PayNearMe – Convert Cash quickly

Not many people know this but PayNearMe is also an accepted form of payment for online betting!

These big brands – 7 Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, Family Dollar, ACE Cash Express and Casey’s General Store – all have retail partnerships with PayNearMe. And because of their vast number of stores, of more that 27,000, this makes it super convenient for players to use PayNearMe and deposit to their online casino account via cash.

So what makes PayNearMe so special?

It can quickly process your cash onto your online betting account with no forms to be completed, no bank account or credit card needed!

There aren’t any platforms that is dedicated to cash users. Cash users often have the difficulty of paying for goods online without the need to find a bank deposit, or opening an eWallet, and then completing lengthy forms. Sometimes, going to a bank just isn’t convenient, sometimes creating another account just to apply money to an online betting account is extremely cumbersome. PayNearMe dispenses with all hassles of that, and simply uses your local convenience store to process the cash onto your online betting account.

PayNearMe is well trusted, reliable, transparent and a mobile-first payment platform. Additional functionality includes text message reminders, storage of payment credentials, and many other great benefits.

PayNearMe Mobile App Features

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To use all of the great features of PayNearMe download the mobile app. It acts as the gateway to recording the transfer of cash to the retail outlets, the transaction history, and forwarding the payment to the Biller. You will be able to find many Billers set up in the app, such as utility providers, insurance companies, and of course online casinos.

How to use PayNearMe

Step 1 – Find the PayNearMe icon on the online betting site and click on it.

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Step 2 – Either Print the slip or have it sent to your mobile app.

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Step 3 – Take your printed slip or mobile to your nearest 7 Eleven and have it scanned. Please note: for this step you have 24 hours to perform this, before the slip expires.

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Step 4 – Submit the physical cash, and a receipt is given to you for depositing onto you online betting account.

And there you have it! Ready to play on your online betting account!

Top 3 PayNearMe Casinos

300% up to $3,000
1st Deposit Bonus
400% up to $500
1st Deposit Bonus
400% up to $10,000
Welcome Bonus
250% up to $1,500
1st Deposit Bonus
300% up to $3,000
1st Deposit Bonus


What are the benefits of using PayNearMe?

– NO bank account is needed
– NO credit card required
– NO forms are required to be completed

Convenience is located at your convenience store!
Money management – far safer to use cash you have then go into debt for bank rolling.

What are the transaction fees for PayNearMe?

Fees will depending on whether the online casino will incur all or part of the fee. If the online casino choose to incur all of the fee, then there will be no fee incurred by you.

If the online casino decides to not take on any fee, the fee incurred by customers will average $1.99 per payment.

PayNearMe Company Overview

PayNearMe was founded in 2009, originally name Kwedit. Privately owned it began as an electronic payments and continues to expand in the payment methods industry. Its vision of providing innovative platforms for cash users has come to fruition demonstrated by a growing number of partnerships . In 2010 Kwedit changed its company name to PayNearMe. PayNearMe is based in Sunnyvale California. - Copyright 2018-2023