are being blurred between Live and Online Casinos. Live Casinos with real dealers can be streamed live through to your PC or mobile device and have features which are similar to online casino gaming. Live Casinos is often referred to Online Casinos that offer “Live Dealers”. Live Dealers are real dealers viewed via online streaming. Hence, now the term Live Casinos is synonymous with Live Dealers and is technically a subset of gaming at Online Casinos.

What playing experience do Live Casinos offer?

  • Table Games – Viewing is face on, with some offering multiple and in picture
  • Features allow for ease of gaming, larger variety and choice of dealer
  • Speed is faster with automation and time limits

Live Casinos provide a slightly different experience to online casino games. The first obvious difference is that Live Casinos have real viewing and players can speak with the Dealer. Normally limited to a single, face to face, front on view, some premium Live Casinos offer multiple viewing angles and even in-picture. Of course online casino RNG games usually don’t even have a virtual dealer, and cards are simulated.

Live Casinos features also have other significant differences. Placing a wager online can be set at a recurring amount, but the speed may be slower than online casinos, in particular for blackjack and baccarat. Other features include: larger variations of gaming to choose from, unlimited back behinds, wide selection of dealers of different ethnicity and languages.

Live Casinos also offer is different bonuses to Online Casinos. Confusingly, Online Casinos also offer Live Casinos as a subset of their gaming, and Welcome Bonuses is often assumed to be applicable to Live Casino as well. However, this is not always true. More often than not, Welcome Bonuses that Online Casinos market, are not allowed to be used for Live Casino gaming. Players should read carefully the terms and conditions of the Welcome Bonus if they wish to use it for Live Casinos.

What playing experience do Online Casinos offer?

On the other hand, online casinos with RNG gaming is much faster than Live Casino gaming. Without the need for a real dealer to deal the cards, virtual cards can be dealt quickly and swiftly.

Also lacking, is the personal experience of socializing with the dealer and in some cases, other players.

Lastly, the outcome is driven by RNG. Some players are skeptical of the outcome of RNG gaming, and therefore avoid online casino games. Though it cannot be definitely proven, it is possible that Welcome Bonuses are only available for RNG Online Casino gaming because the pay out ratios could be worse.

Can I trust Live Casinos?

Live Casinos at top online casinos (and in fact the majority) are trustworthy and honest. This differs to RNG online casinos, whereby there can be unscrupulous casinos with the intention of deceiving players.

Many player prefer playing at Live Casinos because they can see the cards being dealt, the ball or dice being rolled. It allows confidence in players to know that a computer software is not manipulating the outcome.

Are the odds the same as land based at Live Casinos?

Yes they are. Many Live Casinos replicate the same playing logistics of land based. Some even reduce the number of decks for blackjack, providing a lower house edge, therefore a bettor opportunity for the player to win!

Do Live Casinos offer Welcome Bonuses?

Yes, there are many Live Casinos that offer great Welcome Bonuses. Just be careful that there are some Online Casinos that predominantly offer RNG gaming alongside their live casino games, and sometimes their Welcome Bonuses don’t apply to Live Casinos.

Do Live Casinos need to verify my age?

Yes they do. Live Casinos will ask for evidence that proves you are legally allowed to play. This is no different to any land based and online casino.

What is the minimum age to play at Live Casinos?

The minimum age varies from Live Casino to Live Casino. However most set the minimum age at 21 years old. Some do have a minimum age of 18, however, players should also take into consideration the minimum age in their local jurisdiction.