Request a bet offers

Request a bet offers are popular with bookmakers and bettors alike.

Popular Bet request titles include PriceItUp, YourOdds, and CreateYourBet.

Bookmakers like DIY bets. It’s difficult to benchmark the value against a betting exchange.

What is request a bet?

Build your own bet is basically an accumulator. You are combining a series of bets into one big bet. There are three main options when placing a DIY bet:

  1. Bet on a bookmaker pre-set selection. For example, William Hill YourOdds.
  2. Build your own DIY bet (see the below list of bookies).
  3. Or, submit a request via Twitter using the relevant hashtag.

Matched betting example 

Certain DIY bets are layable at a betting exchange.

Let’s imagine you are looking to qualify for a free bet offer.

Certain combinations allow you to use a matched betting strategy. Back at the bookie and lay at Betfair, then receive your bonus.

You could bet on Draw and Both Team To Score at odds of 4.1 with the bookmaker.

Grosvenor request a bet

Then lay Draw/Yes at 4.6 in the “Winner and BTTS” market on Smarkets exchange.

Laying request a bet

Which bookmakers offer DIY bets?

The following bookmakers allow you to create your own bet.

Each bookie uses a different title, but these are all the same style of bet.

The following bookies want you to ask via Twitter for a bespoke do-it-yourself bet:

Much like a traditional accumulator, these bets offer poor value. Each selection of a DIY will be poor value. So, the bookmaker overround (profit margin) compounds.

But, certain types of DIY bets are useful for matched bettors.

Potential markets

Lots of DIY bet markets are actually still layable at Betfair.

Try placing these into a DIY bet, then check “all markets” on Betfair for the relevant lay market.

Advantage play DIY bets

There will also be situations when you cannot lay off a DIY bet. This happens when there is no exchange lay market to hedge your bet. In this scenario, benchmark the value to the best price on Betfair and/or Oddschecker. Then, place a small advantage play.


DIY bets are another source of matched betting profit.

Request a bet offers can be beneficial for the bookmaker and matched bettor. The bookies want us to take crazy prices on ACCAs, yet we can still find value. What’s not to like?

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