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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

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In this post we discuss matched betting price boosts. Bookmakers offer enhanced odds to tempt new and existing customers.

You’ll see price boosts with different names such as Enhanced Odds, Specials, and Flash Odds.

William Hill Super Odds Saturday Treble is a popular weekly enhancement.

Screenshot of Price boosts - William Hill Super Odds treble

The Premier League treble shown below is 6/1 (7.0) at William Hill and 6.0 to lay on Smarkets.

Laying William Hill treble

Other bookmakers are keen to provide boosted odds selections. Netbet boosts are available for new and existing customers.

Let’s see how to take advantage of price boosts and enhanced odds offers.

Matched betting price boosts strategy

Boosted odds are often available for a limited time. For example, as William Hill Flash Odds boosts or Betfred pushes. These are popular during horse racing festivals such as Cheltenham festival.

When the boosted odds are better than the exchange odds, i.e. an arbitrage bet, you can back and lay to lock-in profit.

There are two basic strategies for laying these arbs:


Place a standard lay bet to lock-in profit.

  • For example, bet £20 on 2/1 (3.0) odds boost:
  • Lay £24.19 at 2.50 on Smarkets for £3.71 profit.


Lay to only cover your back bet stake plus commission.

  • Hope the boost wins to make more profit than a standard lay bet.
  • If the boost loses, you break even and lose nothing.

For the 3.0/2.5 example, your underlay stake is £20.40 at Smarkets. This gives £9.38 profit if the boost wins, or £0 (break-even) if lose.

Enhanced multiples

Bookies like to offer enhanced odds on multiple selections winning.

A traditional mug accumulator favours the bookie. Each poor odds selection in ACCA will compound the overround (bookie profit margin).

However, we can find enhanced odds multiples where the odds are in our favour.

See our enhanced multiples post. Discover positive expected value (+EV) bets for long term profit.

Double Delight/Hat-trick Heaven

Sometimes a bookie will boost the odds if a certain outcome happens.

Betfred Double Delight/Hat-trick Heaven (DDHH) is a matched betting favourite.

  • Place a First Goalscorer at Betfred.
  • If your player scores the first goal, then scores a second or third goal too – Betfred payout at double or treble the odds.

This offer is potentially lucrative. However, you need to minimise qualifying losses and be able to tolerate the variance. There will be qualifying losses before DDHH triggers.

It’s important to only match bet on positive expected value (+EV) selections for DDHH. A 3.0/3.6 odds match is +EV and likely to be profitable over the long-term.

Are all price boosts worth doing?

Some price boosts are great. But some so-called “price boosts” aren’t worthy of the title – with worse odds than the exchange lay price.

Look for a boost at higher odds than the exchange lay price.

Key points

  • Odds boosts often have stake limits, as bookies do not want to have large liabilities.
  • Boosts can offer good value. However, watch out for poor value so-called price boosts.
  • Double-check that the back and lay markets are the same before placing your bets.