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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

GambleDex was created in 2018 with one simple goal in mind. Provide accurate, transparent and truthful information. We do our best to not only review and check casino bonuses from all over the web, but to also take feedback from visitors of our site to provide the information required to gamble safely online.

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 1

No Registration – Just pay and play!

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 2

Pay N Play Casinos are taking the world by storm. Find the Best Pay N Play Casinos!

Leading online casinos are using Pay N Play’s unparalleled player processing as there is a huge demand by players for this convenience.

In fact, their sign up, depositing and withdrawal process is so fast and convenient that it arguably doesn’t exist!

Pay N Play – seamless advanced payment method, NO online casino account required.

Taking the world by storm is the new payment method for online casinos and players called Pay N Play. If you are looking for a payment method that is quick and easy to use, trusted and efficient then look no further.

Pay N Play uses your online BankID to establish a new account literally within minutes. It seamlessly links up with your bank account or payment account for near instant real money depositing and withdrawal. It utilizes the pre-existing security of the bank account and transfers this information to the online casino without the need for player intervention. Of course, this is performed all online, at your convenience, anywhere and anytime, through your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

This means as a player you DO NOT need to create an online account with the online casino!

Unlike other online casinos you therefore can play Pay N Play Casinos without the need to complete a long registration form, populating usernames and passwords, waiting for member account creation, and inconvenient delays in depositing and withdrawals.

The magic is through your BankID and that’s it!

That’s right! Your own bank account becomes the online casino account and transactions are withdrawn and deposited at the end of each playing session. Near real time instant payout with the safety and protection of your own bank provider.

This means less forms and faster processing of transactions for players than any other payment method that is currently available.

You don’t need to top up or withdraw from an online casino members account to your own bank account anymore.

Best Online Casinos Pay N Play

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Key Benefits

  • No registration for an online account
  • No online identification required
  • Instant Withdrawals and Deposits on cash out to your bank account
  • No hidden fees

What is Pay N Play?

Pay N Play is a deposit and payment method that utilises a Know Your Customer (KYC) automated process facilitating your banks pre-existing anti money laundering framework, so that you don’t need to populate any forms. In fact you don’t even need to create a players’ casino account with the online casino, and use your bank account for direct deposits and withdrawals. It is the easiest method for online casino players out there. Honestly, there is nothing that can beat it for convenience, security and reliability.

Can I trust Pay N Play?

Trustly, the name of the creator of Pay N Play, says it all. With their core principle of trust, Trustly has also a created a payment method that is secure, reliable and fast. Thousands of online players are using Pay N Play successfully and with great satisfaction. Trustly has been operating Pay N Play now for several years and online casino players are drawn to it.

It’s no wonder that there are over hundreds of online casinos that have signed up to use Pay N Play.

How does Pay N Play work?

One of the biggest overheads of operating an online casino is ensuring Know Your Customer (KYC) details are collated and maintained. To do this, various forms are often required from players to be completed when they open an account with an online casino or when they change bank accounts. However, Pay N Play has the ability to draw this information from the underlying bank institution, without inconvenience to the player, and pass this onto the online casinos. Pay N Play acts as the perfect medium from bank account to online casino. So say good bye to opening an online casino account! The simplification is a boon for players and online casinos alike.

Why is Pay N Play by Trustly so effective?

It the past, and still is for many online casinos that haven’t taken up using Pay N Play, the registration and payment process has been extremely cumbersome. Several factors contribute to a lengthy and inconvenient process for players.

Firstly, governments around the world work together to ensure a safe and clean playing environment via a process called Know Your Customer (KYC). KYC requires new members that sign up with any financial institution and online casinos to complete a lengthy registration process. For many years online casinos were not able to create a frictionless process for online players.

Secondly, online casinos began with creating online player member accounts to keep record of deposits, winnings and withdrawals. A process that required account creation, setup and usernames and passwords.

Trustly is the first and currently the only company to create a payment process that utilizes the online player’s bank KYC details to avoid unnecessary duplication and effort for the player. Why ask the online player to complete another KYC lengthy registration process, when their bank has already done it! Hence, it is through the use of your bankID that facilitates the speed and convenience of signing up to a Pay N Play Casino.

Trustly also recognised that through the facilitating of KYC requirements, they could dispense with creating an online casino players account for the purposes of storing deposits and withdrawals. Pay N Play Casinos use your underlying bankID to fund the online gaming! How amazing is that!

