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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

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Revolut - a revolutionary digital bank 1
Revolut - a revolutionary digital bank 4

Revolut products will blow your mind away

Use Revolut to play at Online Casinos

This company is not only investing in new payment methods but it is also combining it with budgeting tools, spare change tracker, foreign exchange and effective credit card security system. The bank of the future is now here!

Key Benefits

  • Offers various products which seamlessly integrate with each other
  • Foreign currency exchange at unbeatable exchange rates
  • Multi cryptocurrency exchange
  • Efficient and reliable payment methods

Revolut is a young “start up” that began several years ago but has grown in leaps and bounds and now has a strong presence across Europe, Asia and North America. This company began by first developing products in the payment method process for peer to peer and business to consumer but has since expanded its product range to include customer finance management.

This expansion of product range puts Revolut at the forefront of vendors that offer holistic and complete package solutions to their customers. No other company currently offers an integrated and seamless connection between financial products, and therefore as a testament to demand by consumers of their product range, revenue has grown at over 300% in the past three financial years.

Hence Revolut is the leading neobank of all fintech companies.

Revolut and Online Casinos

Online casinos are in particular taking up the money transfer method that is on offer by Revolut. Revolut allows you to transfer money overseas in a different currency using inter-bank exchange rates. This is fantastic for customers as it means they are not losing out to unfair foreign exchange gains normally made by banks, as well as not being charged exorbitant commission rates. In addition, Revolut also caters for cryptocurrencies and this is fantastic for online casinos which have many customers that want to use crypto as their transaction of choice.

Customers can choose from a total of fifteen currencies with up to a maximum of USD $5,000 per month that can be transferred overseas with the inter-bank exchange rate. The commission rate is only 0.5% for monies above the threshold.

There is also an extra added function of setting up recurring payments. This is fantastic for those that need to constantly send money overseas. It only takes a few seconds and is extremely reliable.

Revolut and Unibet

Revolut - a revolutionary digital bank 5

Unibet is one of the leading online casinos that uses Revolut as it most used deposit and withdrawal method. Thousands of players are drawn to Revolut’s easy processing method, that can seamlessly integrate with cash, debit cards, credit cards and digital currencies. It’s most popular in the UK, and more broadly Europe, but is gradually becoming more accepts across the world as players find it very easy to use.

Core Products

Revolut’s core payment products include:

  • prepaid cards,
  • foreign currency exchange,
  • cryptocurrency storage and exchange,
  • peer-to-peer payments,
  • metal bank card

Supported crptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple

About Revolut

Revolut was established by two young men who have had many years of experience in the bank and finance sector. They realized that there was an opportunity to provide more competitive foreign exchange rates to customers and at a cheaper commission rate.

Founded in 2017 in the UK, the company has grown incredibly fast to service over 8 million customers around the world. Not only does Revolut offer an app for foreign exchange but they have also created many other apps for better money management.

The growth of Revolut has been incredibly fast. In the space of three years, the value of Revolut has reached $1.5 billion. This is extraordinary growth that not many companies can make claim to. What makes Revolut so attractive to investors is its ability to provide payments services and banking facilities that are competitive to traditional banks. Offering a better quality of service but with cheaper fees, Revolut has expanded to over 130 countries!

Revolut also offers a prepaid debit card which can also be used with credit card merchant facilities. The innovative aspect of Revolut prepaid debit cards is that is seamlessly processes foreign currency exchange at interbank exchange rates, interacts with various popular cryptocurrencies and easily facilitates traditional payments to third parties. The transfer of monies is efficient, reliable and at extremely low cost.