Matched Betting Shop Offers: The Complete Guide

Wanting to find the best Betting Shop Offers in the UK?

Read our guide and make the most of these great betting opportunities.

Matched Betting Shop Offers: The Complete Guide 1

Entering a Betting Shop can be seen as a bit old school, however you may be surprised that there are some really good match betting offers out there which can boost your profits. While some may see this as an inconvenience, it’s a great opportunity to make better bets and also to excercise as well!

So why not, go out to a physical betting shop and place a few bets to take advantage of matched betting opportunities.

In this article we detail the best betting shop offers and concessions. Keep in mind, all offers are subject to change.

Last updated January 2024.

William Hill Betting Shops

In the UK, William Hill betting shops are popular for betting on sports like horse racing, football, and other sports.

When you go into a William Hill shop, you’ll find different services for betting on these sports.

They have special areas where you can fill out your betting slips, which show the details of your chosen bets and how much you’re betting. Some shops even let you watch live sports events right there.

William Hill also has self-service terminals called “ODDS ON!” where you can place bets by yourself, check odds, and manage your selections for various sports.

These shops often have comfortable seating, special promotions, and friendly staff to help you with your bets. You can use cash for your bets, and they have cashier counters to make it easy.

William Hill betting shops provide a traditional setting for sports betting in the UK, offering a range of sports for enthusiasts to enjoy.

In terms of Matched Betting offers, you will find excellent ways to profit and enjoy a few perks.

William Hill Plus Card

The William Hill Plus Card brings exclusive perks for in-store betting.

With their in-shop betting terminals known as SSBTs, customers using the Plus card can take advantage of a special offer.

By placing a £20 football bet with minimum odds of 2.0 on the SSBT between Friday 0000hrs and Monday 2359hrs each week, bettors become eligible for a £5 free bet.

This free bet is delivered via text message on the following Friday.

It’s important to note that the availability of this offer may vary, and it’s recommended to check with your local William Hill shop for specific details.

This initiative enhances the betting experience, providing additional benefits for loyal customers using both the Plus Card and in-shop facilities.

This offer seems to vary in availability. Please check your local shop for details.

Here’s a guide:

  1. Ask the shop staff to register you for a Plus card. Provide a mobile number when registering.
  2. Load £20 cash on to the SSBT.
  3. Change the odds from fractional to decimal in the top-right “Settings” menu.
  4. Look for a football selection at odds of 2.0+. Compare to Betfair exchange lay odds on your smartphone. Look for a 2.1/2.2 match or similar, i.e. back and lay odds within 0.1.
  5. Place a £20 qualifying bet at odds of 2.0+, then immediately scan your Plus card against the Wireless icon on the SSBT. This registers your bet on the system.
  6. Then, lay £19 on your selection at Smarkets. Your qualifying loss is around £1.
  7. You will receive a £5 free bet via text message on the following Friday.
  8. To use your ¬£5 free bet, scan the barcode of your Plus card against the SSBT to activate your ¬£5 free bet.¬† The terms state that free bets are for in-play markets, but I’ve always used pre-match selections.
  9. Use your £5 free bet on a high odds selection (5.0+). Lay circa £3 at the exchange for a couple of pounds risk-free profit.

Paddy Power Betting Shops

Paddy Power is a well-known name in the UK betting scene that goes beyond standard offers with its unique promotions.

In their betting shops, they provide excellent Matched Betting deals, such as money-back offers on horse racing and refunds on football bets.

These special promotions add an extra layer of value for bettors who enjoy wagering on horse races or football matches.

Paddy Power’s is a top-notch betting shop that offers unique incentives that allow bettors to win more.

Paddy Power Horse Racing Refunds

Horse racing refunds are plentiful in Paddy shops.

These include offers such as ‘Refund if 2nd to SP favourite’, ‘refund if 2nd to a bigger priced horse.

All refunds are as a free bet up to £20 per race.

Other key terms: selected races only, generally minimum 5 runners.

Look for an arb or a close odds match, and a race with a clear favourite. See the guide for Refund if 2nd to SP favourite.

Best Odds Guaranteed

Paddy offers BOG on all UK and Irish horse racing.

Back and lay arbs or straight odds matches such as 4.0/4.0 or 6.0/6.0.

