6 Easy Steps to Choose the Best Online Bingo

Online Bingo - 6 Easy Steps to Choose

Want to play Online Bingo?

Follow 6 Easy Steps to find the Best Online Bingo sites for you.

Slowly disappearing are the days of playing bingo at community halls. Bingo, like many other aspects of life, has changed with the advent of the internet and has moved to online – a virtual room with the convenience of instant messaging and round the clock availability. Some may consider that the internet has had the same impact with casino table games and is slowly destroying land based casinos, however this could not be further from the truth. Table games at land based casinos have continued to thrive and be unaffected by online casinos. Just look at Las Vegas and Macau which have continued to draw record players, tourists, and key events.

Online Bingo rising in popularity whilst traditional bingo is losing its attraction. Online Bingo is different to casino games and therefore there are different steps to apply to look for the best Online Bingo site.

We list 6 Easy Steps for you to choose the Best Online Bingo site for you.

Choosing the Best Online Bingo

6 Easy Steps to Choose the Best Online Bingo 4
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6 Easy Steps to Choose the Best Online Bingo 5
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6 Easy Steps to Choose the Best Online Bingo 6
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Online Bingo Chat Group

Step 1. Online Bingo Chat Group

Find an Online Bingo site that supports a friendly community, good values and respect.

Finding a good Online Bingo chat group is important when playing Online Bingo. It’s the bingo chat group that makes online bingo appealing for many Players. So look for functionality and a good user interface. You want to use an Online Bingo site that has easy to use messaging, a wide variety of emojis, and perhaps private messaging. You may also want to find an Online Bingo site that regularly monitors the bingo chat group for poor behavior, because after all, everyone should be entitled to have a good time.

Online Bingo Prizes

Step 2. Prizes

Choose an Online Bingo site with good Prizes, but this may be secondary behind Bonuses and Promotions.

Delivering an Online Bingo experience means it’s harder to physically give you the bottle of wine or meat platter after you immediately win. Instead the money that you pay to join a bingo room is pooled with other players and is awarded to the winner. Sometimes, depending on the rules, there is no winner and the pool of money is rolled over to the next bingo game . The prize pool accumulates until there is a winner.

Sometimes, you don’t need to obtain all the numbers and you can still win a small prize. Others award prizes to first, second and third. There are so many variations that its too long to list them all.

For some Players, the significance of Prize falls behind Bonuses and Promotions.

Online Bingo Bonuses

Step 3. Best Bonuses and Promotions

Choose an Online Bingo site that offers Refer a Friend, exciting Bonuses and exclusive Promotions.

A good Online Bingo site will provide you will great bonuses and exclusive promotions. Many will offer a Sign Up Bonus (also called a Welcome Bonus). A Sign Up Bonus will match your first deposit up to a capped amount. Less common is a No Deposit Bonus. A No Deposit Bonus allows you to create an Online Bingo account and be credited with an amount without you needing to make an initial deposit. Often terms and conditions apply such as playing 100 games before withdrawal is allowed.

A promotion that is becoming popular is the Winnings Booster. A Winnings Booster will multiply your winning by a factor. For example, a Winnings Booster of 10, will multiply your winnings of $100 by 10, meaning you win $1,000.

If you are planning on asking many friends to join, then finding an Online Bingo site that offers Refer a Friend (Referral Fee) will be helpful. Refer a Friend isn’t a bonus per se, but rather you will be paid an amount for each friend you have signing up an account to the Online Bingo site.

In addition, some Online Bingo sites hand out Daily Rewards. These are great if you intend to play regularly.

Online Bingo Variety

Step 4. Bingo Variety

Look for an Online Bingo site that offers variety.

There are actually many varieties of the game of bingo and online has them all. If you are only familiar with traditional bingo then you will be surprised as to how many variations are available. Traditionally there was the 75 ball or 90 ball formats which then expanded to 80 and other slight variations. Online you can have special bonus balls, different themes and a whole lot more. This brings a whole new dimension to playing bingo, something that many new Players enjoy.

Step 5. Player Modes

There is so much flexibility with Online Bingo. Choose a mode that you like.

Online Bingo

Single Player Mode – Let’s just say you don’t want to join a bingo chat group, and you simply want to play by yourself. This variation of bingo is called single mode and allows you to play on your own. It also means your money is not pooled with other players but you can still win real money prizes if you are lucky.

I highly recommend single mode as a way of getting started. Especially if you are not comfortable with messaging or social media.

Online Bingo

Hybrid Player Mode – After you get comfortable with playing single player mode, you can try a hybrid mode.

These modes can pool your money with other players but your level of interaction vary – minimal or a lot. You get to choose the bingo room right for you.

Although Online Bingo can be an enjoyable highly interactive game, there are also versions of Online Bingo which are Single Player mode so that you can enjoy playing on your own.

Online Bingo Software

Step 6. Software Providers

Not as important nowadays, but take note of the Software providers.

Online Bingo sites are powered by software providers. That is, many site operators haven’t build their own Online Bingo software, they use a third party’s software and they may amend the software such as branding, offerings, terms and conditions. But the core software remains very much as per the original third party software providers design.

Previously knowing which software providers were good was important in selecting an Online Bingo site. A good software provider creates a smooth user experience, very little lag, clean and fast messaging, no glitches. The last thing you want as a Player is breaking connections and the inability to socialize with your chat group.

Technology has improved so much that looking for that key software provider is no longer as important. Some of the big name providers are Virtue Fusion, Jumpman Gaming and Cozy Games. These names may not be familiar to you, and that’s ok, because the most popular Online Bingo sites all use reliable and quality software.


Online Bingo is growing at a phenomenal rate, appealing to many young women and men. The old days of the bingo community hall is fast becoming extinct, being replaced with the convenience and social reach of playing online. That’s not to say, if you are of the older generation that you can’t play online bingo, give it a go!

There is so much variety found online. Plus the added fun of making new friends in a safe environment. To find that perfect Online Bingo follow the 6 Easy Steps!

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