US States Legal Minimum Gambling Age

The US has seen a huge change in recent years for the legalization of online gambling. The US operates very much on a state by state basis for setting gambling laws and therefore it is important to understand that the legal age of gambling not only varies state by state, but also for each gambling category.

In addition, the legal gambling age for each state is applicable on the location of where the bet is being placed. This means, residency is irrelevant. The state gambling law does not attach to the players place of abode.

So even if the state that the player resides in deems gambling as illegal, it does not matter. As long as they place a bet physically in a State that does, then all is good.

USA State by State Minimum Legal Age – Casino, Bingo and Lottery

The legality of gambling varies between each State in the US. In addition, there are terms and conditions that are to be met in order to gamble where it has been legalized. Each State has the ability to set their own gambling laws, which includes the minimum legal gambling age.

As a result it can be confusing at times to know what the gambling legal age is. We have therefore created a simple table for you that outlines the gambling age by each gambling type.

US StateCasinosBingoLotteryComments
(AL) Alabama2118n/aNo lottery
(AK) Alaska n/a19n/aNo casinos, lottery
(AZ) Arizona211821
(AR) Arkansas211818
(CA) California18 or 211818Varies
(CO) Colorado211818
(CT) Connecticut211818
(DE) Delaware211818
(D.C.) District of Columbian/a1818No casinos
(FL) Florida211818
(GA) Georgia181818Cruises only
(HI) Hawaiin/an/an/aNo gambling allowed
(ID) Idaho181818
(IL) Illinois211818
(IN) Indiana211818
(IA) Iowa212121
(KS) Kansas211818
(KY) Kentucky211818
(LA) Louisiana211821
(ME) Maine211618
(MD) Maryland211818
(MA) Massachusetts211818
(MI) Michigan18, 19 or 211818Varies
(MN) Minnesota181818Varies
(MS) Mississippi211821
(MO) Missouri211618
(MT) Montana181818
(NE) Nebraska211819
(NV) Nevada2121n/aNo lottery
(NH) New Hampshire211818
(NJ) New Jersey211818
(NM) New Mexico211818
(NY) New York18 or 211818Varies
(NC) North Carolina211818
(ND) North Dakota2118n/a
(OH) Ohio211818
(OK) Oklahoma18 or 211818Majority are 18+
(OR) Oregon211818
(PA) Pennsylvania211818
(RI) Rhode Island181818
(SC) South Carolina211818Cruises only
(SD) South Dakota211818
(TN) Tennesseen/a1818No casinos
(TX) Texas211818Cruises only
(UT) Utahn/an/an/aNo gambling allowed
(VT) Vermontn/a1818No casinos
(VA) Virginian/a1818No casinos
(WA) Washington18 or 211818Varies
(WV) West Virginia211818
(WI) Wisconsin18 or 2118182 Casinos permit 18+
(WY) Wyoming181818

USA 18+ Casinos

The vast majority of States permit 21+ only to gamble at casinos.

Only a dozen States do permit 18+ with a return to 21+ if alcohol is served on premise in the gambling area. Hence, be aware, that although a State may have legal gambling age of 18+ it may become irrelevant because the legal age for consuming alcohol overrides the gambling age.

In most cases it is with native American casinos, which have territorial rights bestowed to them, whom are permitted to set their own gambling laws down to 18 years of age.

Currently the below States have gambling laws which permit 18+ players at casinos. (PLEASE NOTE: although they permit 18+, if alcohol is served the legal minimum age returns to 21+).


What is the legal minimum age to gamble in the US?

The legal minimum age varies from State to State and also may differ on the gaming type. The legal minimum age is applied to the physical location of where the bet is placed (not attached to the residence of the Player). As a result, some Players that reside near State borders will travel interstate to legally place a bet. Please refer to the above tables in this article for further details

I am 18+, where can I gamble at casinos in the US?

There are a handful of States which permits 18+ gambling at land based casinos. However, if alcohol is served on premise, the Federal law of 21+ for the legal minimum consumption of alcohol will override 18+ gambling age. - Copyright 2018-2023