William Hill refund if 2nd

William Hill offers a refund if your horse finishes 2nd in selected races.

Are you looking to profit from horse racing matched betting?

This guide will show you:

Right, let’s get started.

See William Hill website for details of the daily selected races.

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Important terms

Here’s a list of the most important qualifying criteria:

For full promotion terms, see William Hill website promotions page for details.

William Hill refund if 2nd Strategy

So how do you approach this offer?

Let’s look at the best matched betting strategy.

Step 1: Choose a horse

Find a good qualifying bet. Check William Hill and the betting exchange for closely matched odds. You want a minimal difference between back and lay odds.

Or, use Oddsmonkey OddsMatcher or Racing Matcher to find a suitable qualifying bet.

A lower odds horse (odds of around 4.0) is more likely to finish second than a high odds horse (10.0+ odds). So, look for a horse between 4.0 to 7.0 odds.

Ideally, bet on a race with a small field (at least 4 runners). This will enhance your chance of triggering a refund.

Step 2: Place your qualifying bet

Here is a typical example for your first bet.

Bet £10 on a horse at William Hill. In this example, place a £10 bet on Advertise in the 1.35 Ascot (a 17-runner race).

Look for a race with fewer runners, but it’s important to find a no-loss or minimal loss bet.

Advertise is available at 5.5 back odds/5.5 lay odds.

Horse racing odds move up and down all the time. Place your qualifying bet quickly. Ensure you get 5.5 odds before the price may change.

Screenshot of William Hill refund if 2nd qualifying bet

First, click on your selected horse. It will then appear in the betting slip. Secondly, enter your £10 stake. Finally, click “Place Bet” to confirm your bet.

Great, now the initial bet is all sorted, it’s time to hedge your risk by ‘laying off’ at the exchange.

Step 3: Placing your lay bet

When matched betting, it’s vital to cover your back bet with a matching lay bet.

On Smarkets, navigate to the 1.35 Ascot race where you’ll find Advertise at odds of 5.5 to lay.

(Note: Smarkets shows the back odds in green on the left-hand side, while the lay odds appear to the right)

Screenshot of lay bet - Advertise 1.35 Ascot

Click on the 5.5 odds and place a £10 lay bet at odds of 5.5.

That’s it, you’ve now matched both sides of the bet. So, it doesn’t matter where Advertise finishes in the race, there’s zero risk.

You’ve managed to take £0 qualifying loss on your qualifying bet.

Now let’s see the potential outcomes.

Possible outcomes

Useful hints

While Betfair and Smarkets are popular for lay bets. It’s also worth looking at Matchbook or Betdaq as an alternative betting exchange.

You can combine this offer with other horse racing reloads. If you’re hoping for a 2nd place refund – why not bet on the same horse for Bet365 4/1 offer and/or Betfair Sportsbook 3/1 SP offer.

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