PayMaya Casinos – Exclusive Bonuses, Easy Sign Up and Fast Withdrawal of Winnings

PayMaya Casinos - Exclusive Bonuses, Easy Sign Up and Fast Withdrawal of Winnings 1

PayMaya has grown exponentially in use among Filipinos, becoming their favorite mobile digital payment method. Prior to the advent of Covid 19, cash was the number one form of exchange, but those days are now long gone. Mobile payments are now the mode of payment, with PayMaya experiencing an uptake of over triple digit growth year on year.

With over thousands of partnerships across the country, the ease of using PayMaya is unbeatable. Partnerships include retail outlets, restaurants and food markets, e-commerce sites and of course online casinos.

Online Casinos have become a booming form of entertainment in the Philippines, attracting players – both locally and around the world. As a result, online casino software development and government licensing and regulations have been changing fast. There is even a dedicated district for online casino sites, to enable a better playing experience.

You will find that, online gaming has now expanded beyond a simple betting website. Online Casinos now offer Live Casino gaming, digitally streamed direct to your mobile device – smartphones, tablets, ipads and portable laptops. There are even mobile apps for casino games, which are quick and easy to download, and perform deposits and withdrawals easily.

Having said that, the favorite choice of play is the good old PC and desktop. The advancement of site design with HTML coding, has very much created gaming adaptable through to any device as long as a browser can be opened. Websites are rendering dynamically such that the layout is always perfect within a browser. And with 5G technology, internet speeds are so fast that glitches are now a thing of the past.

We highly recommend using the Chrome browser when playing at online casinos. Chrome is regarded as the best browser to support online gaming, however other browsers can also be used.

Top PayMaya Online Casinos

We understand that there are many online casinos that Filipinos can choose from, hence we have created a list for you. Our list of recommended PayMaya Online Casinos have been checked for their safety and security, bonuses and gaming quality.

100% up to 7,000 PHP + 120 Free Spins
1st Deposit Bonus
100% up to 25,000 PHP + 100 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to 7,000 PHP + 200 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to 7,000 PHP
Welcome Bonus
100% up to $100 + 180 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus

Our list, balances the core features of bonuses, terms and conditions against their honesty and security. The highest offering Welcome Bonus does NOT mean they are always the best. Hence, we strongly recommend choosing from our list.

Why Use PayMaya?

Usage – PayMaya ranks just behind GCash in usage. At the end of 2020, PayMaya had 28 million users (GCash had 30 million). The PayMaya app is in the top 10 of most used apps in the country, and is growing in usage each day. It is anticipated that by the end of 2021, growth rate would again exceed 100%! Hence, using PayMaya is a no brainer in terms of nationwide use.

Security – PayMaya is a mobile wallet that is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). As a result it is required to meet strict regulations and compliance requirements to ensure the safety of transfer for customers. Customers includes not just private individual users, but also businesses, merchants and billers.

PayMaya uses a two-factor authentication (2FA) method to ensure that the user is the real owner of the account. In addition, opening an account requires registration and verification of user details. In addition, the PayMaya card, uses the latest technology of EMV for authentication. Each time the card is used, a unique code is create and checked to ensure validity.

PayMaya uses a password that is a minimum of six alphanumeric characters whenever a payment is being made. This adds an extra layer of security, preventing fraud if your phone is stolen.

Registration – It could not be any easier to register with PayMaya. You can register via any mobile network – Globe, Smart, Sun, TM, or TNT. Yes, you may be wondering if Globe can accept PayMaya even though Globe is the owner of GCash, but you can. Use you mobile number on any network, and you can create a PayMaya account.

To register a PayMaya account, simply down load the PayMaya app and follow a few easy steps. PayMaya has made the user experience extremely intuitive, with everything able to be performed through the app. (As a comparision, you may find that GCash will require physical verification at Globe branches which can be an inconvenience).

Functionality – On of the best features of PayMaya is that you can use Facebook Messenger to perform transfers. You simply just need to connect your PayMaya account to your FB Messenger account and away you go! You can also check your account balance, pay bills and reload.

Real Money Gambling with PayMaya

Playing at Online Casinos with PayMaya is really easy to do. It’s quick and easy to create a PayMaya account, and then signing up and making a deposit at a online casino only takes a few minutes.

So let’s get started with how to set up your PayMaya Account.

How to Set up a PayMaya Account

Requirements – an active mobile number on any Filipino telecommunications network.

Step 1. Down load the PayMaya App

Step 2. Open PayMaya App and “Create Account”

Step 3. Complete the Sign Up details

Step 4. Accept the Data Privacy Policy

Check box “Agree” to accept the Terms and Conditions for using PayMaya.

Step 5. Confirm with SMS

Your mobile phone will receive a one time 6 digit PIN. This code is to be entered on the confirmation link sent via the SMS. This will confirm that you are the valid user of the mobile number.

Step 6 . PayMaya app is ready to be used

Your account is now activated and ready to be used for creating an online casino deposit.

How to Deposit with PayMaya

There are several ways to top up your PayMaya account.

Below are the three most common ways:

Option 1 – PayMaya partner

Option 2 – Self Service Kiosks

Option 3 – Debit or Credit Card


Using PayMaya to play at online casinos is one of the safest and secure payment options to use. Due to the popularity of mobile payment methods in the Philippines, it is only common sense to use PayMaya to enhance your gaming experience. - Copyright 2018-2023