Then, hope the starting price of your horse drifts in the market for a risk-free extra payout.

Paddy Power “refund if” football offers

Paddy offers a “refund as a free bet” if a certain outcome occurs.

For example, if a specific team wins, or if a certain player scores in a match. Paddy Power “refund if” explains in full detail.

2up You Win

Paddy Power in-shop betting machines offer the famous 2up offer.

Back a team to win (the draw does not qualify) in the Match Odds (1X2) market on the betting machines.

If your selection goes two goals up, Paddy will payout regardless of the final result.

Available on selected competitions РEnglish Premier League, Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League. Maximum payout £2,500 per match.

Paddy Power ACCA insurance 

Paddy’s midweek or weekend quickslip coupons are useful for EV+.

Try value mug bets, shop arbing or ACCA insurance – both No-Lay and Lay All at Start methods (min odds 1.33 per ACCA leg).

Hint: Paddy offers poor odds on football coupon prices, so stick to no-lay accumulators.

Betfred Betting Shops

Betfred Betting Shops is one of the go-to destinations for high street betting.

There are numerous betting opportunities and exclusive offers, giving you the opportunity to win more with Betfred.

Betfred Shops offer some of the best value odds at the high end of town.

So if you intend to lay big money, look first at Betfred Betting Shops.

Betfred Pushes

Betfred offers industry-leading price boosts on Saturday mornings between 0930 and 1100hrs.

Look for arbitrage opportunities to lock in a few pounds profit.

Timings shift during major horse racing festivals. Mid-morning 1000 to 1030hrs and 1200 to 1230hrs lunchtime.

Betfred offers price boosts on daily selected Best Odds Guaranteed meetings (check in-shop posters).

This can offer a risk-free chance to hit some extra winnings if your horse wins at a higher price than you bet at.

Check out our Betfred pushes guide.

Betfred 2clearandcollect

Betfred 2clearandcollect is a special promotion available in Betfred betting shops.

It involves a printed football coupon that works similarly to the “2up” offers from Paddy Power and Bet365, but exclusive to Betfred retail locations.

Here’s how it works:

If the football team you bet on manages to go two goals clear at any point during the match but doesn’t end up winning, your back bet still pays out.

In simpler terms, even if your chosen team doesn’t secure a victory after establishing a two-goal lead, you can still collect your winnings.

However, it’s worth noting that prices for 2clearandcollect selections are often considered poor value and can be adjusted quickly.

For the best chance at favorable odds, we recommend to check them on Saturday morning or one hour before the match kicks off.

This promotion adds an extra layer of security for football bettors, offering the opportunity to win even if the selected team doesn’t ultimately emerge victorious.

Coral Betting Shops

Coral Betting Shops, now a part of the Ladbrokes Coral group, is taking a strong position in the UK betting landscape.

With a shared sports trading team between the two companies, Coral is known for its longstanding reputation and comprehensive sports betting offerings.

Coral Connect offers

One great feature is the Coral Connect loyalty card, which provides customers with valuable bonuses.

The specific promotions available may vary based on your location. Keep an eye out for these offers, such as “Bet X amount to earn a free bet,” boosting your overall betting account for Coral bettors.

Ladbrokes Betting Shops

Ladbrokes Betting Shops, as one of the biggest betting companies and a high street mainstay in the UK, offer a quality and reliable platform for sports enthusiasts.

With a long history and a strong presence, Ladbrokes is known for offering a wide selection of betting options and competitive odds.

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer, Ladbrokes Betting Shops delivers a straightforward and enjoyable betting experience with a range of sports markets and convenient in-shop services.

Ladbrokes ACCA insurance

Ladbrokes offers a fantastic betting opportunity known as ACCA insurance, particularly useful for football match odds and ACCA (accumulator) insurance coupons.

This service provides a safety net for ACCA bets, offering a form of insurance in case one leg of the accumulator doesn’t come through.

This can be advantageous for football enthusiasts who enjoy placing multiple bets on different matches, making it especially appealing for those involved in sharbing, which involves exploiting price differentials between bookmakers.

Also, Ladbrokes occasionally offers price boosts, such as “team A to win and over 3.5 goals.” While some of these boosts may offer arbitrage opportunities, others may have less value.

