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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

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Playing bingo is an awesomely fun game!

The participation rate is surprisingly growing, in particular for online bingo. Many would be familiar with local bingo hall etiquette, but many new comers would be lost with what is appropriate for online.

Online bingo etiquette is slightly different to the traditional bingo scene of the local halls, church or not for profit rooms. For instance, silence in a bingo hall when a caller is announcing the drawn numbers is relevant, but for online bingo Players this is irrelevant.

Online bingo requires being familiar with chat and message etiquette, user name and id creation, avatar and private messaging appropriateness, to name a few.

Below are the top 7 online bingo rules to follow for being a role model community player:



Unless you want to come across as being rude and be banned from the chat group, do not type messages in capital letters. Capital letters are interpreted as shouting! Not only on a bingo chat group but on any social media platform, email or written document. Readers often are uncomfortable reading messages in capital letters, unless the true meaning is to truly represent someone shouting. Which even then, is highly inappropriate on a bingo chat group.


There is one exception where it is appropriate to use capital letters, and it is for the use of acronyms. Acronymns in chatting usually are in capital letters but can also be in small. Take for example LOL, which means Laughing Out Loud.

In summary, avoid using capitals and the messages you type will come across in a less aggressive voice. That is unless you are using acronyms which then is entirely appropriate.

2. User Name

Use an appropriate user name and avatar

Players often like to use silly names and avatars with funny pictures. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of humor, but some can go too far and thus be interpreted as offensive, rude or uncomfortable to other players. For example: rude images, or names that imply and/or sound like offensive language. Use common sense, be respectful and choose appropriate user names and avatars.

3. No Offensive Language

Do not use offensive language and do not bully or disrespect other players

Players want to be part of a welcoming, safe and relaxing chat group community. The last thing that they want when playing online bingo, is a fellow Player who is using offensive language, is rude, and simply ruining the chat group environment for all other Players. It’s understandable to have an opinion on politics, new world order and other conscionable views but voicing your opinion and provoking a heated debate is probably not best to be done while playing online bingo.

4. Be Accepting and Tolerant

Do not be racist, sexist, discriminatory or antagonistic

This is obviously NOT acceptable. Players come from all walks of life and are playing for fun. While playing online bingo, let alone in everyday life, do NOT be racist, sexist or discriminatory.

Avoid being antagonistic and inflammatory. While it may be okay to share your opinions with close friends, broadcasting provocative views in a public forum is unwanted incitement of an online war of words. Don’t do it!

5. Don’t undermine the bingo site

Do not promote or extol the virtues of other chat groups or online bingo sites

You may find other chat groups more enjoyable than others. Or even, you may find other online bingo sites offer more than the current bingo site you are playing on. If you have discovered that you aren’t happy with the chat group you have joined, or the online bingo site then simply leave.

You don’t need to tell everyone voice you dissatisfaction to the group which may offend players. Don’t ruin what may be an enjoyable chat room for others. Let the others be free to make up their minds on where they want to play.

6. No Marketing

Do not make unsolicited requests, pitches or marketing spiels

Most players, if not all, are playing online bingo for the bingo entertainment. They aren’t there to buy a toaster or a new coach. So, if your intention is to join online bingo chat groups to drum up more sales for your business, DON’T do it. Other players do not want to be bombarded with unsolicited marketing material. Consequently, if you are reported by other players you may be banned from the chat group.

7. Be Cool 🙂

Be friendly and supportive to other players

Use appropriate emoji, language and acronyms. If unsure of acronyms ask the chat group, or private message a player that you have developed a repoir with. Players love to support each other with words of encouragement. This is what makes online bingo so different to other games, there is a community culture that brings long lasting enjoyment.


Online bingo is rising in popularity so knowing online bingo etiquette is extremely important. Online bingo etiquette is very much different from traditional bingo hall, it follows very much the etiquette of social media, email and instant messaging. If you become familiar with the top 7 rules of online bingo, this will enable a great gaming experience.

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