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Washington Online Bingo - find the best online bingo sites in Washington

Bingo in Washington is booming in popularity. With over 182 bingo halls to choose from, there is plenty of fun, prizes and action!

As you may already know, Washington has many tribal casinos which also offer bingo halls as part of their casino operations. Unfortunately, it is only at the tribal casinos that bingo halls can be found and not at any of the commercial casinos. Nevertheless, the fun and excitement offered at existing casinos is high quality and great family entertainment.

Alternatively, why don’t you give online bingo a try? It’s safe, popular, and just as exciting as the land based.

Washington Online Bingo

Washington online bingo is very popular. In fact Washington ranks as one of the top ten US States with residents playing online bingo. Often the question is asked “is it legal to play online bingo?” Washington gambling laws do not specify explicitly whether online gambling is legal or illegal. Gambling laws, similar with many other states, are outdated, complex and ambiguous.

Because of this, you will find that many online bingo sites accept Washington players. Hence Washington ranks as one of the US States with the most online bingo players.

Now, although many players are playing online, this does not mean it may not be illegal. Who knows? And would law enforcement agencies have the ability to track, let alone expend the effort to lay charges? Highly unlikely.

So check out the best 3 online bingo sites that we recommend for Washington players.

Best 3 Online Washington Bingo Sites

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How to Play Online Bingo

If you are familiar with playing at land based bingo halls, then playing online will be easy to adapt to. In fact, online bingo offers many of the playing tasks such as screening for numbers and daubing be automated. I personally, don’t like to have this function on, as I enjoy manually daubing the numbers myself.

Other differences, of course, include the fact that communication is online. And this means, there’s a whole new world of bingo lingo to learn. Learning the bingo lingo is fun and easy. It’s a great way of interacting with other players, and has it’s funny moments!

Apart from lingo and automation, online bingo is very much the same as land based bingo.

Washington Bingo Halls

There are over hundreds of bingo venues throughout Washington. We have therefore picked the most popular venues to review for you. Enjoy!

Tulalip Bingo

2911 Quil Ceda Blvd, Marysville

Washington Online Bingo - Tulalip bingo and slots. One of the best places to play bingo in Washington

Not an overcrowded or packed bingo hall. In recent years the casino has done it up nicely by installing a little drinks bar, and a few more slot machines and pull tabs. A nice little cafe which serves hot food is located to the side of the bingo hall. Overall a really nice place to chill and play bingo.

Muckleshoot Indian Bingo

2117 Auburn Way South 98002 Auburn

Washington Online Bingo - Muckleshoot, come here for all your bingo action.

This place is crazy popular. Provides both paper and machine bingo. Players love to come hear to play for the the state of the art bingo. The food is fantastic, as well as the customer service. The only slight blemish is that you must walk through the smoking section to get to the non smokers area. Also if you are a slots fan, you can play them on the side as well!

B.J.’s Bingo

4411 Pacific Highway E 98424 Fife

Washington Online Bingo - BJ Bingo, you will love it. Wide variety, plenty of action and fun!

An awesome and very clean and tidy casino. Doesn’t have the same peak hour crowded problems of the other wildly popular bingo venues. Has both a non smoker and smoker slot room. The bingo hall is huge and can fit over 500 people. Once a week they offer free play and the food is excellent. The staff genuinely treat their customers with respect and service that they deserve.

40 Et 8 Bingo Parlor

7607 NE 26th Ave, Vancouver

Washington Online Bingo - BJ Bingo, you will love it. Wide variety, plenty of action and fun!

An extremely welcoming and friendly bingo hall, which makes it great for beginners. The staff take the time for new players to explain the rules and lead them through it. The buy in is very affordable. A lot of great fun, that won’t blow your wallet. Food is available and is of great quality. You can’t go wrong with playing at 40 Et 8 Bingo Parlor.

SYSA Bingo

1221 N Howard St, Spokane, WA 99201

Washington Online Bingo - Sysa Bingo, small, compact and action packed!

This is a relatively small bingo hall when compared to the other venues available in Washington, but smaller doesn’t necessarily mean less fun. The staff are extremely patient and willing to take the time to teach new players the in’s and out’s of bingo. Very professional and courteous. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any hot food at this venue. But still a lot of fun!

Bingo Gambling Laws

The legislation in Washington according to the statute RCW 9.46.0205 declares that the minimum age to play bingo is 18 years or older.

The statute also defines bingo as “a game conducted only in the county within which the organization is principally located in which prizes are awarded on the basis of designated numbers or symbols on a card conforming to numbers or symbols selected at random and in which no cards are sold except at the time and place of said game…”

In accordance with this definition there are therefore many bingo halls in Washington that are permitted to operate. The are governed by the Washington State Gambling Commission, which regulates the licensing and operating of bingo in Washington.

Within the gambling Acts of Washington, reference is made to Unlicensed Gambling Activities for Charitable / Non Profit Organizations. Unlicensed bingo events are allowed at a maximum of twice a year and if the total proceeds does not exceed $5,000.

If any of these criteria are not met, a license is required to be obtained from the Washington State Gambling Commission.

Only charitable or non profit organizations may apply for a license.

Enjoy Playing Bingo!

We hope this page has been helpful with understanding bingo playing options for Washington players. There are many land based venues to play at, as well as the option of playing online. Online bingo is booming in popularity, not only in Washington, but across the US.

Have fun playing bingo!


Can I play at Washington Online Bingo Sites?

Yes you can. There are many online bingo sites that accept Washington players.

What is the minimum age to play at Washington online bingo sites?

The minimum age is 18 to play at Washington online bingo sites.

How do I find an online bingo site?

We list our top 3 bingo sites for Washington players as Bingo Spirit, Bingo Fest and Cyber Bingo. But of course, you can find many others to play at by searching on the internet.

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