It’s important to keep an eye on these promotions, as they can provide a chance to enhance your potential winnings or discover new betting opportunities.

Best Odds Guaranteed

Ladbrokes offers a special feature called Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) for horse racing fans, exclusively available for bettors holding “The Grid” loyalty card.

With BOG, if you place a bet on a horse and the starting price (SP) is higher than the odds you took when you placed the bet, Ladbrokes will pay you out at the higher SP.

This exclusive benefit is provided every day and applies to selected horse racing meetings.

However, it’s important to note that BOG is specifically available for bettors who have “The Grid” loyalty card.

For those who love betting on horse racing, Ladbrokes’ BOG ensures that you get the best possible odds, offering added value to your bets.

It’s worth keeping an eye on Ladbrokes’ horse racing prices, especially around lunchtime on Saturdays, as their prices might offer arbitrage opportunities or be close to arbitrage opportunities during that time.

Self-Service Betting Terminals

As stated above, when you’re placing bets at Paddy Power using the self-service betting terminals, also known as betting machines, there’s a handy feature called 2up offer that you can take advantage of.

These machines can be great for taking advantage of special offers.

Make sure to look for football Matchday Specials, as well as markets for goalscorers and outright bets.

You might find some excellent odds that could enhance your betting advantage.

It’s a convenient way to engage with various betting markets and potentially boost your chances of winning.


While visiting a physical betting shop may seem a bit old-fashioned, it offers surprising opportunities to benefit from some great matched betting offers that can boost your profits.

Though there is a perception of inconvenience, it’s a chance to make better bets.

So, why not enter a traditional physical betting shop and place a few bets to take advantage of matched betting opportunities?

We’ve covered the best betting shop offers to take full advantage of bookmaker concessions.

Feel free to explore the matched betting opportunities provided by well-known betting shops like William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfred, Coral, and Ladbrokes.

Each of these shops have their own set of benefits and promotions, making your betting more rewarding.

Remember, keep an eye on the latest updates, and happy betting!

Useful links

Coral Connect Card – Direct link to Coral website. With details of shop locations and promotions.


What is a Betting Shop?

A betting shop is a place where bettors can go to place bets on various sports events, including horse racing and football. In the UK, these shops are physical locations where you can bet with cash.

How do I find a good matched betting opportunity in a betting shop?

Look for exclusive offers and promotions from popular bookmakers like William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfred, Coral, and Ladbrokes. These shops often provide special deals, such as free bets or enhanced odds, which can boost your profits.

Can I place bets with cash in a betting shop?

Yes, you can use cash to place bets in a betting shop. Simply bring the amount you want to bet in pounds, hand it to the cashier, and they’ll assist you with the betting process.

Are there loyalty programs for bettors in betting shops?

Yes, some betting shops offer loyalty programs. For example, William Hill has the “Plus Card,” which provides exclusive perks for in-store betting. It’s a way to get extra benefits as a loyal bettor.

How can I take advantage of matched betting opportunities in a betting shop?

Keep an eye out for special promotions like free bets or enhanced odds. For instance, with the William Hill Plus Card, you can place a £20 football bet on specific terminals and receive a £5 free bet. Check your local shop for availability.

Can I use self-service betting terminals (SSBTs) for matched betting?

Yes, you can use SSBTs for matched betting. These machines, found in betting shops, often have special offers. Look for football Matchday Specials and other markets to find excellent odds and enhance your betting advantage.

Are there additional perks for bettors in Ladbrokes betting shops?

Yes, Ladbrokes offers an ACCA insurance opportunity, especially useful for football match odds and ACCA coupons. This provides a form of insurance if one leg of your accumulator doesn’t win.

What is Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) in Ladbrokes betting shops?

BOG ensures that if the starting price (SP) of a horse is higher than the odds you took when placing the bet, Ladbrokes will pay you out at the higher SP. It’s an exclusive benefit for bettors with “The Grid” loyalty card.

Can I use cash for betting in Paddy Power shops?

Yes, you can use cash for betting in Paddy Power shops. They offer various promotions, including the famous 2up offer on in-shop betting machines, providing payouts if your team goes two goals up.

Are prices for special promotions consistent across all betting shops?

Prices and promotions can vary, so it’s essential to check with your local shop for specific details. Keep an eye on the latest offers to maximize your matched betting opportunities.