Online Fish Table Games – Win Real Money

Online Fish Table Games - Win Real Money 7

Use your skill and luck to catch fish and win real money!

There are many US players searching for the best table fish games everyday, both online and at landbased casinos. It has become increasingly popular to play fish gambling games, due to the greater opportunity to win real money based on skill. Yes, luck is still involved, because that mega jackpot that lies hidden behind a big fish kill is still random just like playing slot games. But at least, the better the player, the better the chances of landing the big one!

Playing Online Fish Tables Games is a fun way to win real money, with the convenience of playing from home. Select your shooter, and catch some fish! Aim carefully and boom, you can hit the jackpot!

Online fish games are an extension of the popular fish table games that are found in many gambling venues. With the explosion of online gambling, players are turning to the online version of fish table games.

You can find several trusted online casinos offer fish table games paying out real money. These casinos offer rewarding Welcome Bonuses and Promotions for new sign ups and regular players.

Online fish table games are really simple. They are accessible on various playing devices, signing up is fast and easy, and are super fun!

So what are you waiting for!

Let’s get started with guiding you through the various fish games, how to play and win, tips and tricks, and of course which are the best fish table gaming sites.

Top 4 Fish Table Game Casinos

240% + 45 FS
Welcome Bonus

Online Fish Table Games are gaining in popularity in the USA. These games are cleverly designed so that anyone can easily play. But, it’s not as boring as slots whereby you just press a button. Fish Table Games are a lot more interactive and it requires both skill and luck. Even if you are not a real life fish fan, you will still enjoy it. The game is truly loads of fun.

We review the online casino sites for playing fish table games. These sites are trusted, have excellent Welcome Bonuses, and accept players from around the US.

#1 Las Atlantis Casino

Online Fish Table Games - Win Real Money 8

As the name suggests, Las Atlantis is the king of the fish games. Vibrant, fresh and eye catching, the water world is brought to life. You will find their most popular fish table game – Fish Catch – in their Specialty game section. Extending beyond Fish Catch you will find other great ocean themed games to choose from. Others can be found in Specialty section, but also in the Slots category.

New players who sign up can enjoy one of the largest Welcome Bonus packages, a whopping $14,000

#2 Red Dog Casino

Online Fish Table Games - Win Real Money 9

Red Dog Casino is one of the best for US Players. It has an intuitive layout, a great variety of games that are fun, interactive with the chance of winning real money. Go to their Specialty game section to find their fish table games. They too offer Fish Catch, which is supported by RealTime Gaming.

New players who sign up can enjoy a Welcome Bonus package of $12,250.

#3 El Royale Casino

Online Fish Table Games - Win Real Money 10

This is by far one of the most popular online casinos for online casino games in general, not just for Fish Table games. With a Speak Easy backdrop, players can enjoy brilliant state of the art designed games.

Though the Welcome Bonus package is slightly lower than Las Atlantis, El Royale is a very good choice for playing Fish Table Games.

#4 Slots Empire Casino

Online Fish Table Games - Win Real Money 11

A Roman themed online casino that accepts US Players. Slots Empire’s Welcome Bonus package of $12,000 is also slightly behind Las Atlantis and Red Dog, but the difference is not large. In fact, we highly recommend Slot Empire for the broader range of game selection, if you want to play other fish themed games.

Table Fish games can be found in their Specialty game section.

Popular Online Fish Table Games

There are several popular online fishing tables that are currently attracting players around the world. Online Fish Gambling Games are so easy to play, that it crosses cultures. Not only are they popular in the US and Canada, but also in South East Asian countries – particularly Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

There’s also no language barrier to overcome, such as communication with a dealer. It many ways, it’s similar to slot games, but instead the player gets to shoot at their choice of fish. Its very fun and exciting, with the opportunity of winning real money.

Best Online Fish Table Game – Fish Catch

The most popular Fish Table Game is Fish Catch by RealTime Gaming. Fish Catch is a beautifully graphic designed interactive game, that immerses players into the world of catching fish. Choose your weapon, get your ammunition and start shooting! Hit the fish as many times as possible to capture them. Obtain the Power Ups and Multipliers and avoid the blockers.

It’s a brilliant game that will bring hours of entertainment, plus the chance to win real money.

Free Online Fish Table Game | Play and Practice

Want to try and test out the game first? Give this Online Free Fish Catch Game a go, and shoot those fish! Hone your skills, and have fun with seeing what you can win.