Trustly’s Pay N Play processing is truly seamless. Their innovations extends across all forms for PC and mobile devices. Their apps are available on iOS, Android and Windows. They are compliant with banking regulations in the countries in which they operate. They are trusted, reliable and offer the most secure in payment processing.

In 2021, Trustly now has a presence in over 30 countries in Europe. Their key markets, include Sweden, Finland and Germany. In 2019, Trustly processed over 30 million Pay N Play transactions. We anticipate that in 2021this will only grow further.

Pay N Play Expansion

Pay N Play is created by Trustly, and growth in using Pay N Play has grown exponentially in the past twelve months. The features of efficiency, trust and reliability is proving to be a winner with players and online casinos. First launched for a small group of countries including Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and Estonia, it will soon be made available to Canada, US, Australia and the UK, if banking partnerships can be formed.

How it Works

Sign Up through Trustly’s Pay N Play Casinos

The Sign Up process is also the same as creating a deposit. Trustly and the Pay N Play Casino are still held responsible and accountable for meeting KYC requirements and they have smartly satisfied this requirement without inconveniencing the player. When a player logs on to a Pay N Play Casino a Bank ID is required to be entered. This information is safely encrypted and used to retrieve KYC from the underlying bank. Simultaneously a temporary staging table is established to store KYC information which is then subsequently forwarded to regulators.

Deposit with Trustly’s Pay N Play Casinos

  • Click on Play Now for the relevant Pay N Play Casino you want to play at
  • On the Play N Play Casino page, click on Instant Play
  • Type in the amount you would like to deposit at the Pay N Play Casino
  • Select your Country
  • Select your Bank
  • Select your Bank Account
  • Enter your BankID
  • Verify the transaction via text message, email, phone or app authenitication
  • Now play!

As you can see there is:

  • No registration
  • No play account
  • No username
  • No password

Withdrawal at Pay N Play Casinos using Trustly

  • Click on My Account
  • Click on Withdrawal/Cash Out
  • Select Trustly
  • Select Country
  • Enter your Bank ID
  • Type in the amount you would like to withdraw
  • Click Confirm

How to use Pay N Play Guide with screen shot references

There are only 5 simple steps to follow for using Pay N Play, and none of these steps require you to fill in any personal details. This is indicative of how seamless and effortless the process is to you as a Player.

Step 1: Enter a deposit amount

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 3

Step 2: Select your country

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 4

Step 3: Select your bank

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 5

Step 4: Enter your Bank details, Username and Password and START PLAYING!

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 6

Step 5: Withdraw your winnings!

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 7

How to choose the best Pay N Play Casino

Pay N Play Casinos are great to play on, because of the Pay N Play seamless process for players. But each Pay N Play Casino offers that own player rewards, bonuses and prizes, terms and conditions.

Choosing the right Pay N Play Casino for you is very important.

We outline a few tips and tricks to help you choose the best Pay N Play Casino.

Top 5 Pay N Play Casino Tips and Tricks

  1. Player rewards: Use our guides to compare player rewards. Depending on what you are looking to play at some Pay N Play Casino’s may offer better player rewards for you than others.
  2. Games: Make sure you are comfortable with the games you want to play. The game that you want to play, should align with the Player rewards that you are looking for. For example, if you are a slot player, then look for the Pay N Play Casino that offers the best Player rewards for slots.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions: The player rewards are usually tied to specific Terms and Conditions. Make sure you look at the terms and conditions so you are aware of withdrawal requirements.
  4. Bonus Codes: Check for bonus codes on the site. The Pay N Play Casino’s may offer special bonus codes. These often change, and they display these codes on their site. So check it out, as you register to play with them. Nobody likes bad surprises. So it’s important to know certain details about the casino before playing. Find out about
  5. Bonus: Just like other online casinos Pay N Play Casinos also offer bonuses. These may come in many different forms. Some give you extra credit to play with. Some are free spins, and others are no deposit gaming. Bonuses can also be offered at various stages of a players relationship with the Pay N Play Casino. It could be a Welcome bonus, Loyalty Bonus, Referral Bonus – there are so many.

We’ll quick define a few for you:

Welcome Bonus – this bonus is for new Pay N Play Casino players. When you Sign Up to a new online Pay N Play Casino they may offer you a bonus. This bonus is often called a Welcome bonus. Different Pay N Play Casinos will offer varying Welcome Bonuses. Some will give you extra bank roll, but capped to a limit. Some may give you extra bank roll, but the bank roll must be used for a particular game, for example Slots. Others may stipulate terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements before the welcome bonus can be withdrawn.

