Vanilla Prepaid Casinos

Online Casinos are one of the most amazing forms of entertainment available for us today, and just like real casinos have been ruling the hearts of people for ages, these virtual casinos have also become immensely popular among people from all parts of the world.

One of the most outstanding and attractive features of these online casinos is that they allow the players to compete for and win huge sums of real money. In this way, people love these online casinos for the opportunity to spend some fun time playing interesting games and also making a good amount of money.

When new players make their way into the world of online casino gaming, they use their credit or debit cards to deposit money in their virtual accounts, which can be used to make purchases and bets while playing in those casinos.

However, with time and with newer developments in the field of technology, another payment method is introduced which seems to be gaining popularity among players.

This is the Vanilla Prepaid Card.

This special type of debit card has proven to be a very functional and handy payment method for online casinos and you can either have it as Visa or MasterCard. Its Prepaid feature is very useful for the players because it allows them to spend in online casinos while staying in their budget as they cannot exceed the amount they have initially deposited into their Vanilla Prepaid accounts.

If you’re interested in obtaining a Vanilla Prepaid Debit card and have found an online casino that accepts payment deposits through these cards, you can get your card through a very simple process. These cards are easily available at a variety of retail stores and you can get them at any of your go-to shops such as Walmart, Shell, or 7-Eleven.

All you have to do is take the card to the cashier, who will activate the card and deposit as much money as you pay them in your Vanilla Prepaid account. Through this easy process, you have now made yourself a practical and functional debit account through which, you can easily deposit your payments at whichever Casino you like, provided that they accept payments through Vanilla Visa Card.

An important thing to note regarding this particular payment method is that this card cannot be reloaded. Therefore, once you run out of the amount you initially deposited into your account, you will have to purchase a new card and activate it to keep playing online casino games using Vanilla Debit Card. Even though this method of payment is extremely useful for the players who fear that they might end up broke as a result of overspending, it has a few shortcomings as well.

The most significant handicap of only having a Vanilla debit card is that you can only use it for depositing your payments in whichever casino you like, and since the card cannot be reloaded, the casino owners cannot transfer your prize money into your Vanilla account and so you cannot withdraw any amount you have won from this account. For this reason, it is suggested that you keep an alternative banking method for yourself along with using Vanilla Prepaid Card while playing online casino games so that you can also withdraw your prize money efficiently from your bank account.

While it has been established that the most productive and rewarding function of Vanilla casino is that it allows the players to play online casino games while staying within their budget limit because they cannot exceed the amount they have deposited, Vanilla Visa Card also holds a variety of other benefits for proficient as well as new coming online casino players.

Casinos that accept Vanilla Prepaid

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You deal with the cash in hand

From purchasing the card from your nearest retailer to paying the cashier for the amount that you want to charge your card with, all your finances related to Vanilla Visa Card are being dealt with in cash. This is a great way to keep a check on your economic activity and to allow yourself to spend only as much as your pocket can afford. Therefore, there will be no chance for you to take a loan of any kind no matter how much you get tempted and so, you will not have to bear the burden of debt merely for wanting to enjoy an online casino game.

No fancy procedure or heavy payments required

Unlike the credit or debit cards that players normally use for making online casino payments, the Vanilla Prepaid cards are not associated with any banks whatsoever. As a result, the users do not have to go through a lengthy procedure of making a bank account for themselves and acquiring their cards after weeks and also having to go through verification processes before they can get them. All you have to do is buy a card and get it activated. Also, you don’t have to make deposit huge amounts of money in your Vanilla Prepaid account and there is also no minimum credit amount that you have to maintain. Since this facility has been provided for your convenience, you can recharge your Vanilla Debit card with as much amount as you want to play your desired number of online casino games.

Strict security measures

Prepaid cards are generally considered to be a safe and secure method of cash payment because they do not share much of the user’s details with the service that the consumer is availing. However, in the case of Vanilla debit card, these measures are even stricter, which has built them a credible and reliable repute among the users. Vanilla Prepaid Cards have encryption capacities in place, which means that the information that a user provides has been coded and therefore, cannot be acquired by any third party. Therefore, there are bare minimum chances, if any, of a breach of privacy of the customers.

Wide variety of Vanilla services available

Players who use Vanilla Debit card services for online casino games can acquire any of their various services according to which suits them the best. The variety of Vanilla cards that they offer are OneVanilla, Vanilla Prepaid, and the Vanilla Gift Card. These cards have different specifications and set of rules according to their utility for different categories of players. You can examine this range of services and choose whichever suits you the best.

Advantages of Vanilla Prepaid Cards

One of the golden rules of online gambling (or any form of gambling) is to never use credit to fund the bank roll. By not extending your bank roll with credit, Players can play within their financial means.

They key advantage of using Vanilla Prepaid Cards, is that it does not use credit. Vanilla Prepaid Cards are great for beginners or for those who want to have the discipline of maintaining a strong financial position.