How To Play Online Fish Table Games

Even though this isn’t your typical real money online slot game, playing is very easy.

When you shoot, you can choose how much to wager. Each shot can be as low as $0.01 or as high as $2.50 (depending on your weapon selection). By shooting a fish, you could get lucky and win multiples of what you have wagered.

Generally, the bigger and slower the fish, the lower winning values. While the smaller and faster fish have higher values.

Concentrate and aim accurately. The game also needs a bit of luck, because each fish has an undisclosed winning value. You just never know which fish, will hit the jackpot!

There are also lucky free shots to be won. And you can win promotional side prizes and free spins when you land on Bet Multipliers.

Online Fish Games offer plenty of bonus features and chances to win real money. Follow our simple guide and dive into the underwater world to catch as many fish as possible.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Select a Trusted Online Casino – Choose from our list of trusted online casinos and sign up.
  2. Go to the Specialty section – Here you find fish table games to choose from.
  3. Choose your fish weapon – To catch fish, you can use different types of weapons, this also determines your wagering amount.
  4. Catch the fish – Aim your weapon and shoot at the fish. The more times you hit the same fish, the higher the chance of catching it.
  5. Power Ups – Try and find fish that will give you Power Ups. This will increase the power of your weapon, making it easier to catch fish.
  6. Bet Multipliers – Try and find fish that will give you Multiply your winnings. These Bet Multipliers give more “strength” to your weapon.
  7. Game balance – When you catch fish your game balance will be credited with the fish value.
  8. Real Money, Cash Prizes and Jackpots – Start playing fish table games to for your chance to win real money. You can earn cash prizes, including progressive jackpots.

Fish Table Games on Mobile Devices

Playing Fish Table Games could never be any easier. At our recommended online casinos, you can directly play Catch Fish through there mobile site. There is no need to download any app, because the mobile casino site has been optimized for every device size.

HTML5 coding has enable iGaming providers to provide the best of gaming through web browsers. Play hassle free, smoothly, and with the same rich feature on mobile devices via browsers.

Fish Table Games are compatible on Android, iOS, iPad, Tablets, Desktop, PC and Windows.

Quick Tips

What’s the secret to winning fish shooting games? Try the valuable tips and strategies below to help you win more with online fish tables.

Tip 1: Aim and Concentrate

Practice a few times on the free demo. Fish Table Games require you to shoot true (which actually isn’t too hard). The more you hit the fish, the better chance of winning. So, practice and focus on hitting the fish.

Tip 2: Complete the Catch

If you have hit a fish several times, but it has yet to be captured, aim to finish it off. You want to not waste hitting the fish several times without banking the fish value to your game balance.

Tip 3: Big Guns Catch Big Fish

Though big guns use up higher value bullets, these will enable you to catch more and higher value fish.

Tip 4: Know your Fish Value

Fish, sharks, mermaids and other fish types have different values and different degrees of catching. Make sure you know which ones are easy and harder to catch and their values.

About Online Fish Table Games

Online Fish Table Games - Win Real Money 12

Physical Fish Table Games were the OG of fish games. They were created as real tables with the video game inbuilt into the table. Players would sit around the table and view the fish through the screen on the table. Around the table would be chairs where players could sit on. From there, players can control the weapons with side panel buttons and joy-sticks, taking aim and shooting the fish. The fish would swim around to all corners of the table screen, allowing all players on all sides of the table to participate.

Players would need to physically deposit coins into the fish table machine, whereby their game balance would be credited. Upon winning, players could cash out for prizes.

When the internet was created, online casino games become extremely popular. These first games were mostly traditional casino table games and slots, such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

Since then, specialty games have burgeoned including translating Fish Table Games to online play.

The popularity of a skill based game, such as Fish Catch, demonstrates how enjoyable and fun online fishing games can be.


Can I play online fish table games for real money?

Yes you can. There are several good online fish game sites that you can wager to win real money.

Can US players legally play at real money online fish games?

It is legal for US players to play at online fish games for real money. You will find that there are several good online sites that accept US players.

How do I win at fish table games?

Its simple to win at fish table games. Aim and shoot the fish! Each fish has a value, so make sure you go for the big ones, and try and avoid the annoying ones that get in the way. The more you shoot, the more you win! Happy fishing! - Copyright 2018-2023