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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

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Earn Money selling PNXBET Voucher Codes 1




Maybe you have been searching for ways to replace your income.

Or simply supplement your current income.

You’ve looked at the gig economy, and being an Uber driver or a meals deliverer doesn’t entice you.

You want it to be online, not complicated, and sustainable.

Whatever the reasons behind wanting to boost your income, PNXBet Voucher Codes provides an opportunity for every Filipino who has access to the internet to establish a revenue stream.

Earning extra pesos online isn’t difficult, but it does take discipline and perseverance.

Read our guide to lead you through how to get started, tips and tricks, what to avoid, how to see advice.


The odds are you’re reading this article because you’re searching for other ways to earn an income. Perhaps you are in the food delivery gig economy, an industry that is hard work – low pay and long hours.

Or maybe you are in an office job, but your pay is insufficient to support your financial goals.

Whatever the reason maybe, you have taken the right step in exploring other opportunities. PNXBet is an online casino and sports betting site that provides an opportunity to grow your income further. Whether or not the PNXBet business model is for you, is a decision I hope this webpage can help you make. Irrespective of the final decision made, I hope you still learn something from reading about the PNXBet Voucher Code Reseller way of earning an income.

About This Webpage

In this page, the content is mostly about the PNXBet business model for Voucher Code Resellers, and less about the Playing experience of the PNXBet casinos and sportsbook platform (having said that, we do strongly recommend that you have some knowledge of what it is like to play at PNXBet).

You don’t have to read the sections of this page in order, and you don’t have to read all of them. Just look through the Table of Contents and look for things that interest you.

Assumptions of You

  • You already understand betting jargon and that you have basic knowledge of payment methods.
  • You’re a busy person with better things to learn that technical IT Search Engine Optimization techniques.
  • You want to start a side income, but don’t want to get an MBA. (Smart move. MBA’s are expensive and don’t get you up the salary scale fast).

This Webpage is For You IF…..

you want to:

  • explore other ways of earning an income
  • understand how an online business operates
  • learn the basics of cryptocurrency and digital cashless payment methods
  • develop a business plan to grow income
  • learn how to implement a business model that uses PNXBet Voucher Codes

Before Getting Started

Give yourself a clap on the back. You are wanting to learn something new, which is a great attitude to have in life. Have an open mind, think through, understand and question. Read as much as you can, don’t limit yourself to this webpage but expand beyond and see what other sources of information say about PNXBet Voucher Code Reselling.


Before jumping into selling PNXBet Voucher codes, you want to think about whether it is the right line of business for you.

There are pros and cons of getting into the Voucher code market, consider them before starting your journey.


Avoiding riding scooters, travelling long distances and breathing in pollution is one clear benefit of working online, but there are plenty of others as well:

  • Anytime anywhere. You get to choose the hours that you want to work, and you can choose anywhere with internet connection. With a vast range of mobile devices the flexibility is unbeatable. Heck, you can even be working while sitting on the toilet if you really wanted to.
  • Marketing is simple. If you can use Facebook, Instagram or any social media app then you already know how to market yourself. You already post everyday on your profile, so translating this skill to Voucher Codes is a breeze.
  • Business model is not rocket science. If you understand buying at a discount as a wholesale price, then selling at a retail price then you already understand the concept. Nearly every market works in the manner. As an example, textile factories sell their clothes at wholesale prices to retail outlets. Retail outlets then mark up their prices and sell to make a profit. The PNXBet Voucher code business model is exactly the same.
  • If you like online casinos and sportbooks, then this is right down your alley. It is an extension of your passion. PNXBet is an online casino and sportsbook whereby Players place bets (apologies for stating the obvious. 😊 ).
  • Low risk because low capital. Other business models requirement significant outlay in capital. For example, if you wish to start selling clothes, you will need to buy a huge quantity from factories to obtain the wholesale price, and then be on risk to sell it at retail outlets. You will need to spend money on renting shops, storage, inventory and staff expenses. With selling Voucher Codes the capital outlay is extremely low, hence low risk.
  • It’s something new and exciting. You may find that you love it and the business model takes off. Why not give it a go!


Yes, there are some downsides with selling Voucher Codes. Though there aren’t many, these should be considered, so that you understand what it takes to make it truly successful.