The Vanilla Prepaid Card is limited to several denominations such as 20, 50, 100 etc.

The amounts are perfect for beginners and also of the experienced.

Another great advantage is that the Vanilla Prepaid Cards can be purchased with cash. This is a fantastic way, of not needing to go through digital gateways, and simply use spare cash.

A lot of online casino players find this very convenient, because it’s discrete and doesn’t lead a digital trail.

Vanilla Prepaid Cards are widely used and accepted in Canada. Not only is it accepted at online casinos, it is also received at many e-commerce stores. In doing so, Vanilla Prepaid Cards are also purchased as Gift Cards for family and friends.

Lastly, because personal details are not stored on the Vanilla Prepaid Card itself, there is no danger of theft of data. The Vanilla Prepaid Card details are similar to credit card numbers which are provided to the online casinos from which it can draw funds from. Personal details are safe and secure, because they are not used.

In summary the key advantages are:

Vanilla Prepaid Card Fees

Vanilla Prepaid Fees are very reasonable.

The lowest fee possible is $3.95 for the small denominations, and rises according to the value of the prepaid amount. These fees are charged by the retail outlet which sells the prepaid cards. These fees could be regarded as administration fees incurred by the retail outlet.

When making a deposit using Vanilla Prepaid Cards, there is no fee charged by the Online Casino for processing.

Vanilla Prepaid Card Denominations

There are many denominations to choose from. Depending on which type of Vanilla Card is purchased the denominations will vary.

Below is a list of denominations by Vanilla Prepaid Card type:

Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard

$25, $50, $100, $200

Vanilla Prepaid VISA

$50, $75, $100, $150, $250

OneVanilla Mastercard

$20 to $500

Purchasing a Vanilla Prepaid Card

Unfortunately, Vanilla Prepaid Card’s cannot be purchased online. They are only sold through physical retail outlets that are easily found throughout Canada. These outlets include some of the biggest brand names, that are recognisable by Canadians.

They include:

When purchasing a Vanilla Prepaid Card simply handover cash, or you can pay with bank transfer, and in some cases with an e-wallet.

Vanilla Prepaid Visa Card PIN

There is no PIN required to use a Vanilla Prepaid Visa Card. This makes using a Vanilla Card super convenient. Having said that, should you lose the card, it can easily be used by someone who finds it. Carrying a Vanilla card is in many ways similar to carry cash around, but it is in the digital form and stored on a card. So treat having a Prepaid Card as if you were carrying cash.

Top Vanilla Prepaid Casino Sites

There are hundreds of casinos online that offer you to pay for their games by using your Vanilla Visa card. To save you the trouble of surfing the internet to find the best casino for yourself, we have made a list for you.

Lucky Creek Casino

This critically acclaimed online casino has some very lucrative prizes for its players that can range from $1500 to as much as $5000 weekly. Their most amazing feature is their bonus amount which is 100%. Furthermore, you can also download this casino’s games on your Android or iOS devices and play all day long!

Black Lotus Casino

You can start playing at this amazing casino for an initial deposit as low as $20, which is nothing compared to the massive $1500 cash-out prize that the players can win and withdraw from the casino in a go!

888 Casino

This casino makes the attractive and generous offer to its new players of getting up to 200% bonus on their first 300 deposits. To utilize this opportunity, you can start playing at his casino for the minimum amount of $20.


Using Vanilla Prepaid Cards are a great way to get started with online casino games. They limit Players to a fixed real money amount, they can be purchased with cash at accessible outlets with little personal information disclosure, and can also be used to purchase other goods and services, not just online casino games.

The key benefits are:

Vanilla Prepaid Cards have minimal administration fees applied. These fees are usually imposed by the retail outlet. No fees are charged by the online casino, thus making Vanilla Prepaid Cards one of the most affordable payment methods to use.

Vanilla Prepaid Cards are highly recommended for beginners and for Players who wish to manage their bank roll better.


What is meant by Vanilla Visa fees?

This is a certain percentage of your deposited amount that is deducted from your account whenever you deposit money in certain online casinos by using a Vanilla Visa or Vanilla Debit card. The percentage deducted can vary according to the rules of the casino.

When do Vanilla cards expire?

Vanilla cards do have an expiry date mentioned in your card details and even though the card expires, the funds deposited in your card do not expire. You can contact the customer care representatives regarding your expired card and they’ll ship you a new card in which your funds from the previous card will be restored.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee on my Vanilla Card?

Vanilla cards do not have any monthly fees, and the only charges you have to pay are the initial activation fee that you have paid the cashier.

Can I withdraw cash from my Vanilla Card?

No. Vanilla cards can only be charged and used to deposit payments in online casinos whenever you want to play a game. You can either get a credit or debit card or a Bitcoin account to withdraw the money you have won at online casinos.

How long does it take to deposit money through Vanilla Card?

Vanilla Prepaid card allows you to deposit your payment instantly in whichever casino you want provided that your card has been recharged with the amount. - Copyright 2018-2023