No Deposit Bonus – Some Pay N Play Casinos will allow a player to sign up and play with out the need to make a deposit. This Bonus is referred to as a No Deposit Bonus. In essence the Pay N Play Casino has given the new player free bank roll to play with.

Referral Bonus – If you refer a friend to play at the Pay N Play Casino, they will give you extra credit for referring the friend. This bonus averages 20 to 50 Euro. However, only some Pay N Play Casinos will offer this.

Free Spins – this is only attributable for slot players. Free spins can be offered as a bonus for players who are either new or VIP players.

Prizes – Many Pay N Play casinos now offer daily or weekly prizes. This is a great kicker, because it rewards those who play often with a greater chance of winning prizes such as free holiday trips, extra bank roll and/or vouchers to spend.

Pay N Play Casino Reviews

For 2020 the breadth of Pay N Play Casinos is broadening at a tremendous rate. Online casinos recognise how seamless using Trustly’s Pay N Play processing is, and are therefore sign up at a rate never seen before.

This is great news for you! As a player you want to use Pay N Play with as many online casinos as possible. Pay N Play’s processing cannot make it any more convenient, and it’s then only limited by the variety of Pay N Play Casinos on offer.

2020 is a year of remarkable offerings for Pay N Play players. We have listed for you the best bonus and promotions, free spins, exclusive VIP and loyalty programs, and referrals. Pay N Play Casinos are the players casino, with fantastic jackpots, games and prizes to be won.

At GambleDex we have listed out our top 5 favourite Pay N Play Casinos for 2020. It’s a mixture of the traditional, the hybrid and the fabulously new!

Enjoy the gaming with Pay N Play Casinos!

1. Pay N Play Casino Casumo

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 8

If you love quirky designs along with playing with a massive variety of game (like more than 1,500 of them!) then you need to play at Casumo.

Casumo casino is a well established online casino launched back in the year of 2012. To give players a fresh experience, they created a design that was simply out of this world (maybe they were smoking something?) As part of the theme, they have funny little creatures playing along aside of you. Perhaps these creates are called Casumo?

The software developers the worked together to create Casumo are:

UK new players that sign up to Casumo receive the fabulous Welcome Bonus offers of a great welcome bonus of up to £ 300 and 20 free spins. New sign ups from other countries receive the awesome welcome bonus of $/€ 1200 plus 200 free spins!

We therefore rank Casumo as the best Pay N Play Casino for 2020. Enjoy winning real money prizes and bonuses!

2. Pay N Play Casino DrueckGlueck

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 9

The Germans always bring the best in quality and innovation, and it shows with the DrueckGlueck Casino. A design that is crisp, smooth and contemporary, there are many online casino players that really love it.

Creativity often doesn’t correlate with German build and designs, but with DrueckGlueck it contains a cool thematic imaginative creatures. It truly needs to be played at to appreciate the awesomeness of playing at this casino.

Again, with all German built things, the use of the most efficient and smooth playing options are available. Mobile, tablet or PC – you name it, you can play on it, and it is smooth and efficient.

There is a massive range of games to choose from. DrueckGlueck has partnered the big names in online casino software developed and have included an expansive group of software experts that I’m sure many of you have heard of:

  • Net Entertainment
  • Amaya
  • NextGen Gaming
  • Green Valley Gaming
  • Evolution Gaming

With all things German, you can’t beat their quality and engineering. We rank DrueckGlueck as the second best Pay N Play Casino for 2020.

3. Pay N Play Casino Kaboo

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 10

Kaboo is our third best online casino using Pay N Play. It is the leading casino in innovation bringing to the table the dawn of gamification to casino games.

So what does this exactly mean? If you enjoy games with the sci-fi genre then you will love Kaboo. Role playing in detailed graphic artistry with the ability to win amazing real money prizes is changing the gambling landscape. There are thousands of new players signing up to Kaboo to experience the difference.

Successfully complete quests to win great real money rewards and bonuses!

If you are uncertain about using the great features of Pay N Play, that’s ok! Kaboo offers the hybrid option of Pay N Play to players. This means if you don’t want Pay N Play to use your bank account as the players account and want to create the traditional online casino members account, you still can!

Both options are available to you. The power is with you!

Kaboo ranks as the third best Pay N Play Casino for 2020 for its unique freshness.