  • Not easy money. As with many businesses that require marketing, it will take time, patience, and discipline to get going. Don’t expect to be raking in big bucks after one month of work. It may take several months or even years. But if you work at it, it can become something sustainable and an asset.
  • It’s related to online gambling. Gambling is sometimes a controversial topic. For some people gambling clashes with their beliefs. If online gambling does not sit well in your heart, then you should pass on this opportunity. Additionally if you feel that friends and family may also find it challenging to accept this business model, and you value those relationships, then take the time to weigh up the pros and cons.
  • You will need basic understanding of bitcoin. Buying the wholesale rate of Voucher Codes requires paying in Bitcoin. Hence, if cryptocurrencies is not your cup of tea, then bypass this opportunity.
  • You need various payment methods. Whilst on the wholesale side of things you must use Bitcoin, when reselling you want to offer players the biggest range of payment methods as possible. If you don’t feel comfortable with establishing various payment methods like GCash,, PayMaya etc, then you will find it difficult to attract Players.

As you can see, this business model is not a click of the fingers and hey presto you are raking in lots of money.

It takes a bit of time and effort to get going. But ultimately, if you persevere, you can be rewarded with a great source of income.

How to Start Selling PNXBet Voucher Codes

There are four easy steps to get you started.

Here we go!

Step 1. Understand the business model

You may skip this step if you feel that you have a good grasp on how the business model works.

But if you are unsure about any aspect, then please read thoroughly.

What is the business?

PNXBet is an online casino and sportsbook that accepts players’ deposits and in returns provides games and events to bet on.

In order to facilitate the various payment methods in the Philippines (there are so many of them), PNXBet decided to create Voucher Codes which can be purchased from the PNXBet “Shop” with only one payment method.

In doing so, PNXBet only has to cater for one payment method, and that is Bitcoin.

To enable Players to make deposits in all the various payment methods that the Philippines has, PNXBet has effectively outsourced this to the Voucher Code Resellers.

The Voucher Code Resellers are the gateway to expanding the deposit options by using the payment methods that they use.


Hence, the flow of cash is as follows:

  • Voucher Code Reseller transfers Bitcoin to PNXBet, in return for Voucher Codes at a discounted price.
  • Player transfers to Voucher Code Reseller in any accepted payment method in return for Voucher Codes at retail price.
  • The Voucher Code Reseller behaves as the middle person.
  • The Voucher Code Reseller can buy Voucher Codes worth 10,000PHP, discounted by 750PHP.

Step 2. Purchase Voucher Codes

To purchase Voucher Codes from PNXBet go to their shop called shop.pnxbet
Here you will be able to purchase Vouchers at various amounts:

  • 500
  • 1000
  • 5000
  • 10000

It’s quite easy to buy these voucher codes. If you are familiar with online shopping, then it’s exactly the same process.
You add to your shopping cart the number of vouchers you would like to purchase.

Enter your coupon code (make sure you do this to obtain the discount).

Then proceed to payment.

Here you will need to transfer Bitcoin to PNXBet.

If you don’t have Bitcoin, you can purchase it through the various Bitcoin exchanges, however the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin would be using with the GCash function.

Everyone in GCash (well, that I know of) has got GCash. GCash is the number one mobile wallet and payment method among Filipinos – everyone is using it. It can be connected to to purchase Bitcoin. With your that holds Bitcoin, use it to purchase the Voucher Codes.

Follow the instructions that can be found on shop.PNXBet, and you can’t go wrong.

Step 3. Sell your Voucher Codes

Now that you have the Voucher Codes, you can sell them at the retail price. I.e. if the Voucher is 500 pesos, then you must sell it at 500 pesos. You cannot sell it for anymore because 1. It’s unethical and 2. No one is going to buy it because others will be selling it for the correct price.

To sell Voucher Codes, you must consider what would attract player to buy from you.


Trust is a huge factor.Players are searching for Voucher Code Reseller whom they can trust. In doing so, they follow the steps that PNXBet advises to ensure a safe and secure transaction and that is to go to the PNXBet Offical Forum
PNXBet Forum is whereby all the “verified” Voucher Code Resellers can be found. If any are found to be exploiting or scamming the system, that are reported and named and shamed. This encourages Voucher Code Reseller to behave in an ethical manner and to do the right thing.

