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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

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Augmenting the global banking system into hyper-drive.

INPAY - the Global Payments Network 1
Did you know that there is over $500 trillion USD transactions that are inter-country each year? This is an astounding amount of cash flow which is passing through banking systems, banking systems which are old and archaic and of course monopolized. The current banking system process relies on each bank creating settlement accounts, and often the settlement of these accounts require two to three days to complete a settlement. Can you imagine, in today’s world, that trillions of dollars is taking over two days to transact? And to top it off, transactions fees are in the billions. There must be a better way in today’s world, and we have found it. INPAY breaks through the barrier of slow processing and the monopoly that the banks hold, providing direct to you the ability to perform instant transfers cross countries. The INPAY network is far and wide reaching, currently available in over 60 countries and is expanding quickly. It is governed by the FSA, a European regulatory body. INPAY is so powerful that even the banks themselves are adopting it.

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INPAY - the Global Payments Network 2
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How does INPAY work?

INPAY is a plugin or application that accelerates the current bank system’s network. The developers of INPAY were extremely smart to recognize that building on top of the pre-existing banking network had many benefits. The current banking system although slow has pre-existing strong controls, an established framework and structure, and of course many banks that were already tapped into it. INPAY provides on top of the infrastructure the ability to speed up the payment process, to transfer funds quickly and efficiently and to obtain and share KYC (Know Your Client) information that is required for compliance effectively. INPAY is therefore extremely secure, reliable and can be trust. It is professional built and has the proper regulatory license and approval to process interbank transactions.

Making INPAY Payments

INPAY allows you to make multiple payments in any currency to a recipient’s bank account with security and speed. This is extremely important for online casino transactions as it ensures your money is safely delivered, particularly useful if the online casino is cross border. INPAY transaction fees are extremely low, the lowest in the European market.

How to use INPAY

1. Select Bank Transfer as the Payment Method

INPAY - the Global Payments Network 3

2. Select the your Country and your Bank

INPAY - the Global Payments Network 4

3. Enter Amount and Account

Make sure you have the account details and the INPAY reference entered. The INPAY reference, behaves as a tracker and identifier which speeds up the processing.
INPAY - the Global Payments Network 5

4. Once the Online Casino has been notified of payment a status of “Confirmed” will appear.

INPAY - the Global Payments Network 6

Frequently Asked Questions

What is INPAY?

INPAY is a payment technology which allows online transfers without the need to create a members account. It allows direct transfers from the customers account through to the vendor.

What is the INPAY payment reference number?

The INPAY payment reference number allows you to track the payment status of the transaction. It is a unique identifier that has a specific naming convention. If you would like to check the status of the your INPAY reference number, please click here.

How long does it take for INPAY to confirm my payment?

On average, INPAY requires 1 hour to confirm a payment, this is assuming an INPAY Payment Reference number has been included correctly. Of course, if an INPAY payment reference hasn’t been included on the bank transfer the period of time may take longer, however you can accelerate this process by forwarding the payment reference number to INPAY.

Whoops, I forgot to include the INPAY Payment Reference Number. What can I do?

The bank transfer will still go through, it will just take a little bit more time. If you want to accelerate the bank transfer you can send proof of payment to INPAY by clicking here.


INPAY is a Eurpoean Fintech company that is growing extremely fast. It has partnered with Rakbank and other Gambling Certified associations to provide fast and secure payments in an ecosystem that absorbs the pre-existing banking structure. Its Head Office is in Denmark, with branches in the UK, Singapore and Philippines. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]