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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

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Want to learn the secrets of winning at the pokies?

Winning pokies is possible! A sophisticated syndicate exploits Aussie pubs and clubs pokie machines

There is a real love of pokie machines in Australia, enjoyed by many players, pubs and clubs and the government. Whilst there is a fine line to be maintained with detering money laundering leaking into the enjoyment of pokies, the vast majority of players are in it for the pokie action.

Nevertheless it is right that Australian law enforcement investigate any money laundering activity, to expose the behaviour and to catch any perpetrators. Ironically, it is through thorough investigation by the NSW Crime Commission that has led to the uncovering of a sophisticated yet legimate and legal gambling sydnicate that is beating the pubs and clubs.

Yes, it is hard to believe that someone (or people) have devised a way to win, and legal and legit as well.

We outline the key aspects of how they did it, and what you need to replicate their winning formula.

1. Data, Data and more Data

Data collection is vital for determining patterns, trends and calculating risk vs return. The more data collected the better!

At the heart of winning any gambling game, whether it be casino, sports betting or pokies, it is knowing the odds and the risk return rewards.

Once the return on the risk tips in your favour, then the time is right for you to go for it and place a bet or feed the pokie machine.

However to know these odds and to do so confidently and accurately, you need a lot of data collection – especially for pokies.

Though there have been rare instances where some pokie machines have been targeted individually, the syndicate that was uncovered uses a vast network of data collection points specifically for linked progressive pokie machines.

They didn’t go for the small jackpots but rather the big kahuna! With economies of scale of data collection, they were able to maximise their winnings.

2. Collaboration and People Power

Many people are needed to perform different roles.

The syndicate is by no means small. It involves many people performing various tasks to form an end to end process that is not complicated but does require co-ordination and discipline.

The process requires data collection, identifying winnable pokie machines and sanctioning them until syndicate players can play them to win.

Conceptually this is not a difficult process to understand, but many people are required to implement each of their roles which are interdependent. Should one part of the process fail, it could cause opportunities to be lost, or mistakes made.

Syndicate Structure

Don’t think that this is your typical underground gang that runs a loose ship, trying their luck at various pubs and clubs.

But consider a well oiled company with detailed record keeping, serious number crunching capabilities, a highly skilled backoffice, a disciplined on the ground network and strong capital backing.

Roles and Responsibilities

Due to the large number of varying tasks for a successful winning formula, the organisation requires several roles and responsibilities to be fulfilled.

The “on the ground” roles can be divided into Spotters, Blockers and Feeders. They are paid within a range of $30 to $60 per hour, depending on their responsibilities and experience and often are required to work 40 hour weeks.

The back office is driven by typical departments that any company would need:

  • Finance
  • IT systems
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)
  • Management
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Spotters: They are responsible for tracking the performance of pokie machines. This includes monitoring player activity, volume, winnings and losses. They are the eyes and ears for collating data.

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Blockers: When a potential tipping point of winnings vs cash deposits begins to form, Blockers are required to prevent other players from using the pokie machine. In doing so, the pokie machines can be kept to the organisation’s Feeders, who will then jump in to take advantage of the better pay offs.

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Feeders: Once a pokie has been identified as a potential winning machine, Feeders are required to sit at the machine and play until they hit the jackpot. The winnings are collected, and they are then instructed to move to other machines that have been identified.

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Data Entry: Data collected from Spotters are entered into computer systems which enable analysis to interpret probability and project trends. Fast and accurate data entry is required to allow for as close to “real time” information and reporting.

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Book Keeper: Revenue and expenses are carefully recorded to ensure performance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be accurately reported. Categorisation of cashflow is important to determine efficiency, leakage and financial health.

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Data Analyst: Subject Matter Experts provide analysis and input regarding how to use and interpret the available data. This includes using complex algorithms, understanding pokie machine logic, industry practices producing reports that enable decision making.

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Managers: Co-ordinating any company requires management that is disciplined, smart and efficient. This also applies to a company that runs gambling analytics to beat the pokie system.

3. Understand how Aussie Pokies work

Inter-linked and progressive driven by Random Number Generators

In Australia pokie machines can be linked across various locations. In doing so, the deposits that they collect from players can be pooled together to provide for a progressive (accumulative) jackpot. There are other details which dictate the size of the jackpot and prizes that can be issued, but in general: the more people are playing the pokies the bigger the potential winnings.

So how do they know when and where to play?

By gathering copious amounts of data, mathematicians are able to deduce the tipping point of winnings outweighing the outlay. It does not necessarily mean that the probability of winning has changed, but rather the jackpot size has made it worthwhile play. This is similar to an investor playing the stock market, who analyses return versus risk.

When the size of the jackpot has tipped over the point of making it worthwhile, Feeders are then instructed to play at particular machines which are linked to the prize pool and play until they hit the jackpot.

4. Capital

Playing pokies as a business is not for the faint hearted. A lot of capital is needed to keep the operations going.

Cashflow is a key metric of any business, and more so for businesses that need to expend cash to generate cash.

To replicate the sophisticated syndicate success, you will need to fork out salaries and wagers, fixed assets such as computer IT systems, communication systems, controls and security, transport and taxes (among many other things).

And if an error occurs with identifying winnable pokie machines, cash losses could stack up and collapse the entire operations.

As they say, “big risk could lead to big returns”.

5. Love Playing Pokies

If you don’t enjoy playing pokies then don’t attempt joining or building a pokie syndicate.

The cost of living is sky rocketing around the world, the global economy is looking bleak, and many people are experiencing financial pressure. The answer is not forming a pokies syndicate or joining one, especially if you find playing pokies boring.

Pokies is a game for entertainment, and developed such that players won’t win (in the long run). Yes, a sophisticated syndicate can beat the system, but if you don’t enjoy it, then the entire process will become boring and painful.

6. Know the law

Is it legal? Surprisingly, yes!

As long as the organisation is not using monies obtained through illegal activities, the operations of the company does not breach any legal requirements in Australia.

However, the laws in Australia are potentially changing. There is discussion of cashless pokie cards being proposed in NSW, and other states may also follow suit.

These changes to the industry need to be considered, because there may be a significant impact to an existing winning formula.


While you may think that there is no way of beating the pokies, well, true to the smartie pants in Australian society, if you can gather enough data, the odds of winning can be tipped into your favour.

Mind you, it will take a lot of effort, work and investment of time and money, but it appears to have been proven to be a profitable business in the current Australian gambling environment.

Who would have thought that?

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