You need to become a Verified Voucher Code Reseller so that Players know that they can trust you. To do this, go to the PNXBet Forum, register online and load up documents this prove your identity.

Once you are a Verified Seller, you will receive a badge is that is displayed against your name, as well as a status with “Verified” underneath your name.

You can then post messages on the Board to market your vouchers.

Payment Methods

You need to be able to accept various payment methods that are found in the Philippines. Even better is that you accept payment methods that are used around the world, because this will expand your player market even further.
Players are looking for various ways to make a deposit. Most will be looking for GCash (because nearly everyone in the Philippines is using it). But some will be looking for the more obscure, such as ETH, Dogecoin etc. If you open your doors to these payment methods, you will open yourself to a broader player market.

Customer Service

Players are expecting are level of customer service. You will find that many players have questions about the process, how to complete a deposit, and assurance that they are not being scammed. To provide quality service, you should be able to answers promptly and accurately.

Many resellers have automated responses to cater for player queries. Or they have a website with FAQ that they can point players to.

In addition, players want to be able to play as quickly as possible. They want to complete a transaction fast, safe and securely so that they can play with a minimum of hassles.

So you need to provide the ability to process quickly and with the lowest friction as possible for players. If players are happy with your service, they will normally return to you.


Here is the harder part of sales. If everyone knew the secret to advertising then we would all be rich. Advertising includes social media, websites and word of mouth. Because the business model is online, the most effective form is via digital marketing.

Traditional forms of advertising have been found to be ineffective for online platforms.

It just doesn’t work because it is online that people conduct their searching and viewing and NOT on TV, newspapers, billboards, letters etc.

This is where your skills for social media apps comes into play. Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and others. Create posts and even use profiles that relate more to PNXBet Vouchers.

If you really want to get serious, then start a website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for success in this space. We strongly recommend, if you go this path, to research thoroughly and to contact us for support. We are happy to partner Voucher Code Reseller whom we believe have got what it takes to succeed.

Step 4. How to Increase Sales

The pandemic has seen an incredible increase in the number of players from the Philippines signing up to and playing at PNXBet. As a result, the number of PNXBet Voucher Code Resellers has also increased to meet the need of players wanting to make a quick and easy deposit.

The most successful Voucher Code Resellers have been using social media apps to allow them to build a connection and develop their reputation online.

Follow these simple points to boost your sales.

Consistent Postings

Be disciplined, and keep postings to similar days, timing of day with sustainable volume per week.

Quality not quantity

When you do post, make sure it stands out, it’s engaging and high quality. Don’t make it look cheap. Put in effort and check out what other successful posts are doing.

Diverse Payment Methods

The more methods of payments, the wider the number of players you attract. Don’t just accept GCash. Extend out and offer PayMaya, DragonPay, and all other digital payment solutions that Filipinos may be using.

Be Professional

Players are looking for a quick purchase. Make sure you can offer a quick turnaround and provide clear and concise instructions to complete Voucher Code exchanges.

Customer Service

Many players need guidance and ask questions about the process. Be patient, courteous yet friendly. Players want to be assured that they are not being scammed, and will get to play at PNXBet without any hassles.

Registered at the PNXBet forum

Make sure you are registered by the PNXbet forum, and you have a link back to your Voucher Seller ID. You should offer players the opportunity to confirm that you are a registered and verified PNXBet Voucher Seller.


PNXBet Voucher Code Reselling is a great way to earn extra income, or even to replace your current income if you are successful.

There are three easy steps to follow, but before getting into it, we high recommend going through the steps of consideration.

Good luck and enjoy the journey. For many, it is a new experience with very little down side.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

GambleDex Team

About the Author

Stelly Lie has over 10 years of experience as digital marketing analyst, first working as a consultant for various iGaming Companies. She has since joined GambleDex and began reviewing new and emerging online casinos in the North America region, before moving towards the Southeast Asia region. Stelly has written over thousands of reviews, articles and ebooks that have helped Players, iGaming Companies and Regulators position policy, licensing and governance.