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There is a strong moral presence in Utah which translates to strong conservative values. Along with Hawaii, Utah is one of the strictest states in the US for gambling.

All gambling is prohibited in the state of Utah and therefore it ranks as the strictest state in the US alongside Hawaii. And although a separate pact was created for native American land title across the US which permits native American casinos to operate legally irrespective of the state law, Utah has no native American land title that operates a casino to speak of.

There are no horse and greyhound venues to gamble on and none are permitted anyway. Pari mutual gambling is prohibited.

Although, quite common in other US states, there are no state lottery or federal lottery offered. The state does not participate in Mega Millions or Powerball.

All forms of online gambling are illegal. Online poker, casino games, slots, bingo and sports betting are not offered.

Sports betting remains illegal and not in debate irrespective of the change in legalization occurring in many of the other US States.

Being an extremely conservative state, there is very little political will to change gambling laws in Utah. We anticipate that Utah will remain in the status quo for the foreseeable future.

We’ve created a short list of the best Utah online casinos to play at. Our compilation is a summary of playing and reviewing many online casinos that accept players from Utah.

Top 10 Utah Casinos Online

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Most Popular – Vegas Casino Online

Utah Online Casinos 6

One of the most popular Utah Online Casinos is Vegas Casino Online. It consistently ranks in the top 10 as most play among Utah players. It offers a complete package of quality betting, rewards and bonus, banking options and professional customer support.

As a leading online casino, it has a lengthy history of being safe and secure dating back to 1999 (no other online casino has the same longevity of Vegas Casino Online).

Whilst Vegas Casino Online dispenses with the novel themes unlike other casinos, it demonstrates its quality with real gambling games in partnering RealTime Gaming.

Banking options include cryptocurrencies – bitcoin, ethereum, litcoin and USDT, and all the big name credit cards – Mastercard, VISA, Amex and JCB.

The Welcome Bonus is quite good, as well as mobile gaming and direct from browser play available.

It’s understandable why Vegas Casino Online is one of the most popular for Utah players.

Best Live Casino – Las Vegas USA

Utah Online Casinos 7

Playing at land based casinos are non existent in Utah, but with Live Casinos you can experience Las Vegas game play. The best live casinos are continuously improving their quality through partnerships with top live casino operators. The two leading Live Casino providers are Visionary iGaming (VIG) and Fresh Deck Studios. Though there are only two major players, VIG is by far the largest and has the greatest available tables and dealers to choose from.

Accordingly, the best live casino is Las Vegas USA. A top notch live casino provider that has integrated well with VIG. The streaming is exemplary and has features that extend beyond even what a Las Vegas casino can provide.

Choose Las Vegas USA if you want to play at the best Live Casino.

Best Slot Games – Slots Plus Casino

Utah Online Casinos 8

The best slot games can be found at Slots Plus Casino. A no nonsense online casino that doesn’t fluff around with gimmicky graphics and several layers of marketing. Instead, Slots Plus Casino shows the best online slots for you to play, and even test for free – no deposit and even no player account required.

But that’s not all. If you want to try table games, live casino or even niche games, Slots Plus Casino also has them.

The most attractive aspect is the match bonus of up to 400%. It’s a great bonus for those who love playing slots.

Choose Slots Plus Casino for the best slot games.

Editor’s Favorite – Las Atlantis

Utah Online Casinos 9

Among the top 10 online casinos for Utah, it’s difficult to select one that stands out. They are all very good, and each has their own special features that makes playing slots, table games, live casino and bingo extremely fun and exciting.

However, I particularly like Las Atlantis for its niche games that includes Fish Table shooting. A game that combines skill and lucky to earn huge jackpots.

In addition, Live Blackjack is one of the best games to play with its good player odds. I can play for hours on end, with the benefit of a Welcome Pack of 280% up to $14,000 that is awesome for big players.

My favorite casino is Las Atlantis.

Our featured best Utah casino sites are judged against criteria that players often overlook. It may not appear important to players who have been lucky enough to avoid poor online casinos, but to those who have had the misfortune of picking an online casino that is bad, they will understand the core aspects that define a top online casino.

How to determine a top Utah Online Casino

There are many aspects that can be used to judge whether an online casino ranks highly or not. Understandably, some players are unique and are searching for niche gaming features; but in general there are several core features that make an online casino be considered as one of the best for Utah players.

We discuss them in detail to provide an understanding of how we created our list.

Play at Safe, Secure and Trustworthy Sites

Many online purchases require the confidence and knowledge that the vendor is safe, secure and trustworthy. It is hard for any individual to know whether a particular vendor can be truly trusted, hence the need for review sites. The best Utah online casinos that we recommend are all safe to play at. They legitimately offer real money gaming. They have the real chance to win jackpots, and fantastic prizes, in addition they honor withdrawals and respond quickly, transparently to any issues.

