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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

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Want to be a better Casino Player?

Easy casino hacks to help you play, win and enjoy more!

Nowadays, going to the casino is becoming more popular than ever before. This is mostly due to the ever broadening forms of entertainment on offer. No longer simply the traditional table games in a room of drab décor with seedy men blowing smoke through their nostrils, you will now find a huge range of things to do. If you haven’t kept up with the times, here’s just a few things that are new:

  • Innovative electronic gaming machines that can allow you to play up to four table games at once, order drinks from your machine, play games of skill and some even allow you to pee next to the machine in privacy! (just kidding, we’re not quite there yet with technology).
  • Glamorous poker rooms that you can organize a party at. Yes, want to pretend you and your friends made it the last round of the WSOP. You can do it!
  • Sport entertainment centers with viewing screens that beats the shit out of sitting in the nose bleed section of a sports stadium. Live and up to date sport betting odds with easy to use betting terminals.
  • Adjoining luxurious accommodation, with some even offering family attractions (distractions?) such as bowling alleys, arcade rooms, and water slides!

Whatever your reason for deciding to head off to the casino, there are some important, easy hacks that you should take note of.

Don’t miss out on these easy hacks otherwise you will be kicking yourself. Read on!

Hack 1. Be in a positive frame of mind

Have you ever seen a person who has the shits, went to the casino, won a stack of money and then came back happy?

Well I haven’t, and if you have, please tell me who that lucky duck is. If you are in a bad frame of mind, don’t go to the casino. Only bad things can come about if you are angry or upset. You’re not thinking clearly and emotions may be running high. A few drinks then becomes trying to run dry the tap, and playing a few games leads to a “few” big bets. A bad frame of mind, can only lead to poor decision making.

If you are going to play, and intend to play and party hard, then play happy. Be in a good state of mind and play for the entertainment. You will make better decisions, you will know when to stop, and overall it will be a better experience.

Side note: if you are in a relationship, and it’s a bit rocky, don’t go to the casino. My friend broke up and got dumped at the casino…..

Hack 2. Not a side hustle

The gig economy is booming and everyone is looking for that side hustle. Don’t consider gambling as a side hustle.

The dawn of Uber, bicycle food delivery services, freelancing and many other side jobs has allowed many people to earn that extra income. Times are tough with near zero and in some countries negative interest rates, geo-political trade wars translating to the slowing down of economies, so having that extra income can be a necessity.

Just don’t think that you can gamble part time to earn that extra buck. Yes, you may have read about that girl from next door who practised playing online poker for several months, won a few tournaments, then went on to become the Grand Master of Poker in Wakanda. I have no doubt you can do it too, if you are a maths genius, have a psychology degree and balls of steel to call a bluff. Stick to being the Uber driver for those who are gambling as a side hustle.

Hack 3. Bring valid ID

You may think you look old, feel old, and are old BUT still bring your valid ID.

Often players head to the casino not knowing that ID’s will more than often be checked. Therefore, bring along with you ID and make sure it is VALID ID. Temporary ID’s issued usually won’t be accepted. Damaged and/or unclear ID also usually won’t be accepted.

The last thing you want is to travel all the way to the casino, with a bunch of family and friends, and you are the only one that cannot be accepted in.

Hack 4. Check the minimum age

Before heading off to the casino either by yourself or with the family check the minimum age.

Don’t just check the minimum age for playing on the gaming floor, but also if there are age requirements for dining at the restaurants, entering the swimming pool, and even simply getting through minimum age routes to get to the family areas. You will be surprised how often families are deeply disappointed when they are informed the pool are is for 21 years or older; or you need to be over 18 to simply walk through the gaming floor to get to the restaurant.

So make sure you meet the minimum age, and make sure that your family and friends meet the minimum age for all areas of the casino / hotel that you plan on entering.

Hack 5. Bring cash only

Have it on you before arriving at the casino, ATM fees will kill you.

If you are planning on withdrawing money from the ATM at the casino, don’t do it! You will lose so much on that withdrawal from fees and charges that you will break Hack 1. Being in a positive frame of mind.

Bringing cash before hand therefore will help preserve Hack 1. and can also keep you within your budget. But I hear you saying, “I can take money out by going to see the Cage Cashier and avoid the fees”. Yes, you can and often there will be a long line with the deliberate intention of steering you to use the ATM out of convenience. But this convenience will cost you.

Hence, bring cash before hand to avoid unnecessary fees and to keep you within your budget.

Hack 6. Don’t miss out on the perks

Don’t leave the table when the card deck is being shuffled.

What it not most commonly known is that when the card decks are being shuffled, that is when most of the comp drinks come out. Why? Because it’s an opportune time to order – you are waiting chit chatting with other players. There’s not much else to be done.

Hence, try to take your toilet break while play is in action, unless of course you are busting (a pun for those blackjack players).

Hack 7. Smokey clothes and gas masks

Non Smokers be prepared

Get ready and plan for all you non smokers. I too am a non smoker, and I hate the smell of smoke. Not all casinos, unfortunately, have a non smokers section, and if they do they fail on two fronts.

The first is that it’s not really a non smokers section. They have an area for non smokers, but the smokers on the table next to it, are huffing and puffing like a steam train that the smoke carries over to the non smoker’s area. Unless it is clearly and definitely closed off, then be prepared for some smoke.

The second is that the non smokers area is small. Limited games is the biggest bug bear for non smokers. So, before heading out to the casino, if you are a non smoker, it might be worthwhile to check out the casino reviews.

Consideration must also be given to the ventilation system. If the ventilation is poor, no matter how far away you are from the smokers section, the presence of smoke will be there. Your clothes will become smokey and you will walk out smelling like a cigarette. Be prepared by wearing clothes that you don’t mind become filled with the latest eau de toilette – The Essence of Smoke by Chanel.


Going to the casino should be fun and enjoyable. These 7 hacks should keep you on the road to happiness when playing at the casino. Of course, some casinos may have different rules and therefore not all of the hacks may apply. But in general, the majority of casinos would fit the use.

We hope you enjoyed reading through these 7 casino hacks.

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