New Online Casinos in India [2023]

If you are looking for the latest new online casinos for Indian players, we have created the ultimate guide for you. Whether you are wanting the most up-to-date in gaming, the most competitive Welcome Bonus, or just something new and different, we have covered it for you.

India is fortunate to have many online casinos to choose from. The Indian market is open yet regulated allowing a constant flow of new entrants. A flourishing market is great but is not without hazards to avoid. There can be illegitimate casinos which deceptively have an attractive landing page but under the hood have limited games or, worse yet, do not payout winnings.

As a result, choosing a new online casino in India is not as easy as it may seem. Hence Gambledex has created a vetted list, displaying only new casinos that can be trusted as one of the primary attributes. In conjunction with trust, we also consider game selection, iGaming software providers, supported Indian dialects, Indian payment methods and much more.

Our Guide helps lead you through considerations for choosing new online casinos in India.

New Online Casinos in India

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There are many benefits with choosing a new online casino. We discuss some of the leading benefits with choosing a new online casino.

Modern banking methods

New online casinos tend to have a more comprehensive range of banking methods. Understandably no online casino will be able to cater for every payment available in India, due to costs, efficiencies and logistics. However, you will find that the popular digital e-wallets, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum will be offered.

Game innovation

Gaming technology is changing all the time, with the latest games offered by the new casinos having better graphics, audio, features and rewards. By far the majority of new casinos continue to partner with tried and test iGaming providers, however some will venture partnering with niche gaming software companies, which offer something different.

Competitive Welcome Bonuses

The fortunate aspect of the Indian online casino market is that it is open to new entrants. As a result, there is a healthy competition for new players, which is great for you. New online casinos are attempting to build a reputation. In order to do this, they need to offer Welcome Bonuses that are attractive and will beat other casinos. There are other aspects that they consider to gain market share, and that is with great rewards, free play, gaming selection and customer support. However, by far the primary driver is how competitive their Welcome Bonus is.


Choosing a new online casino, not only has pros but also cons. It’s important to understand these cons, to help you minimise the risk of signing up and playing at a poor casino.


A new online casino has yet to establish a reputation. Without a reputation it is difficult to determine whether the casino can be trusted. It therefore becomes a gamble in itself to work out if a new online casino can be trusted or not. To prevent the risk, there are methods that you can follow which we discuss further.

Genuine odds

Odds become a concern if the iGaming provider that the new online casino has partnered with is not well known. Generally, a well known iGaming provider has games which have been audited thoroughly across many years to ascertain that the odds are genuine. For new and / or niche iGaming providers their games may not offer real fair odds.

Game quality

There’s no point in accepting a great Welcome Bonus if the gaming quality is poor. Why bother if the games are boring and there are no jackpots to be won? New casinos can be prone to offering a limited selection of games and a quality that is boring or worse, do not work.

Safe and secure

Safety and security is paramount when playing at an Indian online casino. Not only does this mean that your player balance will be maintained and winnings paid out, but that the minimal amount of personal information is required to start playing. It’s often not necessary to produce extensive personal information, which can be of risk of being stolen if provided. A new online casino should be safe and secure, but also not require extenisive personal information which can be stolen by hackers.

What to pay attention to when choosing a new online casino

When choosing a new online casino, that is a check list that you can follow per below. We discuss them in detail so that you can understand what to look out for.


All online casinos, whether they are new or not, need to be licensed. If they are not licensed do NOT play at them. To check if an online casino is licensed, you can go to the bottom of their homepage, and you should be able to find their licensed jurisdiction and license details. From here, proceed to the organisation that administers the licensing and ascertain that the online casino’s license is authentic.

Casino Owner and Operator

All casinos have an owner and an operator that govern the policies of an online casino. When we refer to policies, we are not referring to the terms and conditions disclosed for players, but rather the behind the scenes decision making that only an owner and operator will unofficially abide by. That is, the majority of casino owners and operators understand that by doing the right thing by lawmakers, licensing requirements that can create and generate a long terms playing environment for the benefit of everyone. Those that do not, not only ruin their own brands but also others. It is therefore important to play at casinos with known casino owners and operators that have developed a reputation of trust and honesty.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses are always at the forefront of considerations, which is natural for players. But do not get carried away if the Welcome Bonus is overwhelmingly better than all others. More often than not, a Welcome Bonus that is too good to be true, is truly not true. Pay attention to online casinos that offer excessive Welcome Bonuses, because they require substantial capital and quality gaming to ensure they can attract players and pay out winnings. Therefore, in our experience, it’s vital to not always not go with the highest Welcome Bonus (unless the casino owner and operator has developed a solid reputation), but rather mid to near top.

Game Selection

There currently is a huge range of games to choose from. Extremely popular at the moment is Live Casino gaming which streams direct to your playing device. With Live Casino you can play with a real dealer with real casino odds. There are plenty of features to vary your betting to increase the level of excitement and winnings. Live Casino operators partner with iGaming providers who excel with providing professional dealers, excellent lighting and viewing, and advanced technology for interaction. New online casinos must offer Live Casino nowadays as it is becoming the expectation among players. If they don’t, you really have to question why, because it just doesn’t make sense. Perhaps in the past this would be acceptable, but not now.

Along with Live Casino, all new online casinos will offer the traditional slot games, table games and niche games. These games are the “original” and should also be made available. If not, a definite alarm bell to avoid the casino.

Some new games include Provably Fair Games. These games allow you to test whether the odds of the game are genuine through the use of a code. Without going into detail, these games offer assurance of real gambling odds.

Choosing a new online casino should take into consideration the games that they offer.

iGaming Software Partners

The games that are offered by an online casino are provided by iGaming software companies. These are the companies that develop the software for playing the games, who then distribute to casino platforms so that they can offer them to their players. It’s therefore important to ascertain that the iGaming Software provider has a good reputation of quality and real gambling odds.