4. Pay N Play Casino Pixel Bet

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 11

Do you love gaming like esports plus the mix of online casino games? Welcome to your heaven of online casinos – is the only hybrid online gaming provider the combines the exhilarating experience of esports with online casino games. It amazingly offers this through all platforms – mobile devices, tablets and PC desktops.

Because is so new, it’s obviously one of the smaller gaming providers out there. Originating from Sweden, it is quickly making a big name for itself.

A pioneer in the field of hybrid gaming, fan’s of Overwatch, COD and LoL, you need to give a go!

Due to the fantastic merging of esport gaming and online casino, we rank as the fourth best Pay N Play casino.

5. Pay N Play Casino Mr Green

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 12

Mr Green has been around for a very long time. Since the age of dawn in 2008! And with that, comes a huge history of experience providing the best of online casino gaming for players. Originally a small online casino that only catered for Swedes, Mr Green now caters for players from the UK and the broader European market.

Mr Green is now one of the biggest online casinos on the market. Not needing to expand their offerings too much, their gaming is limited to 200 games. This is small when compared to others which go into the thousands of gaming options.

Mr Green prides itself on customer service, honesty and trust. It goes without saying for an online casino to stay in the market for this long, it must be doing something right and must be doing something well!

Accordingly we rank Mr Green as the fifth best online casino to offer Pay N Play.

Pay N Play Casinos Hybrid and Pure Play

With Pay N Play Casinos select the between a Hybrid or Pure Play method.

The Hybrid Pay N Play method: Allows you to sign up via the conventional means of creating an account and using a push deposit mechanism from your bank to the online casino via Trustly’s Pay N Play banking mode.

The Pure Pay N Play method: This method is used by a whole range of casinos to make your life so simple. No account creation, no registration process, simple BankID entering, bank and amount transfer entering, and then play!

Pay N Play Country Availability

Pay N Play is currently available in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Estonia

Trustly Pay N Play Company Overview

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 13

Pay N Play is an innovative European SaaS product created by Trustly. SaaS products are extremely easy to use by clients because all the infrastructure, support and upgrade is maintained by Trustly – the client does not need involve themselves with any IT concerns at all. It’s the perfect payment method for online casinos and for their Players.

Launched in 2017, Pay N Play is used in over 40 online brands. It’s expansion strategy sees itself broadening within Europe where digital identification has reached a high level of maturity.

Trustly was founded in 2008 in Stockholm with a mission to make online payments simple and fast. It is privately owned with head office based in Sweden.

Trustly has received numerous accolades, receiving Delloite’s “Rising Star” award for being one of the top growth companies from Sweden in 2011, and short listed as one of the top 50 European Companies by Fintech London in 2015.

The first Pay N Play Casino

Ninja Casino | Online with Pay N Play

Pay N Play - Instant Pay Out 14

Ninja Casino is the first online casino to team up with Pay N Play, and it has been truly been a great partnership between the two companies. Ninja Casino offer a diverse range of gaming, its quality is truly a leader in the market. But what sets Ninja Casino apart from other online casinos is its ability to dispense with the need for Players to create a members account for real money gambling, and yet offer instant withdrawals for any winnings.

Of course, Ninja Casino is able to provide this unique feature through the augmentation of its gaming with Pay N Play.

Instant Withdrawal into your bank account

Nearly every online casino will need a Player to provide personal details in order to cash out any winnings. However, this is not required at Ninja Casino.

At Ninja Casino, to cash out, the Player simply clicks on Cash Out and that’s it! Within 5 minutes the real money funds are transferred into the Player’s bank account.

Registration not required

At Ninja Casino registering an account is not required. This includes dispensing with the need to provide an email, phone number or address.

In order to get started, the Player simply needs to place a deposit with Ninja Casino through their bank. After that, ready, set, play! It really is Pay and Play!

Pay N Play Summary

As you can see, using Pay N Play is really easy and simple to use. It has been launched in several European countries and is growing exponentially. Players love using Pay N Play, it’s ability to remove the need for registration and provide instant payout to a player’s bank account is truly innovative.

By following the How-to-Guide, you can see how easy it is to use Pay N Play. You can also see, how information is protected, as none of the steps require you to expose personal details. There is no other payment method in the market that removes the inefficient requirement of Players needing to complete member account registration.

As Trustly grows, it will without doubt broaden to other countries and be made available to many other online casinos.