Alternative UK Credit Card Casinos

You may have heard that the UK has stopped online casinos from accepting Credit Card deposits. However, there are alternatives that The United Kingdom is lucky to have a huge range of online casinos to choose from when depositing with Credit Cards.

Using credit cards if fast easy and simple to do. It’s also one of the safest and secure methods, which allows for refunding and strong customer support should any issues arise.

But what sets credit cards apart from other payment methods in the UK is that it is commonly used and widely accepted. As a result, you will find that previously a large number of online casinos will accept Credit Card deposits (and alternatives) for real money gambling

Top UK Credit Card Casinos

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The popularity of using credit cards as a deposit method is increasing year on year. In the year 2021, credit card transactions saw a 15.7 per cent rise when compared to 2020. Various factors have contributed to this, none more than the move to being cashless for health and safety reasons.

But also, credit cards are simple to use, accessible with either a physical card, virtual card, and attached to mobile phones, smart phones, smart watches and internet banking.

In comparison to other digital payment methods, processing of credit card transactions is relatively efficient. It only takes a few sections for a transaction to be completed, and it is environmentally friendly unlike Bitcoin which consumes energy for mining.

Are UK Credit Casinos Regulated?

There are many UK Casino gaming platforms that accepts UK citizen deposits and withdrawals through various means, including credit cards, mobile e-wallets, cryptocurrencies- coins and altcoins. There are even some now that will accept direct payment via peer to peer exchanges. Long gone are the days of making an direct bank deposit, which can incur substantial fees.

All casinos, whether they are onshore or offshore are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). And they must also have approve processing methods to accept deposits and withdrawals. The regulation is stringent and vital, as monies are often transferred to and from the UK, meaning anti money laundering is important.

Credit Card Casinos

UK Credit Cards (and many around the world) are extremely safe and secure to use. Hence, many have formed partnerships within the industry to enable a broader presence among users. The big names of VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners are well known, but so too are bank credit cards, debit cards, telecommunication prepaid cards, voucher cards, and now mobile e-wallets (though this is rare).

In the past, and still to this day, physical credit cards are the norm. But with health concerns, and the drive to move to digital, many customers can now choose to use virtual credit cards. That is, all the same features and security are saved on a mobile device, or even safely on the cloud.

Internet connection has enabled the movement of data to be fast, seamless and with zero touch points.

ATMs are becoming redundant with less and less need for cash. Yes, there are some players which continue to use cash to play at online casinos. Often via deposit cash at a local branch which can then apply credit to a credit card balance or to a mobile wallet. But those days are becoming infrequent. In addition, ATM’s charge administration fees, charges to the user, and they are prone to being vandalized and targeted.

Online Casinos are the safest to play at, with the use of digital payment methods. Choose credit cards that have big brand reputations, but also offer customer support.

Other Credit Cards for Online Casinos

The UK has banned the use of big name credit cards for playing at online casinos, such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express. This means that these payment providers are not permitted to facilitate gambling transactions. The law, however, does NOT translate to a player being banned. It only applied to payment processes. As a result, alternative payment methods have risen to fill the void for gambling online in the UK. You will be able to use the below payment methods to play at online casinos.


Launched in 2013, a born and bred UK innovative payment company which understands the financial services environment in Europe. Monese is able to facilitate online casino deposits for UK and European residents.


Monzo is a fast growing prepaid debit card that has over 5 million users. Backed by a digital bank (branchless), Monzo prepaid cards are safe and secure to use. Unfortunately, only UK residents can use Monzo at the moment, however there are plans to expand further abroad.


By far the most popular payment method for online casino players. Neteller is a mobile digital wallet, and was launched over 15 years ago. Neteller has seen tremendous growth over the years. It was one of the first mobile wallets to attach identification to an email, which created simplicity and ease of use. Many UK players turn to Neteller for fast and easy deposit and withdrawals.


Arguably the second most popular method, just behind Neteller (some say Skrill is better but it’s pretty much the same). UK citizens can also use Skrill to make deposits at online casinos to quickly start playing their favourite games.

How to Play with Cash with Credit Card, Bank accounts, Mobile Wallets

Though cash is slowly becoming less and less popular as a means of payment, it still remains king for online deposits. Of course, cash has no traceability which provides for anonymous play (to a degree). Most digital payment methods accept cash deposits through several means. Convenience is slightly lacking, as it requires finding a branch that will process the cash,.

PayNPlay Casinos – the new quick play of online casinos

PayNPlay casinos have player accounts which uses the identification of the payment to create the online casino player account. This means, the player does not need to enter their name, email and other details to create an account. The player simply connects with their payment method and their mobile wallet, bank account becomes integrated with the casino.

PayNPlay casinos are limited to the UK and a handful of Euro nations. It’s infrastructure requires co-ordination between financial services providers, merchants and retails. As a result, the regulatory overlay of establishing PayNPlay casinos can be burdensome, however, the actual technology is not that complex.


Credit cards have risen and fallen in use in the UK, with new alternative methods to play at online casinos. New methods are fast, safe and secure to use, with the ability to facilitate cash payments. Mobile e-wallets have become popular with Moneze, Monzo, Neteller and Skrill filling in the credit card void. In addition new direct payment methods such as PayNPlay is hitting the online gambling scene.

If you are looking to use an alternative deposit method, besides credit cards, consider the new options. - Copyright 2018-2023