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The most Safe and Secure gambling payment method for Canadians

Interac is one of the most popular payment methods for players and online casinos. Developed as an inter-bank system within Canada it’s no wonder that it is quick, reliable and secure.

Interac is popular because it connects seamlessly to a Canadian bank account via the existing online banking facility. The protection and security that is found with the Canadian financial institution translates to the Interac payment method.

Unfortunately, if you don’t bank with a Canadian financial institution and in Canadian dollars, Interac will not be an available payment method for you.

But if you are one of the many lucky Canadians, or someone who banks with a Canadian bank and in Canadian dollars then

you can’t go wrong with Interac.

Interac is not a credit card system but rather a debit card system. This means you need to be careful with whom you are transferring your monies to as there is very little recourse if you have transferred to the wrong recipient. In this regard, Interac behaves very much like cash, only it is online. It’s that easy and simple to use.

Online casinos that accept Interac e transfer deposits

We review some of the online casinos that accepts Interac as a payment method. Some good, some bad, and some just plain crazy weird.

Sport Interaction Casino | place that sports bet!

The name says it all. Interac with Sports Interaction Casino. Perfect for patriotic Canadians, as the jurisdiction for this online casino is in Canada! So rest assured, using Interac with Sports Interaction could not be safer, easier or more efficient than any other payment method.

Sports Interaction offers a wide variety of games that includes slots, blackjack, poker and many more. They have both downloadable and online payable games.

Sloty Casino | slots heaven

If you are looking for slots, then go no further. This online casino has thousands of slot games. Literally – thousands! It offers themed slots, progressive and non progressive slots, classical and modern. You name it, Sloty Casino has go it all. Use Interac with Sloty Casino, safe and secure.

Rizk Casino | ritzy and classy

This casino has a wide array (but perhaps not as many as others) of gambling types on offer. Spanning from your typical live table games, electronic slot themed machines through to sports bets (mostly European sport games).

The Rizk Casino was established in 2016 and to be honest, hasn’t really made itself a stand out from the crowd. Usually, you should get a wow factor when simply logging on to an online casino site, but the Rizk Casino just doesn’t do it for me. It seems rather bland and dull. But hey, that’s me.

Guts Casino | that instinct

Yes, you would need Guts to bet at this Casino, affiliated with the Rizk Casino, it just looks a little dodgy when going through the game selection on their website. What is great about this site, however, is that it allows you free play for any of the games on offer. So give it a go! But jeez, I think they should change the casino name at least!

Casumo | psychedelic

Unique is the word to describe Casumo. It doesn’t even use the word casino as part of its name to describe it as an online casino! That is how unique it is. When jumping onto the site, what will hit you first is the colours. Wow! Even though I am partially colour blind, I can tell that this site is psychedelic. They’ve also got this weird, cutesy alien theme going.

But putting this distraction aside, the site is extremely easy to navigate and there is a massive variety of games to be played. With over 850 slot games on offer and live dealer games, Casumo is worth it!

Regulated under two (yes, that’s two!) districts, Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, you can be assured that Casumo is safe and secure.

Jackpot City | hit it big!

You have hit the jackpot with Jackpot City if you are in love with slots! Jackpot City is a slot game niche specialist. The games are fast, exciting and riveting. Translated in more that 26 languages, it obviously is trying to cater for the world. The bonus are reasonable and the gaming software is provided by the respectable big player – Microgaming.

mr. play | smooth

Is this casino name politically incorrect in this day and age? (I’m just kidding!) mr. play provides gaming from the market leaders NetEnt and Microgaming and is a relatively new entrant into the online Canadian casino industry.

Only arriving onto the scene in 2017, it has yet to firmly create a foot hold given how new the casino is. Nevertheless, I do like how they have designed their website, creating a simple yet fast design.

Casino Gods | may they give you riches!

Casino Gods is fresh and new to the market – starting off with a big bang! 1500 games! That’s right a whopping 1,500 games is being offered to the fine Canadian public. Backed by the Genesis Global company they are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. It’s fair to say that being the new comer, it caters for all the latest in innovation for payment methods, and thus easily caters for Interac e transfers.

Having said that, because it is so new, it’s difficult to say whether the quality in gaming, their customer service, reliability and trust is up where it is needed for a Player. Therefore, play with knowing this risk.

Naturally, because they are new to the market, they offer a fantastic Welcome Bonus!

  • With your initial deposit, you get 100% matched bonus plus 300 free spins,
  • Your second deposit, a match of 50%,
  • You third and fourth deposit, a match of 25%.

How to use Interac e transfer

There are two ways of using Interac – Interac Debit or Interac Online. Both ways are as effective and efficient as each other.

