Enter the new SugarHouse Casino Sports betting venue and you can feel the excitement!

I line up patiently in the new SugarHouse sports betting facility and am surprised at how popular it is! I’m anxious to place my first bet on the 76’s. The 76’s are playing the Hawks and have had a mediocre first quarter. Ben Simmons has been awful, Embid is playing a monster of a game (as he consistently does) and Butler is trying to do his thing, but the team isn’t gelling at the moment. I know, Philly will turn it around in the second half, they always do, and the odds are looking great. Does this mean not many people have as much faith as I do in the Sixer’s? The SugarHouse betting kiosk in front of me is state of the art, odds are live, staff are super friendly and helpful, and the fans are great!

Welcome to the new SugarHouse sports betting facility, which launched on December 15, 2018. It is jam packed and the atmosphere is electric. I knew that there are plenty of hardcore fans out there, but I couldn’t imagine that the demand for sports betting was this huge.

SugarHouse Casino was the first to launch a sportsbook in Philly. They have created the ultimate sports betting fan venue with massive tv screens, viewing lounges, chill out areas, fantastic food and beverages with of course convenient betting kiosks offering a wide range of betting options.

SugarHouse Senior Executives recognize that Philly betting fans like to watch and bet on games that are held anytime anywhere. Anytime anywhere translates to different time zones (think English Premiere League and Wimbledon) and therefore the casino floor is open 24 hours, seven days a week to cater for betting fans.

It’s not just Superbowl and March Madness that we cater for, but also European games such as the English Premier League. This is a place where people can watch and wager on sports, enjoy a drink, play on few table games during half time and of course interact with other fans.
We wanted to create an entire game-day experience.

Evan Davis, Vice President of SugarHouse Casino

Since the launch in December, demand has been overwhelmingly positive. So much so that SugarHouse has had to install additional betting kiosks and staff to cater for the unexpected popularity. Fans just cannot seem to get enough of the holistic sports betting experience.

The current sports betting venue is temporary covering over 1,800 square feet. In the main room, there are over 10 TV’s with the central wall housing a 14′ by 7’screen with live betting odds displayed. Chairs, tables, lounges, with charge bars complete the gaming experience. On an average day, there are over hundreds of sports fan using the sports betting facility.

In the meantime, a permanent venue is being built, larger (and better if that’s possible) with completion expected to be before the end of this year.

I finally get to the front of the line at the betting kiosk. Ben Simmons is starting to heat up, just as I expected. Time to place a bet!