Selecting a site that honors a real money gambling experience is paramount in defining a good casino to play at.

Game Design, Play and Variety

Any gamer is looking for quality. Whether playing solitaire to online blackjack – game design, how it plays and variety are key criteria. An online casino that offers great game design is a joy to play at. Game design creates engagement and enjoyment. Game developers understand this, hence they spend many hours in design.

They also understand that playing a game that glitches is extremely frustrating. Game play that is smooth and intuitive is imperative for ranking a good casino site.

Finally, most players are looking for variety. Players like to play particular game types such as slots, blackjack, roulette etc, however within these types they like to have variety. Slots is a great example, whereby there are many themes, graphics and design. Slot players are searching for variety, but at the same time have their favorites. If an online casino doesn’t have their favorites because of a narrow gaming selection, then it can’t be a good casino to play at.

Utah Online Gambling

If you want to gamble online in Utah, be aware of the risks that are involved (which are very minor). Online gambling is illegal and there have been instances of law enforcement pressing forward with charges for online casino operators within the State. However, these charges have been rare and far between. In addition all charges were against illegal gambling den operators. As a player, there have been no reported instances of being charged by law enforcement.

Utah ranks as the 35th highest number of players for offshore online casinos. Wagering an estimated $5 million per year, it ranks just above Nebraska and behind New Hampshire. The state with the largest wagering for offshore online casino is California at $180 million.

The fact that Utah ranks quite highly for online gambling is surprising for many, given the prohibitive gambling laws in the state. However, it’s indicative of how ambiguous online gambling laws are.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Although DFS in many states has been legalized (or falls in legal limbo), Utah laws categorically prohibits DFS.

Charitable Gambling

In most states there is recognition of charitable gambling which often includes bingo, raffles, prizes etc. But in Utah this is deemed as illegal.

Sports betting

Sports betting by local sportbooks remains steadfast illegal. A strong history of anti-gambling laws shows no signs of change from the status quo. Offshore online sports betting remains lawful to Utah residents.

State Lottery

There is no state lottery in Utah. Only one of two States, the other being Hawaii with no state lottery.

Gambling Devices

All forms of gambling devices are illegal in Utah. These laws are regularly enforced and charges will be applied if caught. Slot machines, card tables and other gambling apparatus found in possession is illegal and lead to charges of misdemeanor and felony.

A Lawyer’s Opinion

Nearly all forms of gambling are strictly prohibited in the state of Utah, including online gambling, casinos, race betting, poker, social gaming, and games with friends. Given the state’s strong religious community, it is unlikely the law will change any time soon. See Utah Code § 76-10-1101 et seq.; Utah Code § 4-38-1 et seq.

Sports Betting: Online betting on fantasy sports is legal in Utah, permitting FanDuel, DraftKings and others to operate within the state so long as they follow the regulations on operation. General sportsbook making, however, remains prohibited. Individuals who wish to make online sportsbooks, thus, must do so through platforms operating outside of the state.

Race Betting: All forms of race betting is prohibited in the state of Utah. Thus, individuals who wish to make race wagers must do so through platforms operating outside of the state.

Online Gambling: Online gambling, including participation in poker rooms, is not permitted in the state of Utah. Even land-based poker games and charitable events are not permitted. Thus, individuals wishing to participate in online gambling, including poker and other such games of skill, must place bets online through platforms operating outside of the state. Given the state’s strict stance on gambling, it is unlikely it will be one of the first to permit its online counterparts.

Online Gaming: Skill games are not permitted. Thus, individuals who wish to pay games such as Bedazzled must do so through platforms operating outside of the state.


The information in this multi-state research is made available by a licensed, U.S. attorney, and is for informational purposes only. We make no representations that the information is complete or correct in its entirety. It should not be construed as providing specific legal advice, and you acknowledge that no attorney/client relationship exists between us. This brief should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed gambling and entertainment lawyer in your state.

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Is it legal to gamble online in Utah?

No. Online gambling in the state of Utah is illegal but not strictly enforced.

Are gambling laws enforced in Utah?

In the past ten years there have been seven reports incidences of law enforcement charging illegal gambling operators with class B misdemeanor actions. There has been no reported instance of an online gambler being charged.

Will I get caught for playing at Utah online casinos?

Highly unlikely that you will be charged for playing at an online casino. Law enforcement agencies are disinterested with monitoring player activity, but rather gambling operator related activity.

Can I trust online casinos offered in Utah?

There are no local online casino operators in Utah. There are only offshore online casino operators, of which you can trust the large, established big brands. GambleDex recommends the big brand names of online casinos: Bovada, Slots.lv and Vegas Casino Online.

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