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Gigadat is Canada’s leading payment solution provider, specializing in the digital world and the preferred partner for many Canadian online casinos.

With over 35 years of experience, a huge team of experts, it’s no wonder that Canadian online players use Gigadat Inc’s services the most, out of all online payment providers. Having said that, you may find it surprising that many users are unaware that that are using Gigadat!

Gigadat’s platforms are more commonly known by their two popular payment options of Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer. Also thrown into the mix is Interac2Pay, another brand of Gigadat’s but is essentially the broader name that encompasses the online and electronic payment methods that they provide.

Gigadat has over 200 partnerships with Canadian financial institutions, and has the most of any providers with online casinos. Just recently, they announced that their partners, who may also have businesses in Europe, can extend their services to overseas markets.

Benefits of Gigadat Payment Services

Ease of Use

Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer is one of the easiest payment services to use. Connected directly to everyday Canadian banking services, the wide spread use makes it super convenient. There are no other third parties involved in the transfer process, the connectivity is seamless to a user’s banking app or mobile phone and the process is intuitive.

If you are new to the process, an account news to be established which only take a few minutes. Once created, payments can be sent with instantaneous processing by Gigadat.

To use Gigadat’s services of Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online, you can follow the simple, easy to follow Interac Guide.

Unrestricted Payments

The beauty of Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer is that payments to anywhere in the world are unrestricted. Unlike some banks, such as Scotiabank which won’t make payments to overseas online casinos, there is no restriction placed by Gigadat. Please note: It is NOT illegal to make payments to overseas online casinos, and infact, it is NOT illegal for Canadian residents to play on offshore online casinos. The flexibility that Gigadat provides is there if you need it.

Secure and Reliable

You will find that Gigadat provides the most secure and reliable payment service for online casino providers. They will ensure that your money is transferred to the online casino and any refunds are promptly returned to the Player. Often there will be instances, where the process breaks down, but this is due to the online casino not playing their part by the Player.

Processing Fees

Processing fees are the lowest among payment providers. You will see fees charged to the statement account as Gigadat rather than Interac. Often Players will query the Gigadat charges not realizing that these charges are in fact related to their Interac transaction. Remember, Gigadat and Interac are one and the same.

Built by Canadians for Canadians

Interac is a payment service built by Canadians for Canadians. Who would know the financial services and payment structure of Canada than Canadians whom built it themselves. There is no need to transact with credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and Amex, who charge higher fees, perform a slower service, especially when resolving complaints.


Being a Canadian service created by Canadians, Gigadat is of course compliant with all laws and regulation as required within Canada. It abides by and meets the financial services regulator FINTRAC requirements, and if fully compliant with Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws.

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Gigadat Complaints

Commonly complaints regarding Gigadat are unwarranted because they are pulled into the complaint lodged as a third party. Complaint scenarios typically are described as per below:

  • Player has initiated a deposit to an online casino.
  • Gigadat has take the deposit from the Players account and transferred the deposit to the online casino.
  • The online casino has not credited the Players account AND has not returned the funds to the Player.
  • Player investigates where the process has broken down, and it is ALWAYS at the online casino’s end.
  • Player lodges a complaint.

In this example, you can see that Gigadat is not at fault. The Player must therefore follow up with the Online Casino, but unfortunately must also obtain proof from Gigadat that the monies have been processed correctly by Gigadat.

How to Log a Complaint

Complaints typically results in working with Gigadat to obtain evidence that the process has not broken at their end. There is no Gigadat login portal to log a complaint, and therefore you must go through their normal contact form on their website. There is also no Gigadat phone or contact number available to call through.

Gigadat and Casinos

The relationship that Gigadat has with casinos is as a third party processor. Gigadat facilitates the transaction process by providing a medium of moving monies from the Players financial services provider through to the online casino financial services provider. This process is extremely reliable and secure, and often there is no valid reason for an online casino to not credit a Players account or return funds. It is therefore not Gigadat’s responsibility to ensure that the online casino has applied Players monies to a members account appropriately.

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Gigadat and Gaming

Gigadat not only partners online casinos, but is also expanding into the world of gaming, which includes: eSports, Video Games, social gaming, and other online entertainment that requires a payment facility. Their products easily integrate to this new wave of entertainment, which opens the industry to the wider Canadian public.

About Gigadat

Gigadat is Canada’s leading online payment services provider. Located in Winnipeg, Canada, it employs a large team of experts that are at the cutting edge of online payment innovation. Established 35 years ago, it has grown in leaps and bounds becoming the number one partner of onshore and offshore online casinos for Canadians. It’s two core payment platforms – Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer – are the two most used payment platforms used inter-bank in Canada.

In addition Gigadat also provides an e-Wallet product, that is safe and secure, with an easy sign on. The e-Wallet has state of the art protection, using the most advanced encryption methods.

With a strong foot print in Canada, it is looking to expand its product range as well as move abroad into other markets.