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Want to be a better Baccarat Player?

Easy Baccarat hacks to help you play, win and enjoy more!

Baccarat is a table game that has blossomed in popularity over the recent years. Originally from Europe, it really took off in the hay days of Macau and became a favorite among Asians. Now it is also popular in the US and world wide.

Unfortunately there are many myths surrounding the optimal playing methods. But with applying these GambleDex Baccarat Hacks you will be able to play longer and enjoy more.

Let it be known, that there are no gambling methods that will guarantee you a win, short term and definitely not long term. Hence the objective of these Hacks are to extend your play time. If you are going to be playing then why not extend your bank roll as must as possible? Keep losses to a minimum and maximize your time. This translates to more fun and entertainment!

(When I re-read this paragraph it almost sounds like an ad for Viagra!)

In knowing the objectives, continuing reading for the Best 7 Hacks for Baccarat.

Hack 1. Don’t bet on a Tie bet!

The odds are terrible for Tie bets

Now repeat after me again and again…. Don’t bet on a Tie bet, Don’t bet on a Tie bet…… And keep repeating it until it becomes annoying to the person next to you. And then you can stop for a few seconds and start again.

To explain why, refer to the house edges for the three playing options in Baccarat below:

Bank = 1.06%
Player = 1.24%
Tie = 14.36%

As you can see, the Tie bet has by far the worst odds. At just over 14%, it is so bad, that you might as will be donating your money to the casino. When looking at the odds, it is clear to always bet on Bank. Betting on Player comes in at a very close second, nevertheless placing a bet on Bank will have the most success.

Hence, stay away from Tie bets. Even if you don’t understand the reason why, just don’t do it!

Hack 2. Play the Big and not the Mini

Mini Baccarat is the hare, Baccarat is the turtle

Now, I’m not implying that Baccarat is a Player’s game for winning when playing at a snail’s pace, you will still lose out in the long run. But it is fair to say it is much slower than Mini Baccarat, and therefore you will be able to extend your bank roll, which is great!

There are two major differences between Mini Baccarat and Baccarat that are NOT in favor of the Player, and they are:

  1. In Mini Baccarat, Players do not deal the cards, only the dealer.
  2. Mini Baccarat is played approximately twice as fast as Baccarat.

Mini Baccarat dealers are trained to turnover games as quickly as possible. With the dealer in control, a good dealer can play up to 120 hands per an hour! That’s 30 seconds per hand!

Whilst in Baccarat the Players can deal the cards, bend their cards, peek at the edges, and generally behave like Shakespeareans (which is awesome to watch). This reduces the number of hands in an hour to only 40!

We all know that the casino has the long term advantage, so playing slow, playing for fun is the way to go.

Hack 3. Play at a crowded table

The more people the better

One of the worst things to do when heading off to the casino for any table game, is to play alone. It could not be more conducive to losing. If you don’t want to be around people than don’t go in the first place. When playing in a crowd it is much more fun. You get to laugh and cry together, shout out loud when you win, and bellow with disappointment when you lose. Some may look at you weird, but others will join the fun. Even the dealers will appreciate it, they themselves would rather deal for a fun crowd than one that is placid.

More people will also slow down the rounds. There will be more chatter and slower turning of cards. This is what makes baccarat a fantastic game to play. The more fun with a crowd, the slower the games, the longer you play! It’s a win – win situation.

Hack 4. Go with the flow

Score trending is a myth but fun to play along with

Hack 4 can go hand in hand with Hack 3. More often than not, you will encounter superstitious players, especially when playing baccarat. Now, if you know that hot streaks are baloney, rather than trying to convince others, you just play along. That’s right, go with the flow and bet with the Banker when the flow is going.

Your fellow players will love your support and you get to build a great atmosphere, and not one that is fiercely belligerent because of opposing strategies.

Hack 5. Bet on Bank intermittently

This will subconsciously stretch out your play time and extend your bank roll

You know to bet on Bank and only on Bank (remember the mantra of Hack 1). But for some players this may seem a little bland. Too right! So bet intermittently on Bank. Take the occasional break and sit on the side and watch. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but for some of you this may require discipline and/or time to get used to.

If you are concerned that people will ask, and look down upon you condescendingly, you can politely say that you are going with scoring trends and waiting for a hot streak to begin (just like Hack 4).

With betting intermittently, you also get to play less games subconsciously. The less games the longer the play time. Hooray! 🙂

Hack 6. Low commission

Low commission rates increase your odds

This may seem very obvious, but of course the lower the commission rate the better the odds. On average, casinos charge a commission rate of 5% for winnings on the Bank. However, I have seen instances where the casino has reduced the commission rate to 4% and sometimes to a low of 3%.

Naturally, the lower the commission rate, the better the odds.

Hack 7. Small talk is big talk

Small talk is the aim of the game my friend. Yes, small talk can come across as big talk sometimes, but remember it’s all for the fun. Baccarat is very much a social game, so small talk is part of the norm. The more small talk the better, it provides a great form of entertainment, plus it helps slow the game down.


Baccarat is one of the best games for players, with the house edge only slightly in the casino’s favor. Having said that, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know the above 7 Hacks. Most important, remember Hack 1! Never, ever bet on a Tie bet. That in itself, is worth it’s weight in gold.

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