GCash Sabong

Cockfighting is now playable with GCash!

Sabong gambling is a popular form of GCash gambling in the Philippines. Thousands of players love placing a bet on cockfighting. For the casual observer, it may appear that choosing a winner is random, however, there are many experts that believe that they can spot a winner.

Accordingly, due to the gambling method being pari-mutual, odds adjust to balance out the bets being placed on each cock.

With the advancement in internet sites, gambling on sabong as moved to a fast paced, frictionless environment. Players can now create an online betting account, use GCash to fund their account, and place bets 24/7. The convenience of gambling e-sabong is unbeatable.

Of course, when choosing an online site that offers gambling on sabong, it is important to select one that is honest, trustworthy and offers features that making playing sabong fun!

Look through our recommended online sabong sites to get the best cockfighting action.

Best GCash Sabong Sites

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PitMasters – Most Popular GCash Sabong

PitMasters is one of the best live stream cocking fight sites and app to play at.

It only accepts players who are 21 years or older, so make sure you can prove this to enable withdrawal of your winnings.

To begin playing

PitMasters Sabong offers clear HD viewing through mobile devices and desktops. Professionally screened, with multiple angles, players can choose from front on, to side viewing action. Bets can be easily viewed to the side of to the screen layout for desktops, whilst swiped through to on a mobile device.

The greatest feature of betting with PitMasters is that there are many other regular bettors. This is important to note, because the more bettors, the bigger the winning pool. Other sabong sites, generally have less players, which diminishes the winnings. On the other hand, if you are one of the better bettors who does not want to compete with professional bettors then you may want to consider a less popular e-sabong.

PitMasters accepts GCash, along with other various Filipino payment methods. Their GCash betting is seamless and easy to use for players. Simply select GCash as the payment method to top up your account, and transfer from your GCash account to theirs. Once credited to your account, you can immediately begin to bet on sabong.

Why use GCash for Online Sabong?

GCash is the most popular payment method in the Philippines. It is fast, easy and reliable and everyone is using it. Naturally, online sabongs want to provide the best playing experience, and they too have extended their payment methods to include GCash.

Players will find using GCash to at online sabongs super convenient. Simply connect your GCash to your online sabong account, and you can easily make a deposit and withdrawal using real pesos.

Some sabong sites, will convert your pesos to points on deposit. And on withdrawal, will convert the points back into pesos. The outcome is exactly the same as if you were playing with pesos directly.

Using GCash means you can deposit fast, play fast and withdraw fast.

You would be crazy not to use GCash to play at online sabong if you are a Filipino.

How to play Sabong

In the game of Sabong two cocks are pitted against each other to fight. Before a game starts, bets are placed on either cock to win. Betting time before a game is generally within the hour. From a players point of view, when betting with e-sabong, that accumulation for each cock will be able to be seen.

The cock with the most placed on it, prior to the start of the game, is assigned the color Red. Whilst the cock with the least bets placed on it is assigned the color Blue. It is often misunderstood that the stronger and bigger cock is assigned the color Red, however this is not true. It is based simply on which cock has the most bets.

The Red cock begins in the left hand corner of the ring, and the Blue cock starts from the right hand side.

As bets begin to firm in the lead up to the game starting, odds will adjust to even out the betting. Bettors will then begin to adjust their bettings to allow for the changes in odds.

Once the count down to placing bets has expired, the sabong will begin. The fighting will eventuate with a winner, after which bets will be paid out.

It’s an exciting form of gambling that is very popular in the Philippines.

Enjoy GCash Sabong!


Is it legal to bet on Cockfighting in the Philippines?

Yes, it is legal if you are 21 years or older. Cockfighting is a permitted form of gambling, which requires operators to be licensed and regulated by PAGCOR (the Philippines government gambling department).

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