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Utah has one of the most restrictive gambling laws across all US States. It ranks in the top 2, along side Hawaii, with prohibited gambling. Surprisingly Utah has many players at online casinos, indicating that there is huge popularity in the state.

In 2019, Utah online casinos had players turning over $7 million in wagering. This includes online bingo which has grown in popularity significantly over the many years.

Bingo historically grew in prominence after the World War II. Bingo parlors begun to appear in many US States, Utah included. But in the 80’s to 2000’s, its popularity begun to wane. A generational gap associated with old grannies game, persisted until surprisingly in the late 2000’s its online presence start to attract online players, in particular young women who are adept with social apps.

Utah Online Bingo

Utah has a growing online bingo community with now a wide demographic of players. Without any legal land based forms of gambling, online bingo is a very attractive game to play. In particular because bingo is a “soft” form of gambling, the social aspect is very appealing.

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Top 3 Utah Bingo Sites

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In today’s world online bingo sites offer the most advanced chat features. These features are comparable to the quality of any social app. Intuitive, easy to use yet extremely powerful, new players are pleasantly surprised with the ability to win jackpots, great prizes and have a fun time socially interact as well.

Utah Bingo Parlors

There are only a handful of bingo diners in Utah. With this handful we review the top 3, for our readers to enjoy.

Breaking Bingo

Breaking BingoWith their motto “Award winning bar bingo that doesn’t suck” what more is there to say? These guys really rock! Funny, hilarious – you could not ask for a better night out. Theo is a comedian that will keep the night rolling. On top of that the bingo pot can grow up to $2,100! The beer is cheap, the food is tasty and the dancers are wonderful.

Enjoy Bingo at Breaking Bingo!

Annie’s Diner and Bingo Club

4151 South Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, Utah

Been around for many years, a smallish diner with free bingo cards. The location can be a little out of the way, however, if you’re looking for a simple fun night out, just chilling with nice diner food and bingo on the side, then come to Annie’s Diner and Bingo Club.

Riverdale Dinner and Bingo

4510 S 900 W, Ogden 84405

Smallish venue, cozy with engaging hosts. Really good times and great dinner food. Have the chance to win great jackpots and prizes.

Bingo Gambling Laws

State gambling laws in Utah are one of the most prohibitive across all US States. Since Utah’s formation in the 1920’s, Utah has always had laws which declared gambling as illegal.

The Utah Code 76-10-1101 defines the term “gambling”.

Bingo unfortunately is defined as a game that is gambling. However, there are a few bingo venues, whom have been able to circumnavigate the bingo laws. The “loop hole”, is that bingo venues coexist with a restaurant. Therefore you will often find bingo venues with the name “Diner” within it.

Utah bingo gambling laws aren’t as rigorously enforced as other forms of gambling. Just recently, laws were passed by both the House and Senate to declare unregulated slot machines as illegal. Bingo however remains available at diners and also via online.



Can I play online bingo in Utah?

Although Utah has one of the most prohibitive of State gambling laws, there are bingo diners that offer bingo with their meals. In addition, there are online bingo sites that accept players from Utah.

What online bingo sites accept Players from Utah?

There are three highly recommended bingo sites to play at. BingoSpirit, BingoFest and CyberBingo. These three bingo sites, have the most advanced features, excellent chat functionality, and great prizes and jackpots to be won.

What is the minimum age to play online bingo?

The minimum age to play online bingo is 18.

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