Top Sports Betting Sites NBA Philippines

Top Sports Betting Sites NBA Philippines 1

Filipinos love their basketball! It is without doubt the number one sport in the Philippines, not only as an active players sport but also with spectator viewing.

With many crazy fans of the NBA, driven by accessible 24×7 viewing on any tablet, smartphone or mobile device via the NBA league pass, this is fueling the passion for sports betting.

But don’t forget, the local league is also very popular. The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) was the first professional league to be started in Asia (indicative of the passion for basketball in the Philippines). And unsurprisingly, this has created it’s own betting market.

As you would expect, basketball sports betting is booming among Filipinos, hence we have created this article as a guide and to review the best NBA sports betting sites for the Philippines.

Top NBA Betting Sites Philippines

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How to Bet on NBA

Basketball betting has so many variations of betting, which makes it so exciting when compared to other sports. Unlike football, whereby scores are low, basketball is fast paced with constant action.

Naturally all the big offshore sports betting sites offer great odds for the NBA. There statistics which are found easily on the internet, with many sport tips being provided. The NBA sports betting market is therefore considered to be open, transparent and liquid. Sports betting odds are readily available with the margins quite thin. Due to the popularity of the NBA, it would be fair to say, that sports betting odds remain quite similar across sports books.

However, you will find that sports books are now becoming quite innovative and creative with the types of bets that they offer. Take for instance, PointsBet, one of the newest sports books in the world. They can create any bet you like! If you Tweet them a suggested bet that is not available, they will create it for you!

NBA Betting Types

The general betting types for the NBA, however, generally are:

The list actually can go on and on……

PBA Betting Types

The Philippines basketball league sports betting market is almost the complete opposite of the transparency that is found with the NBA. Although the PBA is passionately followed by Filipinos, it is not intensively covered internationally, which provides bettors an opportunity of better winnings because of their greater knowledge. Generally, it is harder to find sports betting odds for the PBA in an open and public sports book. In particular the more well known and bigger brand sports books such as Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Bet365, the betting types will often be limited and the odds terrible.

As a result, you will find that placing a bet on the PBA tends to be via unregulated and unlicensed sports books.

But fear not, we now lead you through where you can place a bet, legally, safely from the Philippines.

Bet on Basketball Legally and Safely

There is a lot of uncertainty in regards to the legality of placing a bet in the Philippines. To be clear, the court in the Philippines has ruled that it is the onus of local sports books to not accept local players. This means by law, local gambling operators (casinos and sports betting books and sites), must only accept foreign bettors. Technically, a Filipino can bet anywhere they like, as long as they are accepted.

Hence, as a Filipino who wants to place a bet, as long as the operator is licensed and regulated, you will not be breaking the law. This is all well and good in theory, but it has yet to be seen how the law and law enforcement agencies view this interpretation.

The safest and legal way to place a sports bet is at a sports betting site that is based offshore.

There is no two ways about it. As a Filipino, if you want to be safely and within the clear confines of the law, then you need to choose an offshore sports betting site. There are pro’s and con’s with this approach. For starters, you will have an offering of the biggest and most well known sports betting sites available to you. These are often the most trusted, and have several payment methods that are common in the Philippines, like VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, Bank transfer etc.

The downside is that you will be limited with the PBA sports betting options. If you really want to bet on the PBA, then you can proceed to the second avenue.

We suggest playing at 20Bet.

Not only do they have basketball futures, but live real time basketball betting. They are licensed and regulated from the UK, and accept bettors from the Philippines.

The second safest and legal way to place a sports bet is at a regulated operator based in the Philippines

Now, don’t get me wrong. Sportsbooks within the Philippines are professionally run and offer great service. However, they aren’t as large and big as the international sportsbook. Without the same capital backing that a larger sportsbook has, it’s relatively not as safe to bet with an onshore sportsbook. However, the difference is quite insignifcant.

You can find sportsbooks in the Philippines that will offer the same basketball betting types as offshore. They will accept real money bets, and will probably offer more choices for the PBA. We suggest sticking to the MSW.

How to Place the Best NBA Bet

Even for the casual bettor, don’t just go out on a whim and choose any sportsbook. In general, we outline the consideration that you should have in mind when betting.

Remember, sports betting is all about the odds, but you should also consider the promotional risk free bets and other incentives offered to new sign ups and active regular bettors.

Risk Free Bets

Risk Free Betting is definitely a consideration you should have in mind when choosing a sportsbook. Risk Free bets are offered to new sign ups and is effectively a free bet given to you by the sportsbook. This gives you the ability to place a bet, without using your own real money i.e. it is for free! If you Win, you get to keep the winnings and sometimes (depending on the Terms and Conditions), you also get to keep the free bet.

Risk Free Bets come in various amounts, and often they come with Terms and Conditions that include a Wagering Requirement. The T’s and C’s, however are not onerous, which allows for the betting strategy called Matched Betting.

This strategy allows for Risk Free Winnings!

Matched Betting

Take advantage of Risk Free Bets to WIN

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Claim the Bonus and place it on a bet.
  2. Use a different Sports Book and place an equal and opposite bet.
  3. You break even, and can now effectively cash out the bonus!

Matched Betting is a sports betting strategy developed by a very smart UK bettor. The story is that, this particular UK bettor originally lost a lot of money while sports betting. He was deeply disappointed, but then devised a way to take advantage of the Risk Free Bets that were being offered by sportsbooks. He determined that by using two or more sportsbooks, you can effectively cancel out the risk of losing or winning.

This may sound strange at first. Why would you place two bets that effectively do not let you win or lose? I.e. you break-even. Well, the purpose is to achieve the wagering requirements! The UK bettor was smart to work out, that as long as you meet the wagering requirements, you will be able to cash out the risk free bet and any winnings!

Matched Betting is the only guaranteed strategy of winning at sports betting

The method is ingenious and many articles have been written about this approach.

Matched Betting is LEGAL.

Contrary to what many may think, Matched Betting is legal, there is nothing wrong with using the strategy, and in fact, it has even been acknowledged by sportbooks that this strategy is one that they are indifferent to.

Along side Matched Betting there are many other NBA Betting Hacks.

Payment Options

All the best sports betting sites accept various payment options that are trusted.

These include creditcards VISA and Mastercard, e-wallets like PayPal, GrabPay and Neteller and bank transfers. Also accepted is the local digital transfer method of GCash.

GCash is fast, efficient and trusted among Filipino uses. It is in fact, faster to use than any other payment method, and is therefore the preferred option to place a sports bet.


Can I bet legally in the Philippines?

Yes you can. The safest and legal method of sports betting is via an offshore sports betting site. These sites accept Filipinos and have various payment options which are convenient and easy to use.

Can I make money betting on the NBA?

Yes, you can win and earn money betting on the NBA, or any sports for that matter. If you want to bet with assurance of winning, follow the strategy of Matched Betting. Match Betting uses two or more sportbooks to offset the risk with each other, to ensure that wagering requirements are met, subsequently leading to a cash out of the risk free bet.

Can I use the Matched Betting Strategy in the Philippines?

Yes you can. Matched Betting is not illegal. In fact, sportbooks have openly commented that they are indifferent to the the use of Matched Betting. Use the Matched Betting strategy to take advantage of the promotional Risk Free bets that are offered by sportbooks for new sign ups. - Copyright 2018-2023