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Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

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Best 7 Blackjack Hacks For 2024 1

Want to be a better Blackjack Player?

Easy Blackjack hacks to help you play, win and enjoy more!

Blackjack is one of the best casinos games in regards to odds for Players. Yes, the overall long terms odds still favor the casino, however, it is the best game, along side Craps, for extending play time if the Player is disciplined.

In fact, any casino game favors the casino, and therefore the best hacks are more about extending play time and reducing losses rather than promising unattainable winnings. A professional blackjack card counter may sniff at the following recommended hacks, but most Players aren’t able to count cards, let alone know the percentage of winning or losing on hitting on a soft 17. So these following hacks are simple and easy to implement.

If you are considering in becoming a professional blackjack Player, don’t do it! Casino owners begin salivating when they hear Players wanting to learn to beat the system, because their profits will go up! The casinos recognize, that most likely you will not succeed, and if you do, they will spot you from a mile away and prevent you from playing at their casino.

To be a successful professional blackjack Player, not only do you need to count cards accurately, but you also need a large bankroll plus disguise your actions very carefully and avoid being black listed from the casino. The effort isn’t worth it.

So remember, the objective of these blackjack hacks are to increase your play time thereby increasing your entertainment. In the long run 99.9% of Players will lose against the casino, so why not learn how to extend your play time?

If you would like to discover simple hacks for extending your bank roll, having more fun at the casino, then please read on.

Hack 1. Less card decks the better

The fewer the deck of cards, the better the blackjack game, as long as the rules are the same.

Now this Hack is the only Hack that holds true for both a professional card counter and for the average Joe. The less deck of cards in the shoe means two things:

First, for a professional card counter, it is easier to count the cards and to keep track of remaining cards to be played. The less number of cards, the less variations, and the more certainty of calculating the odds of winning and losing when playing a hand.

Second, for the average person, the less decks means more shuffles. The more shuffles translates to less time being spent playing hands. Through playing less hands you will extend your bank roll. For many readers, this may sound trivial, but I kid you not, this is a very simple hack and it will help you subconsciously extend your play time.

Hack 2. Go with the old school, hand shuffle

Play with a dealer that shuffles by hand rather than using the automatic “one blink” shuffle machine.

Casino’s love any device or process that speeds up the playing of blackjack rounds (or any casino game for that matter). You see, the quicker the hands are played, the faster you will lose. It’s as simple as that. Hence casinos love it when you play faster.

A casino’s goal is therefore to find the fastest way to play hands. Machine card shufflers are much faster than shuffling by hand. Ridiculously fast and less exciting.

Hence, if you can find a dealer that manually shuffles by hand, play at his table and thank him for his hard work.

Hack 3. Slow dealer

The slower the dealer, the longer the hands.

In keeping to the objective of extending play time, look for dealers which are slower than others. There are two benefits in finding a dealer which is “slow”.

Firstly, the turn over of hands is much slower. The dealer will take more time collecting cards, dealing out cards, collecting and paying out losses and wins respectively. Going at a slower pace will therefore extend your play time.

Secondly, a slow dealer could mean less experience and an error may more likely occur in your favor. An error that goes against you, you will naturally call out! (I hope!). Of course, this assumption is on very shaky ground, but hey, if there is a chance that it might be true then it’s an extra bonus to you.

Find a slow dealer and develop a rapport with him. Part of the enjoyment of the game is not only socializing with other Players, but with the Dealer as well.

Hack 4. The more the merrier

The more players playing with you the better!

Again, in keeping to the objective of extending play time, the more players at the table translates to longer rounds.

Never ever play by yourself at a blackjack table. When I see this happening I wonder what is the Player thinking? More often than not, the Player is in a bad state of mind, upset, distressed and perhaps looking for a quick comforting win. Playing by yourself is boring and you will lose quickly – a double whammy!

With more players around the table, the longer it takes to play a round. Plus it’s also a lot more fun!

Playing with others is what is the most entertaining aspect of playing blackjack. Develop a rapport with them, enjoy the chit chat and banter.

Hack 5. Avoid payouts of blackjack 6-5

Casinos offer paying out only 6-5 for blackjack aren’t worth playing on.

Normally casinos will pay $15 on a $10 blackjack, but for 6-5 casino payers, the return is only $12 to $10. In this example, you can see the casino has saved $3! And you have lost $3!

Avoid playing at blackjack tables that only offer 6-5 for blackjack. Odds significantly reduce for the Player, and you will soon quickly realize that your bank roll has vanished.

Hack 6. Surrender early and win!

A casino that offers “Early Surrender” is now as common as panning for gold in a river i.e. it’s as rare as hen’s teeth.

Now, I’m not saying that if you find a blackjack game that offers Early Surrender you will become rich, BUT it will certainly reduce your losses and extend your playing time significantly.

An Early Surrender allows a player to surrender his hand before the dealer checks to see if she has blackjack. This enables the Player to partially lose the wagered bet which is fantastic for increasing winning odds. Unfortunately, Early Surrenders are very rarely offered at casinos nowadays.

Hack 7. Splitting fundamentals

Look for blackjack versions that offer splitting. Once found, use the following splitting fundamentals. Irrespective of other blackjack rules which maybe prevalent, the same splitting fundamentals apply.

  • Always split aces,
  • Always split 8’s,
  • Never split 5’s,
  • Never split 10 and picture cards.

If you can remember the above splitting rules and implement them during game time, this will put you on the happy path. Remember, this doesn’t mean that if you follow these rules you will win, BUT it does mean that this gives you the best chance of winning.


Unless you intend to become a professional blackjack Player, the system cannot be beaten. Therefore the objective of these Hacks is to ultimately extend your playing time at the casino.

The 7 Blackjack Hacks can be summarized as follows:

Hack DescriptionGoodBad
Other playersManyLittle
Blackjack Pay Outs3 to 26 to 5
Early SurrenderYesNo

Anyone can implement these great hacks. They are easy and simple to follow, and the only two hacks that require a form of discipline is Hack 6 and Hack 7. With these hacks you should be able to extend your playing time and enjoy the game.

Enjoy playing blackjack and good luck!

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