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Video Poker - Play Online for Real Money 5

While not as popular as slots or live dealer games, video poker still offers a thrilling online experience with many online casinos offering multiple variants to keep things exciting and fun. On this page, we will delve into what to expect when playing online and how to make the most out of your experience when playing for real money at an online casino.

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For the Video Poker fans you are in luck. There are so many variants of video poker online that you will never get bored. In fact, you may even find it difficult choosing one, such is the diversity and variety. The stimulating game play strategies, tips and playing hands contributes to video poker’s flexibility of being played anywhere and anytime.

The variants include but are not limited to:

jacks of better

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the original poker, from which many other poker variants branched out from. To this day it is still the most popular.

The game has a RTP of approximately 99.54%, however, I caveat this because it depends on how well you understand the odds of each scenario and consequently how you play your hand.

The objective is to create the best possible hand, but if you must hold a Jacks or higher card in your hand in order to win.

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Deuces wild

The game comes from the popular five cards standard draw game. All 2-cards in the five decks are wild representing any number on the decks. Use them to come up with winning card combinations. To make it wilder, it is possible to achieve a RTP of 100.76%, if you are lucky and play your cards right.

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Joker Wild

Joker wild or joker poker has one wild card ‘joker’. The card acts as any of the cards in the deck. Rules and strategies follow jacks or better with a 100.65% return to player percentage.

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Loose Deuces

The game has more wild cards than any other poker variant. Its gameplay is similar to that of Jacks or Better. The main differences are the RTPs with Loose Deuces can achieve up to 101.64%! Win with a Royal Flush with a maximum bet.

Bonus Poker

Bonus poker variants are taking the video poker online market by a storm. The advantage of playing bonus poker is that you get more for a single poker hand. Get any hand with four of a kind and receive amazing payouts. The return to player percentage for the game is 99.64%,

Aces and Eights

Another four of a kind winning game that pays more than any other online video poker variant. The payable varies from the others and the RTP is high with 99.78%. In the game, collecting four sevens might pay more than any fours.

Benefits of playing Online Video Poker

What to consider in an online casino

Securing a position at the best online video poker casinos online can be overwhelming and cumbersome. Identifying the casino and deciding on whether it offers amazing video poker games is the first challenge. To aid you, here are some of the factors you may use to gauge a casino before subscribing to their video poker services.


The most important element that players look for in a casino is secure and fair play. Particular licenses to operate and the right certification seals on casino games offer this assurance.

Available bonuses

Casino bonuses for video poker indicate an attractive playing platform. However, promotions come at a cost and favorable conditions improve your experience. Extend playing period using the promotions.

Free and Real money gaming options

Gaming platforms for online video poker offer both real money and free games. Free games are for people trying to enlighten and gain traction when playing video poker. Casinos offering free game options provide better platforms for real money games.

Mobile Gaming

Having a mobile platform, such as an application offers more convenient opportunities to play your favorite video poker variant. Playing is anywhere, anytime regardless of where you are time provided that internet access is uninterruptible.

Fast and easy banking methods

No player likes waiting around for the casino to release their winnings. The same way deposits to the casino are instant, players love instant withdrawals as well. These are not usually the case, but the less the time for withdrawals, the better and more reputable is a casino.

Game Variety

In this case, several online poker variants with suitable payout and amazing bonuses indicate a better chance at the casino. Ensure to have variety as it increases winning chances. Besides, you can sample each variation for the best time ever.

Tips for playing video poker online

Understand the game variant you are playing

Each variant has different gaming rules, while others have similar rules. Gameplay is also different and so are the payouts for each. A simple understanding of whichever variant you select will offer a chance at arriving at the best-paying poker hand.

Bet maximum coins with each game session

Maximum coins offer better chances at winning any wager you place. The best option is to work out the best gaming strategy. Maximum coins for the bet will earn you value in returns.

Understand the available pay structures from the casino

The payout structure of the game variant you engage in is crucial. Understanding the pay structure offers a chance to play to your strengths. Wild cards, for instance, offer a huge winning chance and try to draw them out for a huge payday.

Manage your money well

Your bankroll is an essential part of your gaming activities. Managing the money may extend your gaming period while preventing encroachment to other home funds or budgets. Do not bet excessively and a bankroll manager can help with gambling troubles that may arise.

History of Video Poker

Online video poker casino game is one with most recent history. Its discovery was in the 1970s, indicating the youthfulness of the game in comparison with other casino games. However, the game’s popularity grows with each passing minute surpassing many casino games.

The original video poker game was the Poker Matic developed in the 70’s. In 1980 to the 90’s, the developers became more creative and subdivided it to specific themes. From 2000, the video poker games gained notice. With technological advancement, the games continue to become one of the most cherished casino games online and offline.

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What are video poker payouts?

Poker payouts are similar even for video poker. Depending on the winning hand you get, you stand a chance to win different prices at different winning odds. The common winning combinations for many video poker games online include:

  • A royal flush which is the highest paying and most lucrative poker hand
  • A straight flush comes next
  • Four of a kind offers a more interesting outcome for many online video poker games
  • A full house is another choice
  • A flush
  • A straight
  • A three of a kind
  • A two pair
  • A pair of Better or Jacks

Are there specific strategies to employ when playing video poker online?

Yes! There are specific strategies for the game you can follow. The strategies are available for you to use when playing online video poker. There are also many tips on how to play video poker games online. Follow the above tips and stand a chance at winning a video poker jackpot.

For instance, if you have a three of a kind, a two pair, a straight flush, a four of a kind, a royal flush or a full house, you may consider discarding the three of a kind last two cards. It offers you a chance at winning using the four of a kind.

What is return to player percentages like on online video poker?

Return to player percentage is the average amount you get after placing a wager on video poker games. The amount comes as a percentage estimate of the amount you place for your wager. The RTP for video poker online games depend on the game variants. Some have over 100% RTPs, while others don’t go below 99% RTP. Look for the best variants RTPs and play for the best paydays.

Can I trust online video poker?

Yes, you can trust online casinos and sites that offer online video poker. The game utilizes a generator machine for generating the outcomes of the RNG. The code is difficult to exploit meaning casinos have no way of playing the outcomes to their favor. Besides, regulating bodies keep casinos at their best behavior, especially in client protection and security.

Does online video poker exploit all cards or some?

The number of deck of cards in each video poker game depends on the variant. The cards in each deck are either 52 without the joker or 53 if the joker is part of the deck. Any game can have a maximum of five different poker hands for a win. Some variants offer more than five hands providing more sinning chances.

However, the number of hands indicates the number of wagers you may need to place before securing a win. For individuals not used to video poker, these rules are often confusing. Try playing free video poker before trying the real money video poker on your select online casino. - Copyright 2018-2023