Often confused, is whether the duty paying out winnings is the responsbility of the iGaming software company. This short answer is “no”. The iGaming company simply creates the game for players to play, while it’s the casino operator that is required to process deposits and withdrawals.

The iGaming company must create quality gaming and genuine odds, and hence is an indicator to base selection upon.

No Deposit Free Play

The safest way to get started at a new online casino is to use no deposit play. Not many casinos offer this, however for the some that do, it offers a no risk environment for you to try their games and perhaps even win! Often there are terms and conditions for the winnings to be withdrawn and the no deposit bonus may be small. Nevertheless, it’s risk free play with nothing to lose.

If a new online casino offers no deposit bonuses then it’s a good sign that you can play risk free.

Accepts Players from India

It might be obvious that you should choose a new online casino that accepts players from India, however, you will be surprised as to how many players do not check. Though the risk is small, there have been some instances where Indian players have created an account and made a deposit, only to find that Indians are not accepted. The inconvenience of then needing to refund a deposit, can easily be avoided by checking in the terms and conditions if players from India are accepted.

Supports several Indian dialects

It helps when a casino has gone out of its way to cater for the needs of Indian players by offering Hindi, or even Bengali, Magahi and various other dialects. Playing at an online casino that you can understand in your own language helps immensely, especially when playing at Live Casinos in which you its ideal to have a dealer that can speak your language.

Indian deposit and withdrawal methods

There are always new and wonderful payment methods that are being created for Indians with the most popular being mobile wallets Paytm, PhonePe, MobiKwik to make a deposit with. Other common deposit and withdrawal methods include debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards. But also gaining a lot of traction is the use of bitcoin (BTC) and alternative cryptocurrencies.

Make sure you choose a new online casino that offers your deposit and withdrawal method.

How to Avoid Bad New Online Casinos

Whilst we have outlined what you need to take heed of to choose a new online casino, we out below how to avoid the bad ones.

Spelling and Grammar errors

It’s not binary that if a casino has poor spelling and grammar that it should be avoided, but the risk is high that the casino isn’t up to the standard that players expect. A professional new online casino should have all information available, articulated clearly and concisely without error. Understandably, we all make mistakes, but being careful and detailed is the bench mark. Sloppy and poorly worded instructions, terms and conditions are an indicator that the casino should be avoided.

Too good to be true bonuses

A new online casino undoubtedly wants to enter the market with competitive bonuses. Often, you will find rewarding Welcome Bonuses to choose from, which is great for players. However, if one should standout immensely when compared to others, this should ring alarm bells. Though it is possible that the casino is being genuine with its Welcome Bonuses, however, there is also the risk that the casino is extending beyond its reach and may not be able to process your winnings or withdrawals down the track.

Avoid casinos that have bonuses that are too good to be true.

Bad reviews

Often players who have experienced a loss will write a review that criticises the online casino. In most instances, this is unfair because long term odds are stacked against a player. But, in some cases a complaint is warranted and should be considered. To filter the genuine complaints from the fake, search through casino review sites, and compare their recommendations.


An unlicensed online casino should be avoided at all costs (even those which are licensed but have not displayed their licensing details on their site). There are many dangers with playing an unlicensed casino, such as not processing withdrawals, no real gaming odds, poor gaming selection, potential exposure of personal details and many more.

It goes without saying too much, an unlicensed casino is fraught with danger.

Popular New Online Casinos

The most popular new online casinos all have similar attributes that when considered holistically offer an overall good playing experience. Generally they are new brands realeased from casino operators that have developed an excellent reputation of trust and honesty, offer competitive welcome bonuses, are licensed and have payment methods that are common in India.

New Live Casinos

Indian new Live Casinos are mostly operated by Visionary iGaming or Fresh Deck Studios. These two live casino providers are globally the largest providers and offer the best that is available. Look for online casinos that have partnered with either of these two operators and you can be assured of a great Live Casino experience. In addition, you should be able to find live dealers that can speak your local Indian dialect.

New Slot Casinos

Slot games are the bread and butter of online gaming, with plenty to choose from. You will find the latest and newest slot games not only at new but also established online casinos. New slot games are often released by iGaming software providers and are on display at partnered online casinos.

New Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin is a popular casino deposit method in India. Many new online casinos accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to make a deposit. Making a bitcoin deposit is relatively easy, following the same process as you would when transferring bitcoin to any third party. To find the casino’s wallet, you will first need to create a player account, have it activated then proceed to the banking section.

New Ethereum Casinos

Ethereum is the second most used cryptocurrency behind bitcoin. Finding Ethereum Casinos in India can be difficult because bitcoin remains the dominant cryptocurrency, however there are a few quality new casinos which have come out which do accept Ethereum as a deposit and withdrawal method.

New Mobile Casinos

Mobile Casino gaming is becoming the norm, whether it be playing on a mobile phone, iPad, tablet or any other device. Often players are mistaken that an app is needed to be downloaded, however this cannot be further from the truth. Casino designers have created online gaming direct from any browser with dynamic rendering. Hence, if the mobile device can connect to the internet and open any internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, then connection can be made to the online casino with the layout rendered correctly. The ability to code sites with a dynamic layout that fits any mobile device is an advancement in technology that not many players are aware of.

New Casinos with Welcome Bonuses

The new online casinos for Indians that are looking for top quality Welcome Bonuses will be please to know that there are plenty to choose from. That said, it’s important to know that not all can be trusted. Read the reviews carefully, as well as Terms and Conditions and ensure that the online casino is licensed in a known jurisdiction like Malta, Cyprus, UK or Canada. - Copyright 2018-2023