Following yesterday’s soft launch of Parx Casino’s sportsbook, the PGCB (Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board) has given the green light allowing Parx Casino to officially open and accept sports bets through their Kambi powered Sportsbook.

Parx Casino Sportsbook Officially Opens 1

Kambi allows patrons the convenience of being able to place a bet straight from any of the betting kiosks located throughout Parx Casino’s sports lounge, casino floor and poker room. There are 45 betting kiosks that are conveniently located within the casino.

Parx has also implemented Kambi’s innovative mobile app (Betslip Builder) which let’s patrons fill out bet slips on their own mobile device which then creates a QR code to be scanned at the cashier. The bet slip can be created anywhere in the state, it does not need be within the casino itself. Parx designed the mobile app specifically with this purpose to enable a more efficient process of placing bets, which it anticipates would be particularly helpful in times of high volume of betting.

Testing of the Kambi app and kiosks will span across 2 days after the soft launch yesterday. Needless to say, Kambi is a quality vendor who have many partnerships around the world, 888 and DraftKing as examples. They are experts is sports book services, management and operations.

Parx Casino has certainly hit the ground running in 2019 and has also set it’s sights on launching their own branded online sportsbook as soon as the PGCB approves of mobile sports betting.

Parx is expanding its portfolio of offerings to give patrons the absolute best of all types of legalized gaming, and sports wagering is just the latest stage in enhancing our customer offering.

Matthew Cullen, Senior VP of Interactive Gaming and Sports at Parx Casino

Betslip Builder

The mobile app, Betslip Builder, was actually launched a few years ago but has been enhanced during the past few months in readiness for the recent relaunch. Originally the mobile app was created with the intention of catering for VIP customers but it was soon realized that it could also be extended to include all players due to its easy to use functionality and relevant content. The original content, which still is available to this day, was to educate bettors on gaming. Not necessarily online related but in general. However since the launch of Parx’s online sports book, more content and functionality has been released to educate bettors to the world of online.

In the latest enhancement, the site allows customers to see what they are accustomed to at a physical sports betting bar for betting odds, with the option of reserving a bet online. The use of this functionality can be used any where in the world and will save time in reviewing odds and queuing to place a bet. The simplicity of the site makes it easy for new comers and experienced alike.

The actual submitting of a bet, however, still requires the bettor to physically go to Parx and scan a QR code in order to complete the bet. Once scanned and submitted – at a terminal or cashier – the bet is then finalized.

You could say, that this functionality is half way between a physical and online betting system. A complete online experience would simply allow the bettor to submit and finalize a bet online.

The current content on the site also includes free to play games in which customers can earn redeemable vouchers at the Parx casino. The free to play games are a fantastic way of educating online betting before they use real money.

With the enhancement to Betslip Builder implemented, Parx has already experienced significant growth in the short time of relaunch. No other betting operator has moved forward as much as Parx with preparing customers for the world of online. With the soon to be operational online table games, Parx is one step ahead of the game.

Parx Casino is Pennsylvania’s largest casino resort and is leading the way in online gaming. They are owned by Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, and are the first in the state to offer mobile betting and will be the first to offer mobile sports betting. The casino is open 24 hours 7 days a week, and offers over 3,000 slot machines, 180 table games, poker rooms, live and simulcast racing.