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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

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Neosurf Online Casinos - the smart yet simple payment method 1

Neosurf is the smart gambling payment option that is growing in popularity around the world.

If you are looking for a very easy solution that does not require your personal information, then look no further. When you become aware of the process, you will be surprised as to how simple the solution is.

Many online payment methods will require your personal details to make a deposit and withdrawal. Often this raises concerns by online casino players such as:

Will my personal details be stored safely and securely?
Will my personal information not be sold to third parties?
And more importantly, “Are my banking details encrypted?”

What if I told you that there is a payment method that does not require ANY personal information or bank details at all? Neosurf can do it! That’s right, with Neosurf there is no need for your date of birth, address, bank account and even your name. Neosurf dispenses with all of that.

How does it work, is it really possible?

It’s actually quite a simple yet ingenious method. If you are old enough or are familiar with using tokens to play video games, then you will understand the process quickly. Back in the day, video arcades used to require players to purchase tokens to play their video games. Rather than accepting coins as credit for the machine, it would accept tokens. These tokens were purchased at the front counter. The player didn’t need to show ID or provide any details to purchase the tokens, they could hand over cash or pay by credit card and in exchange a bunch of tokens would be given. Having purchased the tokens, they would be carried around in a plastic bag, whilst the player walked around deciding which video game to play. Once decided they would insert the tokens into the machine and begin playing.

This concept is exactly the same as Neosurf. Rather than using real physical tokens, Neosurf has replaced them with virtual gambling vouchers. Players can easily and conveniently purchase Neosurf vouchers from various outlets without providing any personal details. Many various payment methods can be used to purchase Neosurf vouchers including cash, credit cards and direct debit. The Player then receives a 10 digit PIN for the vouchers. This PIN will later be used to release the virtual coins behind the vouchers to an online casino once the Player has decided which casino to play at.

The virtual coins are stored in a Neosurf e wallet which is an online storage system. This replaces the plastic bag that was previously used to hold the arcade tokens. The e wallet, naturally isn’t carried with you, but is accessed online and the coins can only be released with the PIN. The beauty of using an e wallet online is that all your transactions can be tracked, and if there is an error or legitimate dispute your virtual coins can be called back.

The player then chooses an online casino to play at. And after choosing the online casino the PIN is entered in the members account for the online casino to release the coins and make a deposit.

Just like the video arcade tokens, no personal information is required to perform the transaction.

This process is also very similar to topping up your credit for your mobile phone via prepaid cards. If familiar with this process then you will easily understand the Neosurf method.

How to purchase and use Neosurf vouchers

To buy and use Neosurf vouchers is really easy

Step 1. Find your nearest outlet

The first step is to find your local retailer who sells Neosurf vouchers. Go to the Neosurf website and click on Find a Seller. Enter your country and you will then be shown on a map the sellers in your area.

Step 2. Buy the Neosurf voucher

Once you have found the seller, head over to the outlet and buy the Neosurf vouchers. On purchase of the vouchers you will be given a 10 digit PIN.

Keep the 10 digit PIN safe and do not disclose it to anyone. This is your key to making a payment.

Step 3. Find an online casino that accepts Neosurf and enter PIN

Look for an online casino that you want to play on that accepts Neosurf vouchers. Create an account and enter the PIN in the account to make a deposit using the Neosurf voucher.

And that’s it! Very simple, quick and easy.

What are 7 advantages of using Neosurf

1. User friendly

It cannot be any simpler or more intuitive for users. Most people are familiar with the exchange cash for token concept, hence Neosurf is popular with user engagement and use.

2. Easy solution

Neosurf could not be any easier. Exchange your money for Neosurf tokens and use the tokens for online casinos. It really is that simple.

3. Effective, efficient and reliable

Even though the solution is simple, some may think that it would not be effective, efficient or reliable. This could not be any further from the truth. Sometimes the simplest of solutions are the best, and it definitely is with Neosurf.

4. Commonly used

Neosurf is extremely popular in Europe, Africa and Australia. It’s slowly becoming increasingly used in Asia and North America. There are over hundreds of thousands of retailers in countries around the world.

5. Its for free

That’s right there are no costs incurred for using Neosurf tokens. It is free of transaction fees!

6. Privacy is protected

It is not necessary for you to provide your personal information and banking details to use Neosurf tokens. Therefore your details are not even exposed to risk of on selling, scams and identity fraud. You remain anonymous and your identity is protected.

7. Instantaneous transaction

That’s right! Because the tokens are prepaid, depositing these tokens with an online casino are recognized instantaneously.

Available Countries

Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad, China, Columbia, Congo, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Gabon, Gambia, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Spain, Togo, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom.

About Neosurf

Originating from France in from 2004, Neosurf has grown in leaps and bounds first expanding across Europe and now present in Africa and Australia. The Neosurf tokens are regulated by the FCA in the UK.

Neosurf Scam

Although Neosurf and many other payment methods are efficient and effective, they are only as safe and protected if the User is also careful and cautious. There are many scammers around the world and everyone needs to be alert and vigilant in detecting scams. No amount of encryption will safeguard against scammers if the passwords, PIN are revealed.

One scam using Neosurf vouchers occurred in Darwin, Australia. In May 2019, 61 year old Ian Egerton was planning on moving house in a short period of only four weeks.

Desperate to clear his clutter from his house as quickly as possible, he put his gym gear and equipment up for sale on Gumtree, an Australian buyer and seller website just like Craigslist.

This is where the scammers now begin their plan to trick Mr Egerton. They first inundate Mr Egerton with buyer messages, which gives him a sense of being overwhelmed. The scammer wants to exhaust Egerton with expending a lot of time reviewing offers that are terrible. Following flooding Egerton with low ball offers, the scammers send through an offer under the guise of Shirley Jackson. This offer is simply too good for Egerton to refuse, however there is a catch.

Shirley advises Egerton that he must pay for the removalist fee and in return she would inflate the buyer price to compensate him. The removalist is only one that Shirley can trust and only accepts Neosurf vouchers as payment.

Mr Egerton purchases the vouchers and is ready for the exchange to take place. Shirley, however advises that she will not proceed unless there is verification of purchase of neosurf vouchers. As requested, Egerton provides a photo of the voucher including the 10 digit PIN, to Shirley not realizing that this would then allow the scammer to use the vouchers.

It wasn’t until he told his daughter what he had done, that he realized he had been scammed.

Queensland Police in Australia have also issued an alert to the public to be on the look out for Neosurf voucher scams. They have described scammers preying on the elderly and vulnerable. Similar to the Egerton scenario the scammers pretend to be from a bank or a government authority and ask for Neosurf vouchers to be purchased. Subsequent to purchase, the PIN is provided to the scammer and the monies is then stolen.

Hence payment methods, no matter how good, must still be used carefully and cautiously. Be aware of scams, there are many around.