Interac Debit

You can use your Interac Debit card to make instant deposits to your online casino. To do this you can follow the below guide:

  1. Select the online casino that you would like to open an account with.
  2. Complete the online casino member details form.
  3. Once your member account has been created, select the payment method Interac Debit.
  4. Enter your Interac Debit card details.
  5. Enter your amount.
  6. Click submit.
  7. And now your ready to play!

Interac Online

To use Interac Online at an online casino you can follow the below guide:

  1. Select the online casino that you would like to open an account with.
  2. Complete the online casino member details form.
  3. Once your member account has been created, select the payment method Interac Online to top up your balance.
  4. Select the financial institution that you bank with.
  5. Go to your Online Banking and sign in.
  6. Select your bank account and amount and transfer.
  7. You will receive a confirmation of receipt at the online casino.

The benefits of using Interac Online are:

  • Your payment is masked from the online casino. Your personal and banking information is hidden and cannot be discovered by the online casino.
  • Your payment is made immediately and doesn’t require days to clear.

Why you should use Interac

  • Easy and Simple to use – The process of transferring monies is attached to your online banking process. So you don’t need to create a new online account or new passwords. Just use your normal online bank account and follow the normal online bank transfer process. It’s as easy and simple as that.
  • Security and Privacy – you have confidence, because the process is using your pre-existing bank’s security and privacy framework. This framework is part of the Canadian banking system and is one of the best inter banking networks in the world. Knowing this, you can play with confidence.
  • Tracking – because you are using funds direct from your bank account you can keep track easily of the funds going in and out. Simply check your online bank account transactions and balances and you can easily see how well you are playing.
  • Fees – Interac fees are minimal. Only $0.50 for a transaction under $100 or $1.00 for each transaction that is over $100. With a 1% or less transaction fee for $100 and above, Interac fees are extremely competitive. PLUS often these fees will be absorbed by the online casino.
  • Widely available – Many online casinos accept Interac as a payment method. So rest assured, your favorite online casino will be able to accommodate using Interac. Interac is growing in popularity, and to meet this demand, any reputable online casino will be offering Interac as a payment method.

Complaints and Disputes

In the unlikely event of a complaint or dispute first contact the online casino. If still unresolved contact your financial institution and they will have a complaints and dispute procedure that they will implement to help you. The procedure for complaints and disputed resolution is embedded in the financial institution framework of Canada. With strong regulatory controls and policies in place I therefore strongly recommend playing at Sport Interaction with the Interac payment method.

Slot machines

Owning slot machines for personal decorative use is legal in Canada, however the unfortunate news is that the law doesn’t even allow you to plug in the slot machine! The law stipulates that the machine must not be made usable if in personal individual ownership. However, I do believe, it would be extremely difficult for this rule of law to be policed, unless you are overtly using it for starting a gambling den.

In regards to using Interac as a form of payment in acquiring slot machines from other collectors. Without doubt – yes – Interac e transfers can be used if both parties are in agreement with the payment method.


If you are Canadian then you should use Interac as your preferred payment method. Interac is the most popular payment method for Canadian bank accounts with online casinos. The reliability, privacy protection and security that it offers is unsurpassed. And it blends in seamlessly with normal online banking transactions that is now part of everyday activity for Canadians. You can play with confidence using Interac.


Can Interac be used in the US?

Unfortunately not. Interac can only be used in Canada leveraging off the pre existing Canadian banking system.

What are the benefits of using Interac?

Interac is simple and easy to use, available on your mobile phone, and most of all, everyone uses it. It’s the most trusted and reliable payment method in Canada.

Can I use Interac as a payment method with Online Casinos?

You sure can. It’s not widely known, but online casinos in Canada accept Interact as a payment method! This makes is so easy for Canadians to deposit and play.

How many online casinos use Interac?

There is an inordinate number of online casinos that use Interac. At Gambledex, we are sure that nearly every online casino that is an established provider for Canadians will accept Interac as a payment method.

What is an Interac e transfer? And can it also be used for online casinos?

An Interac e transfer is the synonymous with Interac Debit and Interac Online Transfer. It can be a little confusing, but essentially most online Canadian casinos will accept Interac e transfers.

What do I do if I have performed an Interac e transfer deposit in error?

Sometimes mistakes do happen, and an Interac e transfer has been made to the wrong recipient. If you want to change recipients that the intended deposit was for, then proceed as follows:

1. First check that the funds have not left your bank account.
2. If they haven’t then quickly log into your online bank account or via your app and correct the email address or mobile number.
3. If you want to retract the deposit completely, you can cancel the payment.

Is it only online casino sites that accept Interac? What about online bingo sites?

Yes, both online casino AND bingo sites in Canada can accept Interac e transfers.