Double Delight Hat-trick Heaven

Double Delight Hat-trick Heaven (DDHH) is an excellent offer with big profit potential.

This article explains how to use matched betting to profit from DDHH.

DDHH is available on selected football matches with Betfred. Other bookmakers may offer variants of DDHH with their own specific terms.

DDHH basics

BACKING: Find the ‘first goalscorer’ market bet at Betfred for a particular match. Then, place a first goalscorer bet.

LAYING: Place a lay bet on your player in the “first goalscorer” market at the exchange.

If your player scores the first goal of the match, then scores another goal, the bookmaker will pay out at double the odds. This is Double Delight or DD.

If your player scores a hat-trick, you get paid out at treble odds. This is Hat-trick Heaven or HH.

For example, a winning first goalscorer bet at 2/1:

This offer has excellent long-term profit potential. But there will be qualifying losses until DDHH triggers. So, you need patience and a long-term mindset.

You need a solid bankroll in place to handle the variance.

DDHH strategy

Place a first goalscorer bet on one a selected match.

Look for a close gap between the back and lay odds.

For positive expected value (EV+) bets, stick to a maximum 20% qualifying loss of your total stake. You would expect to profit over the long-term.

For example, a £25 stake, your qualifying loss should not exceed £5.

A benchmark is within one point between the back and lay odds. Say 4.0/4.6, 5.5/6.0, and so on.

Backing £25 on 5.5/6.0, the back bet would return £112.50 if your selection scores first. So, lay £22.50 at 6.0 odds at Smarkets for liability of £112.50.

Now let’s look at some possible outcomes:

  1. Your player does not score first £3 qualifying loss, which includes £2.50 loss and £0.50 Smarkets commission on your winning lay bet.
  2. Player scores first but doesn’t score again – No loss since your losing lay bet cancels out the £112.50 winning bet.
  3.  If your player scores first and then scores second, you’ve made £112.50 profit. So, if the player completes the hat-trick, the total profit is £225.

This DDHH method is +EV, if not risk free.

You will incur qualifying losses until DDHH triggers. But, DDHH is mathematically sound over the long-term with a sensible betting strategy.

There is no minimum or maximum stake for DDHH, but Betfred pays out bonus winnings up to £6,000 per match.

DDHH tips

Preparation: Make a list of DDHH qualifying games. Then, check the odds one hour before kick-off when the exchange lay odds may become favourable. Use to check team news.

Use shopsPlace your DDHH bets in Betfred betting shops. They can be slow to cut first goalscorer odds.

Underlay: Consider laying less than a standard lay at the exchange. If your player scores first but doesn’t score again, the underlay lowers your qualifying loss.

Don’t chase the profit: Stick to a 20% qualifying loss benchmark for each bet. Do not alter your strategy because you think a particular player might score lots of goals. The odds reflect the chance of a player scoring first.

DDHH success

Some great examples of DDHH triggering over the years include:


In conclusion, Double Delight Hat-trick Heaven is not risk-free matched betting. But, it is worth taking a close odds match for a chance at a bumper payout.

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